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 Romance Marjaavaan Movie

Raghu and Zoya are enjoying their lives together until a gang leader with harmful intentions turns their world upside down....

Hindi   2019   152 min   Romance   2020-08-21
 Romance Chooriyan Movie

Chooriyan is the story of Simran (Gracy Singh), an orphan who has always dreamt of being a part of a family. Her dream finally comes true when Army Office Aman (Sudanshu Pandde) asks her to......

Punjabi   2015   N/A   Romance   2021-10-18
 Romance Paani Movie

Many years into the future, the earth's water supply has run-out. The events and wars that follow as a result....

English, Hindi   2015   N/A   Romance   2020-06-19
 Romance A Flat Movie
A Flat

A spate of unexpected events jolted Rahul as soon as he landed from U.S. Now, Rahul finds himself trapped in his own flat, completely cut off from the world. The only companion he has is a ghost, a ghost that will not let go of him....

Hindi, English   2010   103 min   Romance   2021-10-19
 Romance Dulha Mil Gaya Movie
Dulha Mil Gaya

A man marries so he can inherit his father's wealth....

Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, English   2010   152 min   Romance   2022-01-09
 Romance Kites Movie

A wounded man searches for his sweetheart in the Mexican desert while on the run from the police, bounty hunters, and others....

English, Hindi, Spanish   2010   123 min   Romance   2022-01-19
 Romance Sadiyaan: Boundaries Divide... Love Unites Movie
Sadiyaan: Boundaries Divide... Love Unites

A Hindu/Sikh family face challenges when their adopted son falls in love with a Muslim girl....

Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, English   2010   200 min   Romance   2022-01-10
 Romance Milenge Milenge Movie
Milenge Milenge

Hoping that destiny will re-unite them, a couple, on the verge of getting married, attempt to locate each other....

Hindi   2010   109 min   Romance   2020-08-30
 Romance Aseema: Beyond Boundaries Movie
Aseema: Beyond Boundaries

A divorced mother faces a challenge after she receives a proposal of marriage....

Hindi, English   2009   N/A   Romance   2021-11-25
 Romance Kambakkht Ishq Movie
Kambakkht Ishq

A romantic comedy about an Indian stuntman who takes Hollywood by storm but cannot find true love....

Hindi   2009   142 min   Romance   2021-12-13
 Romance Me and Mrs. Khanna Movie
Me and Mrs. Khanna

An unhappily married couple find love in strange situations....

Hindi   2009   109 min   Romance   2022-01-03
 Romance Dil Bole Hadippa Movie
Dil Bole Hadippa

In a village where girls don't play cricket, Veera puts on a turban and beard and becomes Veer to fulfill her dreams and meets Rohan. And fun begins....

Hindi   2009   148 min   Romance   2022-01-22
 Romance Bachna Ae Haseeno Movie
Bachna Ae Haseeno

Raj is a heartbreaker. His love stories with Mahi, Radhika, and Gayatri finally teach him about love and life in their own sweet, sexy, and sassy ways....

Hindi, English   2008   152 min   Romance   2022-01-09
 Romance Accident Movie

After the death of his activist wife, in an unfortunate accident, Sawanth must cope up with his tremendous loss. At the same time, he must figure whether his wifes accident was no accident at all....

Kannada   2008   N/A   Romance   2021-11-08
 Romance Chintakayala Ravi Movie
Chintakayala Ravi

Ravi who works in a bar pretends that he is a software engineer in America for the sake of his mother and finally revealed due to marriage reasons. He then finds true love and his mother realizes the reason behind his work....

Telugu   2008   152 min   Romance   2022-01-12
 Romance Parugu Movie

A group of friends are tasked with finding the daughter of a village head who believes them to have helped her elope....

Telugu   2008   159 min   Romance   2022-01-20
 Romance Anamika: The Untold Story Movie
Anamika: The Untold Story

Middle-classed, slender and petite Jia Rao meets Gajner's recently widowed Kunver Vikram Aditya Singh Sesodia, both fall in love, get married, and re-locate to live in his palace in Rajasthan. Jia finds out that everyone in the vicin...

