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Drama The Trial of the Chicago 7 Movie
The Trial of the Chicago 7

The story of 7 people on trial stemming from various charges surrounding the uprising at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois....

English, Latin, French   2020   129 min   Drama   2021-10-23
Drama Marjaavaan Movie

Raghu and Zoya are enjoying their lives together until a gang leader with harmful intentions turns their world upside down....

Hindi   2019   152 min   Drama   2020-08-21
Drama My Land Movie
My Land

A triangle love story between viz Meher (Kaushik Sen), Noor (Saswato Chaterjee) and Sakina (Nandita Das)....

Bengali, Hindi   2018   102 min   Drama   2020-06-06
Drama Buddha The Warrior Within Movie
Buddha The Warrior Within

English   2017   135 min   Drama   2022-01-21
Drama Zamaanat Movie

A tense court room drama where a blind lawyer, Shiv Shankar attempts to free an innocent defendent (Arshad Warsi)....

Hindi   2016   N/A   Drama   2020-06-18
Drama Wazir Movie

A grief-stricken cop and an amputee grandmaster are brought together by a peculiar twist of fate as part of a wider conspiracy that has darkened their lives....

Hindi   2016   103 min   Drama   2020-05-27
Drama Chooriyan Movie

Chooriyan is the story of Simran (Gracy Singh), an orphan who has always dreamt of being a part of a family. Her dream finally comes true when Army Office Aman (Sudanshu Pandde) asks her to......

Punjabi   2015   N/A   Drama   2021-10-18
Drama Paani Movie

Many years into the future, the earth's water supply has run-out. The events and wars that follow as a result....

English, Hindi   2015   N/A   Drama   2020-06-19
Drama The Man Who Knew Infinity Movie
The Man Who Knew Infinity

The story of the life and academic career of the pioneer Indian mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan, and his friendship with his mentor, Professor G.H. Hardy....

English, Tamil   2015   108 min   Drama   2021-04-07
Drama Jai Ho Movie
Jai Ho

An upright ex-army man, Jai fights a solitary war against corruption and injustice. With a simple mantra to pay forward, he starts off by helping one person and forms an ever growing circle of people helping each other....

Hindi, Indian Sign   2014   135 min   Drama   2022-01-13
Drama Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain Movie
Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain

Interwoven stories of people in India and US as they face dilemmas of life time in the months leading to the biggest Industrial disaster in human history that claimed 10,000 innocent lives within a few hours. Inspired by real events....

English, Hindi   2014   96 min   Drama   2021-05-13
Drama Meridian Lines Movie
Meridian Lines

A poor road worker sets off a chain of events that bring karmic balance to seven very troubled strangers. KARMAYA simplifies the complexities of the karmic mechanisms that bind present ......

Hindi   2013   N/A   Drama   2021-04-24
Drama Lincoln Movie

As the American Civil War continues to rage, America's president struggles with continuing carnage on the battlefield as he fights with many inside his own cabinet on the decision to emancipate the slaves....

English   2012   150 min   Drama   2020-08-30
Drama Real Steel Movie
Real Steel

In the near future, robot boxing is a top sport. A struggling ex-boxer feels he's found a champion in a discarded robot....

English, Ukrainian   2011   127 min   Drama   2020-08-23
Drama Loot Movie

Four burglars end up stealing a vehicle from robbers as well as unknowingly breaking in the house of a notorious gangster....

Hindi, English   2011   110 min   Drama   2021-05-18
Drama Patang Movie

In the old city of Ahmedabad, amid India's largest kite festival, a family duels, spins and soars like the countless kites in the skies above....

Hindi, Gujarati, English   2011   93 min   Drama   2021-12-19
Drama Abhishapt Movie

Based on a true story, 'Abhishapt' is shot entirely on location in Agra and Fathepur Sikri. The film is based in rural India.A newly wed, stone cutter "Manya",falls prey to the whims of the......

Hindi   2011   N/A   Drama   2020-09-25
Drama Milenge Milenge Movie
Milenge Milenge

Hoping that destiny will re-unite them, a couple, on the verge of getting married, attempt to locate each other....

Hindi   2010   109 min   Drama   2020-08-30
Drama Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai Movie
Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai

Rejected by the woman he loves, a man must find true love for an amazon from Venus....

Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, English   2010   94 min   Drama   2022-01-17
Drama Dulha Mil Gaya Movie
Dulha Mil Gaya

A man marries so he can inherit his father's wealth....

Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, English   2010   152 min   Drama   2022-01-09
Drama Good Sharma Movie
Good Sharma

An Indian Taxi driver in New York goes back to his village and builds a school for girls....

English   2010   100 min   Drama   2020-10-05
Drama Teen Patti Movie
Teen Patti

A disgraced professor recounts his career and involvement with gambling....

Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil   2010   140 min   Drama   2022-01-09
Drama Right Yaaa Wrong Movie
Right Yaaa Wrong

A decorated and disabled Police Officer becomes suspect in a double homicide....

Hindi   2010   135 min   Drama   2022-01-14
Drama Hello Darling Movie
Hello Darling

Three harassed female employees fear they have killed their very-much-alive boss and try to dispose off the dead body of an unknown male....

Hindi, English   2010   104 min   Drama   2022-01-14
Drama Paathshaala Movie

A new English school-teacher also teaches music but ends up leading both teachers and students to revolt against the school management....

Hindi   2010   122 min   Drama   2022-01-17
Drama A Flat Movie
A Flat

A spate of unexpected events jolted Rahul as soon as he landed from U.S. Now, Rahul finds himself trapped in his own flat, completely cut off from the world. The only companion he has is a ghost, a ghost that will not let go of him....

