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 Comedy Bunyan and Babe Movie
Bunyan and Babe

Travis and Whitney visit their grandparents and stumble upon the evil plan of a greedy land developer. Travis falls through a magical portal which transports him to the world of American hero, Paul Bunyan and his pet ox, Babe....

English   2017   84 min   Comedy   2020-06-07
 Comedy Kisse Pyaar Karoon? Movie
Kisse Pyaar Karoon?

Two men abduct a woman who wants to alienate them from their friend....

Hindi   2009   123 min   Comedy   2020-08-27
 Comedy My Apocalypse Movie
My Apocalypse

In an apocalyptic future, a serial killer holds his family and another family hostage in an attempt to change his life....

English   2008   82 min   Comedy   2020-03-31
 Comedy Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na Movie
Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na

Two best friends being convinced that they are not in love search for each other's love....

Hindi   2008   155 min   Comedy   2020-09-20
 Comedy Fire Movie

A pair of bodyguards for a politician find their positions under threat when their employer is implicated in a scandal. Fleeing to Mumbai they find work with a gangster, but also find that the police are onto them....

Hindi   2007   171 min   Comedy   2020-09-20
 Comedy Marigold Movie

Ali Larter plays an American actress who becomes immersed in the Bollywood film world....

English   2007   110 min   Comedy   2020-06-06
 Comedy God Only Knows! Movie
God Only Knows!

Fast-talking, shifty eyed Chief Minister is due for surgery but develops complications and passes away. He is whisked away by Yumraaj, the God of Death, to the heavenly gates, where the ......

English, Hindi   2007   N/A   Comedy   2020-07-24
 Comedy My Faraway Bride Movie
My Faraway Bride

My Bollywood Bride tells the story of Alex, a copy-writer dreaming of being an adventure novelist someday, who meets and romances Indian beauty Reena, while she is vacationing in California......

English, Hindi   2006   95 min   Comedy   2020-07-23
 Comedy Arthur's Missing Pal Movie
Arthur's Missing Pal

The movie centers on when Arthur neglects Pal for one day and during that day, Pal manages to get out of the house and sets off on an adventure eating whatever comes his way, and exploring ......

Spanish   2006   68 min   Comedy   2020-06-25
 Comedy Sandwich Movie

Sher Singh lives with his mother and handicapped sister in Punjab but moves to Mumbai, changes his name to Shekhar, meets Nisha and falls in love. When his mother asks him to return, he ......

Hindi, English   2006   152 min   Comedy   2020-08-15
 Comedy Chup Chup Ke Movie
Chup Chup Ke

A debt-ridden young man attempts suicide, but is rescued only to find that his luck is finally turning....

Hindi   2006   164 min   Comedy   2020-09-14
 Comedy Mera Dil Leke Dekho Movie
Mera Dil Leke Dekho

Hindi   2006   N/A   Comedy   2020-09-11
 Comedy Mixed Doubles Movie
Mixed Doubles

To spice up his life, a husband asks his wife to swap him for another male, while he swaps her for the other male's wife....

Hindi, English   2006   91 min   Comedy   2020-09-10
 Comedy Moonlight: Unfortunately a Love Story Movie
Moonlight: Unfortunately a Love Story

Hindi   2006   N/A   Comedy   2020-09-12
 Comedy Rang De Basanti Movie
Rang De Basanti

The story of six young Indians who assist an English woman to film a documentary on the freedom fighters from their past, and the events that lead them to relive the long-forgotten saga of freedom....

Hindi   2006   167 min   Comedy   2020-07-29
 Comedy I'm Screwed by Getting Married Movie
I'm Screwed by Getting Married

Ayaan tricks a model into marrying him, when she leaves her diary in his family's garage, allowing him to follow her around....

Hindi   2006   152 min   Comedy   2020-08-21
 Comedy Khosla Ka Ghosla! Movie
Khosla Ka Ghosla!

A Delhi based retired middle class man tries half-heartedly to get his land back from a swindling property dealer with the help of his sons and their friends....

