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 Mystery Wazir Movie

A grief-stricken cop and an amputee grandmaster are brought together by a peculiar twist of fate as part of a wider conspiracy that has darkened their lives....

Hindi   2016   103 min   Mystery   2020-05-27
 Mystery Zamaanat Movie

A tense court room drama where a blind lawyer, Shiv Shankar attempts to free an innocent defendent (Arshad Warsi)....

Hindi   2016   N/A   Mystery   2020-06-18
 Mystery Raqeeb Movie

A rich businessman Remo marries a girl (Sophie) his friend (Sid) finds online. Little did he know that Sophie had other plans for him after meeting her ex-boyfriend...

Hindi   2007   124 min   Mystery   2021-06-23
 Mystery Bhagam Bhag Movie
Bhagam Bhag

The members of a drama troupe fall in trouble when they are framed for a murder. Things go worse when they find their actress committing suicide, which is somehow linked with the murder....

Hindi   2006   157 min   Mystery   2021-04-19
 Mystery Alive Movie

A man, taken and locked up for 14 years without any sane reason, is suddenly released, and has 4 days to figure out why this was done to him....

Hindi, English, Thai   2006   116 min   Mystery   2020-10-01
 Mystery Classmates Movie

College classmates meet for a 10-year reunion, which does not go as smoothly as planned. Love is discovered, friendships are broken and secrets about tragic events in the past are revealed....

Malayalam   2006   175 min   Mystery   2021-06-01
 Mystery 36 China Town Movie
36 China Town

A wealthy casino owner is murdered in her mansion at 36, China Town and the investigating detective uncovers multiple suspects, all with independent motives to commit the crime....

Hindi   2006   140 min   Mystery   2020-09-23
 Mystery Mr. 100% Movie
Mr. 100%

Mr. 100% - The real player is a story about a gigolo -Male Prostitute and his wife who is unknown about his profession. During his childhood, he has been made habituated to have sex with ......

Hindi   2006   N/A   Mystery   2020-10-07
 Mystery Chinthamani Kolacase Movie
Chinthamani Kolacase

Story of a highly successful criminal lawyer (Suresh Gopi) who brings his own version of street justice upon his clients after freeing them....

Malayalam   2006   N/A   Mystery   2021-06-12
 Mystery Naksha Movie

An archaeologist loses life to protect a map from a rival. In the journey to unlock the mysteries of the map, his two sons overcome death-defying obstacles....

Hindi   2006   128 min   Mystery   2021-04-25
 Mystery Pournami Movie

A young woman, who has trained for a ceremonial dance, unexpectedly disappears. A stranger with a secret past arrives in town and offers to teach the dance to the woman's younger sister....

Telugu   2006   160 min   Mystery   2020-09-19
 Mystery Anthony Kaun Hai? Movie
Anthony Kaun Hai?

Two men, an assassin and his victim is a small time crook and a question lies between the men is WHO IS ANTHONY?...

Hindi   2006   127 min   Mystery   2021-04-16
 Mystery Baba Kalyani Movie
Baba Kalyani

Very intelligent police officer comes to investigate in Kochi for terrorism and terrorist....

Malayalam   2006   N/A   Mystery   2021-06-22
 Mystery Naina Movie

After receiving an eye transplant, a young woman realizes that she can see into the supernatural world....

Hindi, English   2005   104 min   Mystery   2020-08-31
 Mystery My Wife's Murder Movie
My Wife's Murder

After a brief argument, a husband accidentally hits his wife leading to her death. Things goes murkier when a tough cop is suspecting him for the murder and the latter tries his best to evade the law....

Hindi   2005   103 min   Mystery   2020-09-05
 Mystery Dreaming Lhasa Movie
Dreaming Lhasa

Karma, a young Tibetan woman from New York City comes to Dharamsala, the exile headquarters of the Dalai Lama in India, in search of her roots. She is making a documentary film about former......

English, Tibetan   2005   90 min   Mystery   2020-09-18
 Mystery Vaada Movie

A blind husband. An obsessed lover. And the missing body of a murdered wife...?...