Hindi   2008   N/A   Romance   2021-06-14
 Romance De Taali Movie
De Taali

Paglu and Amu are childhood friends of Abhi and decide to save him from marrying the wrong girl. But then things go out of hand and it leads to chaotic and hilarious situations....

Hindi   2008   140 min   Romance   2021-10-19
 Romance Superstar Movie

Kunal Mehra lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Borivali, Mumbai, along with his disapproving dad, Purabi, and supportive mom, Kusum. He has a sweetheart in Mausam, an aspiring Journalist. Ever since he was 8 years of age, Kunal want...

Hindi   2008   120 min   Romance   2022-01-06
 Romance Mr. Medhavi Movie
Mr. Medhavi

Telugu   2008   N/A   Romance   2022-01-10
 Romance Sakkarakatti Movie

Yuvraj and Deepali's relationship goes through several challenges when Yuvraj's cousin Reema, who loves Yuvraj, tries to interfere in their lives....

Tamil   2008   118 min   Romance   2021-05-19
 Romance Ek Vivaah... Aisa Bhi Movie
Ek Vivaah... Aisa Bhi

A middle class girl, who lives with her family, falls in love with a rich boy. On the day of her engagement her father dies. In order to take care of her siblings, she must sacrifice her love....

Hindi   2008   132 min   Romance   2022-01-17
 Romance Midnight Lost and Found Movie
Midnight Lost and Found

Arvind (Deepak Dobriyal) spends his nights reading Batman comics caged in behind iron bars at his lonely chemist shop in Bombay. A prostitute (Geetika Tyagi) stops every night to buy ......

Hindi   2008   18 min   Romance   2021-12-23
 Romance Hello Movie

Call-center workers receive a phone call from God....

Hindi   2008   129 min   Romance   2021-11-03
 Romance Kismat Konnection Movie
Kismat Konnection

A luckless architect discovers a social activist to be his lucky charm. Unfortunately, she's protecting the community center he's aiming to win a contract to tear down....

Hindi   2008   153 min   Romance   2021-11-16
 Romance Love Story 2050 Movie
Love Story 2050

With the help of his uncle, a man travels to the future to try and bring his girlfriend back to life....

Hindi   2008   180 min   Romance   2020-10-02
 Romance Meerabai Not Out Movie
Meerabai Not Out

A cricket-loving school-teacher faces challenges after agreeing to marry a doctor....

Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, English   2008   N/A   Romance   2021-10-19
 Romance Fashion Movie

A small-town girl finally realizes her dream of becoming a famous supermodel but soon finds out that there's a price for her glamorous new life....

Hindi   2008   167 min   Romance   2021-10-18
 Romance Anywhere Anytime Movie
Anywhere Anytime

A marriage is about to become bait to the tabloid gossip of Bollywood's hot on-screen pair, Shekahar (Aashish Chowdhary) and Jaya (Sheetal Malhar). Thus further agitating the already ......

English, Hindi   2008   N/A   Romance   2020-09-23
 Romance U Me Aur Hum Movie
U Me Aur Hum

Ajay's life turns upside down when he learns that his wife Piya has Alzheimer and he has no option, but to leave his wife in a mental hospital....

Hindi   2008   156 min   Romance   2021-10-20
 Romance Mere Baap Pehle Aap Movie
Mere Baap Pehle Aap

A son reunites his widowed father to the long lost lover of the latter and urges him to marry....

Hindi   2008   163 min   Romance   2021-12-31
 Romance My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves Movie
My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves

Riya lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Mumbai and works as an Assistant Director for a movie producer, Bharucha. After the passing of her mother, she is consoled by a young man, Anthony ......

Hindi   2008   N/A   Romance   2021-05-17
 Romance Dostana Movie

Two straight guys pretend to be gay in order to secure a Miami apartment. When both of them fall for their roommate Neha, hilarity ensues as they strive to convince one and all that they're gay whilst secretly trying to win her heart...

