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 Crime Wazir Movie

A grief-stricken cop and an amputee grandmaster are brought together by a peculiar twist of fate as part of a wider conspiracy that has darkened their lives....

Hindi   2016   103 min   Crime   2020-05-27
 Crime Loot Movie

Four burglars end up stealing a vehicle from robbers as well as unknowingly breaking in the house of a notorious gangster....

Hindi, English   2011   110 min   Crime   2021-05-18
 Crime Komaram Puli Movie
Komaram Puli

Komaram Puli (Pawan Kalyan) is a honest police officer. He runs a special vigilence team call Puli Team and solves cases. He comes to know about a missin g police officer Hussain (SJ Surya)......

Tamil, Telugu   2010   163 min   Crime   2020-09-14
 Crime Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li Movie
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

When a teenager, Chun-Li witnesses the kidnapping of her father by wealthy crime lord M. Bison. When she grows up, she goes into a quest for vengeance and becomes the famous crime-fighter of the Street Fighter universe....

English, Hindi, Japanese, Thai   2009   96 min   Crime   2021-06-18
 Crime Kisse Pyaar Karoon? Movie
Kisse Pyaar Karoon?

Two men abduct a woman who wants to alienate them from their friend....

Hindi   2009   123 min   Crime   2020-08-27
 Crime Detective Naani Movie
Detective Naani

An elderly grandmother and others spy on a neighbor....

Hindi, Gujarati, English   2009   140 min   Crime   2021-06-20
 Crime My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves Movie
My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves

Riya lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Mumbai and works as an Assistant Director for a movie producer, Bharucha. After the passing of her mother, she is consoled by a young man, Anthony ......

Hindi   2008   N/A   Crime   2021-05-17
 Crime Tintorettor Jishu Movie
Tintorettor Jishu

Feluda, the famous Bengali detective tackles an international buyer, a corrupt arts agent, numerous henchmen and impostors in this story that revolves around a painting of Jesus by the famous Italian painter Tintoretto....

Bengali   2008   100 min   Crime   2020-09-10
 Crime Halla Bol Movie
Halla Bol

A popular Bollywood actor witnesses a murder but refuses to come forward to identify the killer(s)....

Hindi   2008   142 min   Crime   2021-06-19
 Crime Reign of Government Movie
Reign of Government

When Anita Rajan, CEO of Sheppard power plant, an international Company, brings a power plant proposal to set up in rural Maharashtra before the Nagres, insightful Shankar is quick to ......

Hindi   2008   125 min   Crime   2020-10-02
 Crime Fool N Final Movie
Fool N Final

A bunch of misfits and gangsters embarks on a journey to find a lost and stolen diamond....

Hindi   2007   144 min   Crime   2020-10-04
 Crime Fire Movie

A pair of bodyguards for a politician find their positions under threat when their employer is implicated in a scandal. Fleeing to Mumbai they find work with a gangster, but also find that the police are onto them....

Hindi   2007   171 min   Crime   2020-09-20
 Crime Raakh: A Poem Masked in Blood Movie
Raakh: A Poem Masked in Blood

After losing his love to the son of a gangster, a loyal gang-member must try and protect his family....

Hindi, English   2007   N/A   Crime   2020-09-23
 Crime Big Brother Movie
Big Brother

A docile man gets enraged when a politician's son throws acid on her face and later kills the miscreant. He is then hunted by the police and politicians who wants him dead....

Hindi   2007   128 min   Crime   2020-09-23
 Crime Risk Movie

Modern day Bombay is ruled by Bangkok-based underworld don, Khalid Bin Jamal, who has the Home Minister, A.R. Sarang, as well as the Police Commissioner on his payroll. Khalid would like to......

Hindi   2007   155 min   Crime   2021-05-17
 Crime Shootout at Lokhandwala Movie
Shootout at Lokhandwala

An account of the gangster Mahindra Dolas and his gang, which terrorized Mumbai City, and a massive war between Mumbai Police and gangs during 16 November 1991....