Hindi   2005   122 min   Mystery   2020-08-30
 Mystery Chandramukhi Movie

Creepy happenings in an abandoned mansion are attributed to the ghost of an ancient courtesan, back for revenge...

Tamil   2005   166 min   Mystery   2020-09-04
 Mystery Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets Movie
Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets

Five Indians living in London find themselves thrown together when two of them are implicated for a bomb blast. An Indian lawyer enters the scene to bail them out of their predicament....

Hindi   2005   160 min   Mystery   2020-09-07
 Mystery Nerariyan CBI Movie
Nerariyan CBI

A murder in a supposedly haunted house is investigated by Sethurama Iyer (Mammootty)....

Malayalam   2005   N/A   Mystery   2020-09-14
 Mystery Jurm Movie

Avinash Malhotra (Bobby Deol) is married to Sanjana (Lara Dutta). One night Sanjana is murdered, and Avinash is arrested for the murder of his wife....

Hindi   2005   150 min   Mystery   2020-09-01
 Mystery Zeher Movie

Siddharth and Sonia are happily married to each other until Anna walks into Siddharth's life. Things takes a worst turn, when Anna gets killed and Siddharth finds himself in deep trouble....

Hindi   2005   132 min   Mystery   2020-09-05
 Mystery Naam Gum Jaayega Movie
Naam Gum Jaayega

In a mountainous, hilly and forest region; Vishal Saxena and Natasha meet on one of the hills during a college hike only to spend considerable time with each other which eventually blossom ......

Hindi   2005   125 min   Mystery   2020-09-11
 Mystery C U at 9 Movie
C U at 9

A film producer named Romeo falls in love with a mysterious woman named Juliet....

Hindi, English   2005   95 min   Mystery   2020-10-01
 Mystery Rog Movie

A lonely and insomniac detective falls in love with a dead woman whose murder he is investigating....

Hindi   2005   115 min   Mystery   2020-08-30
 Mystery Ghajini Movie

Sanjay Ramaswamy, who is suffering from short-term memory loss, sets out on a quest to find the people who were responsible for his ladylove Kalpana's murder....

Tamil   2005   175 min   Mystery   2020-09-04
 Mystery Kyaa Kool Hai Hum Movie
Kyaa Kool Hai Hum

Karan and Rahul are fashion designers and surives on food of others functions. But some twists and confusion changes their life....

Hindi   2005   172 min   Mystery   2020-09-09
 Mystery Kaal Movie

A tiger expert, his wife, two tourists and a village chief engage in a battle for survival against supernatural beasts within Jim Corbett National Wildlife Park....

Hindi   2005   126 min   Mystery   2020-08-05
 Mystery Khamoshh... Khauff Ki Raat Movie
Khamoshh... Khauff Ki Raat

While travelling on a rainy night with his boss, an arrogant actress, Avinash's car ends up hitting a woman. Soon they all get stranded in a motel with a few more people. One of them is a killer....

Hindi   2005   123 min   Mystery   2020-08-26
 Mystery Finger Print Movie
Finger Print

A patriarch (Nedumudi Venu) of a royal family whose descendant was murdered, assigns the task of finding the culprit to two of his police officer nephews - Vivek (Jayaram) and Kishore (Indrajith)....

Malayalam   2005   N/A   Mystery   2020-09-03
 Mystery Raam Movie

Ramakrishnan is mentally affected by autism spectrum disorder "ASD" in his small age and Saradha is a school teacher "Ram's mother". The movie begins with Saradha murder. The police ......

Tamil   2005   154 min   Mystery   2020-09-06
 Mystery Kal: Yesterday and Tomorrow Movie
Kal: Yesterday and Tomorrow

Bhavna Dayal and Maya Jalan had been fellow collegians and close friends, both come from very wealthy families. Bhavna is in love with another ex-fellow collegian, Tarun Haksar, who also ......

Hindi   2005   120 min   Mystery   2020-09-12
 Mystery Anukokunda Oka Roju Movie
Anukokunda Oka Roju

A woman with amnesia tries to unravel the mystery of the missing day in her life....