Hindi   2006   135 min   Comedy   2020-09-15
 Comedy Carry On, Munna Bhai Movie
Carry On, Munna Bhai

Munna Bhai embarks on a journey with Mahatma Gandhi in order to fight against a corrupt property dealer....

Hindi   2006   144 min   Comedy   2020-09-08
 Comedy Darwaza Bandh Rakho Movie
Darwaza Bandh Rakho

Four men form a gang with a plan of making a quick buck by kidnapping a rich girl for ransom. Not being prepared for unforeseen situation, they are forced to barge in and take shelter in a ......

Hindi   2006   106 min   Comedy   2020-09-19
 Comedy Phir Hera Pheri Movie
Phir Hera Pheri

Baburao, Raju and Shyam are living happily after having risen from rags to riches. Still, money brings the joy of riches and with it the greed to make more money. And so, with a don as an unknowing investor, Raju initiates a new game....

Hindi   2006   153 min   Comedy   2020-08-07
 Comedy Pyare Mohan Movie
Pyare Mohan

India's underworld is ruled by Don Tony Fernandez and his brother Tiny. Tony decides that he has had enough, goes to confess in a Church, kills one of his men, and then gets himself killed ......

Hindi   2006   130 min   Comedy   2020-09-12
 Comedy Udayananu Tharam Movie
Udayananu Tharam

An artist performs the best when is filmed unknowingly...

Malayalam   2005   N/A   Comedy   2020-08-22
 Comedy Deewane Huye Paagal Movie
Deewane Huye Paagal

A man embarks on journey to find his love in Dubai, only to learn she has different suitors and admirers....

Hindi   2005   158 min   Comedy   2020-08-31
 Comedy Home Delivery: Aapko... Ghar Tak Movie
Home Delivery: Aapko... Ghar Tak

Sunny Malhotra (Vivek Oberoi) is a 28 year old writer who has carved a name for himself as a popular agony uncle, named Gyan Guru, writing for the Times of Hindustan. Sunny also managed to ......

Hindi   2005   151 min   Comedy   2020-09-09
 Comedy Kochi Rajavu Movie
Kochi Rajavu

Surya is released from jail and goes to college in an attempt to lead a normal life, but he can not evade his past....

Malayalam   2005   105 min   Comedy   2020-09-03
 Comedy Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena Movie
Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena

Meet Arjun Verma, a conman who plays the biggest odds and wins. Trained in the belly of Bombay, he knows how to score with women, money, and the law. His playground is his alone - AND NOBODY F***S WITH THAT......

Hindi   2005   143 min   Comedy   2020-09-12
 Comedy Hum Dum Movie
Hum Dum

Sidhant De, Rrutu Joshi Two people who have never met in Life before are chosen to play the biggest game show ever 'HUMDUM', Its a game of love and money. 5 Rounds and 1 big final to get 10......

Hindi   2005   N/A   Comedy   2020-09-04
 Comedy Khullam Khulla Pyaar Karen Movie
Khullam Khulla Pyaar Karen

International Criminal Don, Supremo, alias Trikal Anna is concerned when he hears that two of his trusted lieutenants are at war with each other. So he decides to travel to India to settle ......

Hindi   2005   155 min   Comedy   2020-07-07
 Comedy The Blue Umbrella Movie
The Blue Umbrella

In a small village when a little girl's prescious umbrella is stolen, things goes wrong for a greedy tea seller who was very much interested in buying that umbrella from her....

Hindi   2005   90 min   Comedy   2020-09-09
 Comedy Ssukh Movie

When a major shareholder of GA Advertising wants this firm to advertise a milk-based product, he expects the Manager, Patwardhan, and his staff to come up with a fresh innocent face. A ......

Hindi   2005   N/A   Comedy   2020-09-15
 Comedy Yaraan Naal Baharaan Movie
Yaraan Naal Baharaan

A story of Navdeep and Harman, two young college students who fall in love, making their life so different and beautiful... and difficult....