Hindi   2007   122 min   Crime   2021-04-23
 Crime Cash Movie

Three unique diamonds. Two teams of thieves. One big heist that spins out into a battle for the ultimate eternal prize: Cash....

Hindi, Urdu   2007   137 min   Crime   2021-06-05
 Crime Raqeeb Movie

A rich businessman Remo marries a girl (Sophie) his friend (Sid) finds online. Little did he know that Sophie had other plans for him after meeting her ex-boyfriend...

Hindi   2007   124 min   Crime   2021-06-23
 Crime Nehlle Pe Dehlla Movie
Nehlle Pe Dehlla

Two crooks attempts to blackmail a rich hotelier in order to get a huge sum of money. The plan goes horribly wrong as the hotelier is murdered and they have no choice except keeping his body to show him alive in order to be safe from law....

Hindi   2007   125 min   Crime   2020-09-23
 Crime Speed Movie

A young man receives a phone call from a woman claiming to have been kidnapped. Meanwhile, the abductors use her as a hostage to force her MI5 husband into assassinating the Indian prime minister....

Hindi   2007   102 min   Crime   2021-04-27
 Crime Vargam Movie

Malayalam   2006   142 min   Crime   2021-04-23
 Crime Chinnodu Movie

An orphan sentenced for the murder of his foster uncle, Chinna spends most of his early life in jail. Upon his release, he tries his best to redeem himself despite facing several hurdles...

Telugu, Hindi   2006   N/A   Crime   2021-06-23
 Crime Don Movie

Vijay is recruited by a police officer to masquerade as his lookalike Don, the leader of an international gang of smugglers. Things go wrong when the officer is killed and Vijay is left to fend for himself....

Hindi   2006   171 min   Crime   2020-09-12
 Crime Phir Hera Pheri Movie
Phir Hera Pheri

Baburao, Raju and Shyam are living happily after having risen from rags to riches. Still, money brings the joy of riches and with it the greed to make more money. And so, with a don as an unknowing investor, Raju initiates a new game....

Hindi   2006   153 min   Crime   2020-08-07
 Crime Aisa Kyon Hota Hai? Movie
Aisa Kyon Hota Hai?

A single mother contend with her playboy son's newly diagnosed case of HIV infection....

Hindi   2006   N/A   Crime   2020-09-15
 Crime The Killer Movie
The Killer

A cab driver finds himself held hostage by a hitman who forces him to drive through the roads of Dubai and help him kill his targets....

Hindi   2006   117 min   Crime   2021-05-09
 Crime Omkara Movie

A politically-minded enforcer's misguided trust in his lieutenant leads him to suspect his wife of infidelity in this adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Othello'....

Hindi   2006   155 min   Crime   2020-10-01
 Crime The Don Movie
The Don

Kasim is a mafia boss and Unnikrishnan becomes his most trusted man. Later, when Kasim is found murdered, Unnikrishnan is charged with the crime and must prove his innocence....

Malayalam   2006   133 min   Crime   2021-06-01
 Crime Chinthamani Kolacase Movie
Chinthamani Kolacase

Story of a highly successful criminal lawyer (Suresh Gopi) who brings his own version of street justice upon his clients after freeing them....

Malayalam   2006   N/A   Crime   2021-06-12
 Crime Bangaram Movie

After being fired from his job as a TV reporter, Balram attempts to get a character certificate from his widower NRI ex-employer, Chaudhary, who lives a wealthy lifestyle in a small town in......

Telugu, Hindi   2006   N/A   Crime   2020-09-17
 Crime Bada Dosth Movie
Bada Dosth

A honest Police officer join with an underworld don Geevargees/GV when there is no another option against him.But GV tries to kill him in a bomb blast...

Malayalam   2006   N/A   Crime   2021-06-22
 Crime Family: Ties of Blood Movie
Family: Ties of Blood

A slacker abducts the family of a crime kingpin to avenge the death of his brother....

Hindi, None   2006   150 min   Crime   2020-08-26
 Crime Teesri Aankh: The Hidden Camera Movie
Teesri Aankh: The Hidden Camera

About women who are trapped, used and abused by hidden cameras....

