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 Fantasy Bunyan and Babe Movie
Bunyan and Babe

Travis and Whitney visit their grandparents and stumble upon the evil plan of a greedy land developer. Travis falls through a magical portal which transports him to the world of American hero, Paul Bunyan and his pet ox, Babe....

English   2017   84 min   Fantasy   2020-06-07
 Fantasy Conan the Barbarian Movie
Conan the Barbarian

A vengeful barbarian warrior sets off to get his revenge on the evil warlord who attacked his village and murdered his father when he was a boy....

English   2011   113 min   Fantasy   2021-04-27
 Fantasy 8 x 10 Tasveer Movie
8 x 10 Tasveer

A forest ranger with the ability to visit the past by looking at photographs attempts to solve the mystery behind his father's sudden death....

Hindi   2009   122 min   Fantasy   2021-11-16
 Fantasy Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li Movie
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

When a teenager, Chun-Li witnesses the kidnapping of her father by wealthy crime lord M. Bison. When she grows up, she goes into a quest for vengeance and becomes the famous crime-fighter of the Street Fighter universe....

English, Hindi, Japanese, Thai   2009   96 min   Fantasy   2021-06-18
 Fantasy Drona Movie

A young man learns he is the latest in line of a dynasty of ancestral warriors dedicated to guarding a mystic source of cosmic energy, and the time has come for him to take the role....

Hindi   2008   138 min   Fantasy   2021-10-20
 Fantasy Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight Movie
Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight

A barbarian woman with a miraculous healing staff gains the help of a group of to-be heroes as an army of dragons invades the land....

English   2008   90 min   Fantasy   2021-05-03
 Fantasy Secrets of the Seven Sounds Movie
Secrets of the Seven Sounds

The story of two brothers searching for a kidnapped princess. Together they embark on a journey where they discover an assortment of several unbelievable characters besides, of course, their potential....

English, Hindi   2008   N/A   Fantasy   2021-10-19
 Fantasy God You Are Great Movie
God You Are Great

A TV anchor keeps on blaming God for his unsuccessful life. God appears and he is given the God's Power for 10 days just to see how he manages to keep everyone happy....

Hindi   2008   152 min   Fantasy   2020-09-23
 Fantasy Yamadonga Movie

A lovable scoundrel's life is cut short when he angers the god of death; however, he still has a few tricks up his sleeve....

Telugu   2007   185 min   Fantasy   2021-10-17
 Fantasy Athisayan Movie

An orphan boy enters a chemistry laboratory and drinks a chemical which made him invisible for a limited time. The plot forms when he takes revenge on those people who harassed him and his friends of the orphanage by becoming invisible....

Malayalam   2007   135 min   Fantasy   2021-10-19
 Fantasy The Love Season Movie
The Love Season

Raj and Kajal lives are shattered when a man with supernatural ability predicts that Kajal will die....

Hindi   2006   123 min   Fantasy   2020-09-18
 Fantasy I See You Movie
I See You

Dr. Shivani Dutt lives a wealthy lifestyle in London, England, along with her widowed mom, and a dog named Kaali. She works at the Thomwell Hospital. One day she notices that some of her ......

Hindi, German   2006   122 min   Fantasy   2021-05-25
 Fantasy Naksha Movie

An archaeologist loses life to protect a map from a rival. In the journey to unlock the mysteries of the map, his two sons overcome death-defying obstacles....

Hindi   2006   128 min   Fantasy   2021-04-25
 Fantasy Bhoot Unkle Movie
Bhoot Unkle

Geeta and her parents move to a small town of Hari Nagar where her dad has been appointed Principal of a school. During her very first day, Geeta finds out that her video gaming device has ......

Hindi   2006   105 min   Fantasy   2021-06-22
 Fantasy Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Movie
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey and his friends Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Daisy, Goofy, Pete, Clarabelle and more go on fun and educational adventures....

English   2006   30 min   Fantasy   2021-04-05
 Fantasy The Fall Movie
The Fall

In a hospital on the outskirts of 1920s Los Angeles, an injured stuntman begins to tell a fellow patient, a little girl with a broken arm, a fantastic story of five mythical heroes. Thanks to his fractured state of mind and her vivid imagination, the line between fiction and reality blurs as the tal...