Hindi, English   2008   145 min   Romance   2022-01-11
 Romance Jodhaa Akbar Movie
Jodhaa Akbar

A sixteenth century love story about a marriage of alliance that gave birth to true love between a great Mughal emperor, Akbar, and a Rajput princess, Jodha....

Hindi, Urdu   2008   213 min   Romance   2020-09-04
 Romance Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na Movie
Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na

Two best friends being convinced that they are not in love search for each other's love....

Hindi   2008   155 min   Romance   2020-09-20
 Romance Rama Rama Kya Hai Dramaaa Movie
Rama Rama Kya Hai Dramaaa

Two bank employees face problems after marrying very attractive women....

Hindi, English   2008   180 min   Romance   2021-12-08
 Romance Bombay to Bangkok Movie
Bombay to Bangkok

A chef, in possession of a stolen gangster's money, flees to Thailand where he poses as a doctor....

Hindi   2008   120 min   Romance   2021-12-24
 Romance Zabardast Movie

Hindi   2008   N/A   Romance   2021-05-17
 Romance Naan Aval Adhu Movie
Naan Aval Adhu

Tamil   2008   N/A   Romance   2021-10-18
 Romance Bujjigaadu: Made in Chennai Movie
Bujjigaadu: Made in Chennai

Bujji (Prabhas) runs away from his home in his childhood because of a dispute with his girlfriend Chitti (Trisha). He ends up in Chennai for 12 years, and the rest of the story is about how they meet now to make their love successful...

Telugu   2008   150 min   Romance   2022-01-17
 Romance Calcutta News Movie
Calcutta News

Krishna priya (Meera Jasmine) get married to Harikumar (Indrajith sukumaran) and move to Culcutta with him.From there she understand that she was cheaten by his husband...

Malayalam   2008   N/A   Romance   2021-11-20
 Romance Akasha Gopuram Movie
Akasha Gopuram

Malayalam   2008   N/A   Romance   2021-06-01
 Romance Krishnarjuna Movie

An astrologer's advice forces Pedababu to fix his sister's wedding to Arjun, an orphan, so that he can be killed, and she can be married to a rich man. However, Lord Krishna comes to Arjun's rescue....

Telugu   2008   134 min   Romance   2021-12-18
 Romance When Kiran Met Karen Movie
When Kiran Met Karen

A famous Bollywood actress, Kiran, meets a lesbian journalist, Karen - 3 days before the release of her international film - 'A Himalayan Love Story'....

Hindi, English   2008   101 min   Romance   2021-05-14
 Romance Shakalaka Boom Boom Movie
Shakalaka Boom Boom

A tale of two different musicians, dramatically different but united in their passion for music, set against the backdrop of the international music industry....

Hindi   2007   129 min   Romance   2021-05-17
 Romance Madhumasam Movie

Sanjay, an overly practical and logical young man, unexpectedly falls in love with a once hopelessly romantic Hamsa after their wedding engagement is called off...

Telugu   2007   139 min   Romance   2021-10-17
 Romance Aarya Movie

Deepika (Bhavana) is an arrogant rich girl. A medical college student, she dictates terms at the college. Sister of local don Kasi (Prakash Raj), she is feared by students, professors and ......

Tamil, Hindi   2007   157 min   Romance   2021-10-18
 Romance Darling Movie

A man cheats on his wife with his secretary, but things take a major shift after he accidentally kills her....

Hindi   2007   128 min   Romance   2021-11-02
 Romance Pranayakalam Movie

Lovers Renjith and Maria face several trials and tribulations under their strict parents as they struggle to be together....

Malayalam   2007   N/A   Romance   2021-11-14
 Romance Aggar: Passion Betrayal Terror Movie
Aggar: Passion Betrayal Terror

A woman discovers that becoming attracted to the wrong man can have deadly consequences in this taut and tense thriller. Janvi (Udita Goswami) is a woman whose life would seem ideal on the ......

Hindi   2007   N/A   Romance   2021-06-07
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