Hindi, English   2010   103 min   Drama   2021-10-19
Drama Sadiyaan: Boundaries Divide... Love Unites Movie
Sadiyaan: Boundaries Divide... Love Unites

A Hindu/Sikh family face challenges when their adopted son falls in love with a Muslim girl....

Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, English   2010   200 min   Drama   2022-01-10
Drama Pankh Movie

After maturing, a Bollywood child artiste longs to act as an adult....

Hindi   2010   98 min   Drama   2021-11-29
Drama Kites Movie

A wounded man searches for his sweetheart in the Mexican desert while on the run from the police, bounty hunters, and others....

English, Hindi, Spanish   2010   123 min   Drama   2022-01-19
Drama Veer Movie

Prithvi seeks revenge on Gyanendra Singh and the British. He sends his son Veer to Britain to study their plans. Veer kills Gyanendra's son but ends up falling in love with his daughter....

Hindi, Urdu   2010   169 min   Drama   2022-01-11
Drama The Way Back Movie
The Way Back

Siberian gulag escapees travel four thousand miles by foot to freedom in India....

English, Russian, Polish, Tibetan, Mongolian   2010   133 min   Drama   2021-10-19
Drama My Name Is Khan Movie
My Name Is Khan

An Indian Muslim man with Asperger's syndrome takes a challenge to speak to the President of the United States seriously and embarks on a cross-country journey....

Hindi, English   2010   165 min   Drama   2022-01-13
Drama Quick Gun Murugun: Misadventures of an Indian Cowboy Movie
Quick Gun Murugun: Misadventures of an Indian Cowboy

A once-dead vegetarian cowboy is sent back to life to battle a beef-eating villain....

English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil   2009   97 min   Drama   2022-01-05
Drama The Forest Movie
The Forest

More than a 150 people are killed in leopard or tiger attacks in India every year due to rampant poaching and encroachment on the wilderness. Such animals have no choice but to invade human......

English, Hindi   2009   88 min   Drama   2020-10-05
Drama Aseema: Beyond Boundaries Movie
Aseema: Beyond Boundaries

A divorced mother faces a challenge after she receives a proposal of marriage....

Hindi, English   2009   N/A   Drama   2021-11-25
Drama Luck by Chance Movie
Luck by Chance

When Vikram gets tapped to play the male lead in a Bollywood film, he can't believe his luck. But it may ruin his relationship with his girlfriend....

Hindi, English   2009   156 min   Drama   2021-06-15
Drama 3 Idiots Movie
3 Idiots

Two friends are searching for their long lost companion. They revisit their college days and recall the memories of their friend who inspired them to think differently, even as the rest of the world called them "idiots"....

Hindi, English   2009   170 min   Drama   2022-01-12
Drama Detective Naani Movie
Detective Naani

An elderly grandmother and others spy on a neighbor....

Hindi, Gujarati, English   2009   140 min   Drama   2021-06-20
Drama Bharya Swantham Suhruthu Movie
Bharya Swantham Suhruthu

Zakhariah leads a straightforward life with his wife Molly and their daughter Teena. His life takes a turn when one of his clients Girija Menon gets close to him....

Malayalam   2009   160 min   Drama   2021-11-22
Drama Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja Movie
Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja

Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja is a 2009 Malayalam historical drama film based on the life of Pazhassi Raja, a Hindu king who fought against the British in the 18th century....

Malayalam   2009   195 min   Drama   2021-06-15
Drama Victory Movie

An over confident cricketer who ruins his career must prove his worth by starting all over again...

Hindi, English   2009   160 min   Drama   2021-12-31
Drama Me and Mrs. Khanna Movie
Me and Mrs. Khanna

An unhappily married couple find love in strange situations....

Hindi   2009   109 min   Drama   2022-01-03
Drama Chintu Ji Movie
Chintu Ji

Rishi, the son of legendary Raj Kapoor, decides to try his hand at politics, and to garner support, re-locates to his birth village, Hadbahedi. The village is located in an isolated area where most trains do not stop, and electricity...

Hindi   2009   115 min   Drama   2021-12-07
Drama Paying Guests Movie
Paying Guests

Four friends' attempts to find employment and accommodation pits them against landlords and gangsters in Bangkok....

Hindi   2009   109 min   Drama   2022-01-05
Drama London Dreams Movie
London Dreams

The story revolves around two childhood friends Arjun and Munnu who find a way to get from a small village in India to Wembley as Rock stars, having overcome their personalities....

Hindi   2009   146 min   Drama   2020-09-30
Drama Kurbaan Movie

A woman finds that her neighbors are terrorists, and her husband is not who he claims to be....

Hindi, Urdu, English   2009   161 min   Drama   2022-01-11
Drama Karma, Confessions and Holi Movie
Karma, Confessions and Holi

The film is based on the inner conflicts of relationships, which hitherto never spoken earlier, but in a festive atmosphere of Holi, each one loses the inhibitions. The relationships eventually come out stronger....

English, Hindi   2009   110 min   Drama   2020-09-28
Drama Dil Bole Hadippa Movie
Dil Bole Hadippa

In a village where girls don't play cricket, Veera puts on a turban and beard and becomes Veer to fulfill her dreams and meets Rohan. And fun begins....

Hindi   2009   148 min   Drama   2022-01-22
Drama Delhi-6 Movie

In the ancient walled city of Delhi, an American-born Indian finds himself on an unexpected inner journey as he learns about himself and his roots....

Hindi, English   2009   141 min   Drama   2021-10-20
Drama The Fakir of Venice Movie
The Fakir of Venice

An Indian con man is hired to find a fakir who can bury himself in sand for an installation art project in Venice. He passes off a poor slum dweller from Bombay as the real thing, conning ......

English, Hindi   2009   87 min   Drama   2020-09-08

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