English, Romanian, Latin   2006   117 min   Fantasy   2020-09-12
 Fantasy Alag: He Is Different.... He Is Alone... Movie
Alag: He Is Different.... He Is Alone...

An odd orphan boy is forced to use his secret super powers when his new classmates bully him. A scientist abducts him to use the boy's powers for his own evil gains....

Hindi   2006   123 min   Fantasy   2021-04-25
 Fantasy Pulijanmam Movie

Malayalam   2006   87 min   Fantasy   2021-11-14
 Fantasy A Belly Full of Dreams Movie
A Belly Full of Dreams

"A Belly full of Dreams" is about Ramu, a boy of 9 had a simple dream of going to school. As with everything in his life, he invested the dream in the belly of the puppet Narrator ......

Telugu   2006   90 min   Fantasy   2021-04-23
 Fantasy Riddle Movie

A folk tale - supernatural love story about a ghost who falls in love with a newlywed woman....

Hindi   2005   140 min   Fantasy   2020-09-05
 Fantasy Athbhutha Dweepu Movie
Athbhutha Dweepu

A group of travelers get stranded on a island where the all the men are dwarfs and the women are beautiful and normal size....

Malayalam   2005   N/A   Fantasy   2020-09-11
 Fantasy Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi! Movie
Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi!

Adi Chachu faces a dilemma - and it's a big one! What if YOU were told by the God of Death himself you had only 15 minutes of life left? What would YOU do?!...

Hindi   2005   153 min   Fantasy   2020-09-22
 Fantasy Mr Ya Miss Movie
Mr Ya Miss

When a womanizer is accidentally struck dead by one of his many girlfriends, he is given a second chance - he is reincarnated as a WOMAN. This isn't a second chance, this is a punishment!...

Hindi   2005   136 min   Fantasy   2020-09-09
 Fantasy Anandabhadram Movie

When a young man travels to his ancestral home in a small Indian village, he faces the wrath of an evil sorcerer....

Malayalam   2005   130 min   Fantasy   2020-09-30
 Fantasy Chandramukhi Movie

Creepy happenings in an abandoned mansion are attributed to the ghost of an ancient courtesan, back for revenge...

Tamil   2005   166 min   Fantasy   2020-09-04
 Fantasy Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Movie
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu   2005   N/A   Fantasy   2020-09-11
 Fantasy The Blue Umbrella Movie
The Blue Umbrella

In a small village when a little girl's prescious umbrella is stolen, things goes wrong for a greedy tea seller who was very much interested in buying that umbrella from her....

Hindi   2005   90 min   Fantasy   2020-09-09
 Fantasy Taarzan: The Wonder Car Movie
Taarzan: The Wonder Car

Devesh (Ajay Devgan) was Raj's father who was a futuristic car designer. He owned an old car, which was passed down to him from his father and he hoped to pass it on to his son, Raj. After ......

Hindi   2004   163 min   Fantasy   2020-08-25
 Fantasy Swethanagu Movie

Telugu   2004   N/A   Fantasy   2021-10-18
 Fantasy Rudraksh Movie

Healing powers that science cannot explain and voodoo practices that defy all logic are just some of the instances of paranormal activity that Dr. Gayatri [Bipasha Basu] is busy ......

Hindi   2004   143 min   Fantasy   2020-07-02
 Fantasy Hatya: The Murder Movie
Hatya: The Murder

A man is resurrected from the dead as a shape-shifting snake and exacts vengeance on those who killed him and his father....

Hindi   2004   N/A   Fantasy   2020-08-23
 Fantasy Gayab Movie

A very honest, simple and prestigious young man named Vishnu lives with his parents in a Bombay city slum. Everyone including his parents and people around his neighborhood hates his site ......

Hindi   2004   138 min   Fantasy   2020-08-04
 Fantasy Soudamini Movie

The story begins with a young man being killed by a girl suspected to be a ghost. The girl goes absconding and the police tries to unravel the mysteries behind her that reveals one shocking......