Hindi, English, Bengali   2006   111 min   Crime   2021-04-01
 Crime Pokiri Movie

A local goon's killer instincts earn him his girlfriend's disapproval, a corrupt cop's enmity and a wanted don's attention....

Telugu   2006   164 min   Crime   2021-04-27
 Crime Jaane Hoga Kya Movie
Jaane Hoga Kya

A doctor obsessed with new technology and science, decides to clone himself when he comes in contact with a sponsor....

Hindi   2006   155 min   Crime   2021-05-05
 Crime Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu Movie
Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu

A Police Officer investigates a series of brutal rapes and murders, with the culprits seeming to cover more than one country....

Tamil, Telugu, Hindi   2006   174 min   Crime   2020-09-08
 Crime Chess Movie

Vijay Krishnan seeks to exact revenge on those responsible for his family demise....

Malayalam   2006   N/A   Crime   2021-05-15
 Crime Mannat Movie

After the Indian Government ordered troops into the Soni Darbar in Amritsar, angering Sikhs worldwide, leading to the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi during 1984, followed by ......

Panjabi   2006   165 min   Crime   2021-06-15
 Crime Khosla Ka Ghosla! Movie
Khosla Ka Ghosla!

A Delhi based retired middle class man tries half-heartedly to get his land back from a swindling property dealer with the help of his sons and their friends....

Hindi   2006   135 min   Crime   2020-09-16
 Crime Provoked: A True Story Movie
Provoked: A True Story

It's the true story of a Punjabi woman named Kiranjit Ahluwalia who leaves India to marry a London-based guy, only to be badly abused. She ends up in prison for murdering her abusive husband....

English, Punjabi   2006   113 min   Crime   2020-09-10
 Crime Darwaza Bandh Rakho Movie
Darwaza Bandh Rakho

Four men form a gang with a plan of making a quick buck by kidnapping a rich girl for ransom. Not being prepared for unforeseen situation, they are forced to barge in and take shelter in a ......

Hindi   2006   106 min   Crime   2020-09-19
 Crime Pyare Mohan Movie
Pyare Mohan

India's underworld is ruled by Don Tony Fernandez and his brother Tiny. Tony decides that he has had enough, goes to confess in a Church, kills one of his men, and then gets himself killed ......

Hindi   2006   130 min   Crime   2020-09-12
 Crime Umar Movie

When a singer-waiter is framed for murder, three elderly gentlemen risk all to prove his innocence....

Hindi   2006   135 min   Crime   2021-04-05
 Crime Shiva Movie

Sub-inspector Shiva lives in Mumbai with his brother. With the help of journalist Sandhya, he tries to expose the corrupt connection between cops and the underworld, thus making enemies on both ends....

Hindi, Telugu   2006   160 min   Crime   2021-05-08
 Crime Balram vs. Tharadas Movie
Balram vs. Tharadas

Mammootty plays a duel role of a police inspector Balram and a smuggler Taradas, both are enemies. They fight until they both have a common enemy....

Malayalam   2006   161 min   Crime   2020-09-29
 Crime Fight Club: Members Only Movie
Fight Club: Members Only

Four college friends starts an underground fight club in order to earn quick money, nevertheless they become suspects of a murder of a man, who turns out to be the mob boss' brother....

Hindi   2006   140 min   Crime   2020-09-09
 Crime Gangster Movie

In Seoul, a gangster's alcoholic moll falls in love with another man....

Hindi   2006   123 min   Crime   2020-10-05
 Crime Tathastu Movie

Ravi Rajput comes from a poor family, his father was a foreman at a mill, and could not afford to send Ravi to a private school. Ravi studied in Municipal school, got a job in a mill, got ......

Hindi   2006   113 min   Crime   2020-09-01
 Crime Pudhu Pettai Movie
Pudhu Pettai

A high school kid joins a gang and becomes a drug dealer, then a politician....

Tamil   2006   168 min   Crime   2020-09-11
 Crime Police Movie

Shekhar and Anand get suspected for the murder of their senior officer,solving that case lead them to more and more complicated situations...

Malayalam   2005   N/A   Crime   2020-09-14
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