Telugu   2005   145 min   Mystery   2020-09-21
 Mystery Madhoshi Movie

Anupama looses her sister and her husband in 9/11 twin tower attacks and goes in trauma.Three years later she appears to be normal but hasn't come out of the tragedy.Her parents want her to......

Hindi   2004   122 min   Mystery   2020-08-15
 Mystery Masti Movie

Bored of their wives, best friends, Meet, Prem and Amar, reunite after three years and decide to have an affair - but instead become the prime suspects in a murder investigation....

Hindi   2004   166 min   Mystery   2020-07-30
 Mystery Vaastu Shastra Movie
Vaastu Shastra

Jhilmil and Virag move to their new house with son Rohan and Jhilmil's younger sister Radhika. There is an old tree outside the house. The tree and the house are haunted by the dead....

Hindi   2004   106 min   Mystery   2020-08-05
 Mystery Sasneham Sumithra Movie
Sasneham Sumithra

Suresh Gopi is a rich business man and in addition to his wife there is his secretary, his sister and family and some other relatives in his house. Sriranjini is Suresh Gopi's 2nd wife. ......

Malayalam   2004   N/A   Mystery   2020-07-26
 Mystery Charas: A Joint Effort Movie
Charas: A Joint Effort

A police officer gets embroiled in a deadly game with drug mafia, while searching for his long lost friend from London....

Hindi   2004   140 min   Mystery   2020-08-02
 Mystery Vellinakshatram Movie

Vinod (Pritviraj) is in love with Aswathy (Karthika) a member of Lakshmipuram royal family, which has a lot of dark secrets. When Aswathy's mother refuses to get her married to Vinod she ......

Malayalam   2004   N/A   Mystery   2020-07-21
 Mystery Udayam Movie

Malayalam   2004   N/A   Mystery   2020-07-30
 Mystery Venky Movie

Venky and his friends are accused of murdering a girl's father and sister...

Telugu   2004   162 min   Mystery   2020-08-06
 Mystery Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke Movie
Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke

Dushyant and Jaya are childhood friends. In spite of his family's poverty, Dushyant has one great ambition in life: to become a successful singer. Jaya encourages him all she can and helps ......

Hindi   2004   135 min   Mystery   2020-07-15
 Mystery Sethurama Iyer CBI Movie
Sethurama Iyer CBI

Sethurama Iyer and the CBI re-open an old case upon hearing from a death-row criminal that he didn't commit one of the seven murders he was convicted of....

Malayalam   2004   N/A   Mystery   2020-07-21
 Mystery Manmadhan Movie

A shy girl fears and secretly desires a man who may be a serial killer...

Tamil   2004   165 min   Mystery   2020-09-14
 Mystery Hum Kaun Hai? Movie
Hum Kaun Hai?

Sandra Williams lives in an isolated house with her kids Sarah and David.While her husband Frank being a army man is away from the house in the war zone. Sandra writes a letter to ......

Hindi   2004   119 min   Mystery   2020-07-29
 Mystery Ek Hasina Thi Movie
Ek Hasina Thi

A woman falls for a charming and mysterious businessman. The whirlwind romance turns sour when she is framed for his underworld crimes. Now, finally out of prison she is ready for sweet revenge....

Hindi, English   2004   120 min   Mystery   2020-06-22
 Mystery Vismayathumbathu Movie

A soul in search of herself....

Malayalam   2004   144 min   Mystery   2020-07-26
 Mystery Krishna Cottage Movie
Krishna Cottage

A group of collegians are forced to take shelter in a mysterious Krishna Cottage for the night. Little do they know that the cottage is haunted by a spirit....

Hindi   2004   124 min   Mystery   2020-07-31
 Mystery Kucch To Hai Movie
Kucch To Hai

Indian film-makers have now come up with their very own "I Know What You Did Last Summer', a story centering around a College Professor, who kills his wife, and hides her body in the ......

Hindi   2003   143 min   Mystery   2020-06-19
 Mystery Saaya Movie

Tanya is a rich woman who is married to another rich man named Vinod. But their lives change by Vinod's death. Tanya than starts falling in love with a doctor named Akash. But Akash is in ......

Hindi   2003   135 min   Mystery   2020-07-06
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