Malayalam   2003   N/A   Fantasy   2020-07-28
 Fantasy Jajantaram Mamantaram Movie
Jajantaram Mamantaram

A young man lands in the land of little people, who ask him to save them from their enemies....

Hindi, English   2003   122 min   Fantasy   2020-07-03
 Fantasy Saaya Movie

Tanya is a rich woman who is married to another rich man named Vinod. But their lives change by Vinod's death. Tanya than starts falling in love with a doctor named Akash. But Akash is in ......

Hindi   2003   135 min   Fantasy   2020-07-06
 Fantasy Son of Alladin Movie
Son of Alladin

When an evil magician conjures a deadly dragon, a valiant prince leaps into action and initiates a magic prophecy to protect his kingdom....

English   2003   N/A   Fantasy   2020-07-12
 Fantasy Piliste Palukutha Movie
Piliste Palukutha

Telugu   2003   N/A   Fantasy   2020-07-03
 Fantasy Chota Jadugar Movie
Chota Jadugar

Indrajit lives with his grandfather, Acharya, in Mayapuri, Southern India, after his mom passes away, while his dad, Krishna, runs "TVAsia" in the United States. The family are well-known ......

Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi   2003   99 min   Fantasy   2020-05-23
 Fantasy Patalghar Movie

Bengali   2003   N/A   Fantasy   2020-07-02
 Fantasy Ramayan Movie

Hindi   2002   N/A   Fantasy   2020-07-18
 Fantasy Mahima Kaali Maa Ki Movie
Mahima Kaali Maa Ki

After giving birth to a Lakshmi, her mother passes away, leaving her dad with no alternative but to re-marry a woman named Malti, who hates Lakshmi right from day one. Lakshmi finds solace ......

Hindi   2002   N/A   Fantasy   2021-05-17
 Fantasy Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani Movie
Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani

A shape-shifting snake exacts vengeance on a group of friends for a crime they did not even commit....

Hindi   2002   170 min   Fantasy   2020-06-04
 Fantasy The Fire and the Rain Movie
The Fire and the Rain

This is the story of wronged and misunderstood Arvasu (Milind Soman), a brahman by caste, who has become a performing actor. He loves Nittilai (Sonali Kulkarni), who reciprocates his love, ......

Hindi   2002   126 min   Fantasy   2020-06-04
 Fantasy The Web of the Witch Movie
The Web of the Witch

In a small North Indian village, Legend has it that a 100 years-old witch lives in an abandoned mansion on the village outskirts, and any person who goes inside is turned into an animal. In......

Hindi   2002   90 min   Fantasy   2020-06-14
 Fantasy Devi Movie

Faith and devotion can change destinies. 'Devi' explores this thought through a mythological drama woven into a social context....

Hindi   2002   N/A   Fantasy   2020-07-26
 Fantasy Swapner Feriwala Movie
Swapner Feriwala

Bengali   2002   119 min   Fantasy   2020-06-07
 Fantasy Little John Movie
Little John

When a visiting researcher tries desperately to escape, after mistakenly captured by police for an alleged theft in a temple, bizarre things start happening....

English, Hindi, Tamil   2002   126 min   Fantasy   2020-09-02
 Fantasy Baba Movie

Baba (Rajini) an atheist, by a twist of fate, acquires magical powers from a divine source and takes on crooked politicians....

Tamil, Telugu   2002   179 min   Fantasy   2020-06-04
 Fantasy Devi Putrudu Movie
Devi Putrudu

Archeologist balaram doesn't believe in God and tries to find out the mystery of water torque in sea at ancient Dwaraka. Balaram believes that there is a mystery behind that's a strange ......

Telugu   2001   161 min   Fantasy   2020-04-10
 Fantasy Everybody Says I'm Fine! Movie
Everybody Says I'm Fine!

A hair stylist, who can read the minds of those whose hair he cuts, decides to act on his gathered information....

English, Hindi   2001   103 min   Fantasy   2020-05-14
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