Panjabi   2005   N/A   Comedy   2020-09-07
 Comedy Rappakal Movie

The story of a mom and her adopted son and how their life changes after a long-awaited reunion of the joint family....

Malayalam   2005   137 min   Comedy   2020-09-11
 Comedy Athadu Movie

A gunman for hire is framed for murder, and assumes a dead man's identity while hiding from the police....

Telugu, Hindi   2005   172 min   Comedy   2020-09-19
 Comedy Chanthupottu Movie

A fisherman's son grows up as a woman but things get complicated when she falls in love with a childhood friend....

Malayalam   2005   127 min   Comedy   2020-07-25
 Comedy Riddle Movie

A folk tale - supernatural love story about a ghost who falls in love with a newlywed woman....

Hindi   2005   140 min   Comedy   2020-09-05
 Comedy Shaadi No. 1 Movie
Shaadi No. 1

Kothari finds himself in a jam when his hair-growth, water colors for students, and Agarbatti products misfire resulting in lawsuits. He decides to kill himself but is saved by three men: ......

Hindi   2005   129 min   Comedy   2020-09-04
 Comedy Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye Movie
Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye

Various relationships intertwine and collide at an airport....

Hindi   2005   125 min   Comedy   2020-09-07
 Comedy Jai Chiranjeeva Movie
Jai Chiranjeeva

Sathyanarayana Murthy, a farmer from Amalapuram, swears vengeance on criminals who killed his niece....

Telugu   2005   174 min   Comedy   2020-09-09
 Comedy Happy Go Lucky Movie
Happy Go Lucky

Two active school-going teenagers hysterically fail at their attempts of becoming larger than life at an early age....

Hindi   2005   22 min   Comedy   2020-09-16
 Comedy Padmashree Laloo Prasad Yadav Movie
Padmashree Laloo Prasad Yadav

First of all let us all be clear that this movie has nothing to do with the personal life of Bihar's controversial politician Lalit Prasad Yadav, though he does appear in the beginning and ......

Hindi   2005   N/A   Comedy   2020-08-25
 Comedy Why Did I Fall in Love? Movie
Why Did I Fall in Love?

Samir is in love with Sonia but has unfortunately lied to her that he was already married.When she wants to meet her wife,Samir approaches his dutiful nurse Naina to play 'wife'a drama that turns out into a comedy of errors....

Hindi   2005   145 min   Comedy   2020-09-05
 Comedy Mumbai Xpress Movie
Mumbai Xpress

After having spent his entire life in Bombay's Dharavi slums, Digamber feels it is time that he takes steps to improve his lifestyle. He, along with two other slum-dwellers, plot to kidnap ......

Tamil   2005   152 min   Comedy   2020-08-28
 Comedy Thaskara Veeran Movie
Thaskara Veeran

Malayalam   2005   N/A   Comedy   2020-09-03
 Comedy 7 1/2 Phere: More Than a Wedding Movie
7 1/2 Phere: More Than a Wedding

An extended family is about to give one of their daughter's away, to the world!...

Hindi   2005   136 min   Comedy   2020-09-06
 Comedy Mr Ya Miss Movie
Mr Ya Miss

When a womanizer is accidentally struck dead by one of his many girlfriends, he is given a second chance - he is reincarnated as a WOMAN. This isn't a second chance, this is a punishment!...

Hindi   2005   136 min   Comedy   2020-09-09
 Comedy Bye Bye Miss Goodnight Movie
Bye Bye Miss Goodnight

Rajesh has had enough, and he's decided; he's going to drive his taxi into the Bombay night. The first place where day light breaks is where he's going to stop. He's not quite sure what ......

Hindi   2005   78 min   Comedy   2020-09-12
 Comedy Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi! Movie
Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi!

Adi Chachu faces a dilemma - and it's a big one! What if YOU were told by the God of Death himself you had only 15 minutes of life left? What would YOU do?!...

Hindi   2005   153 min   Comedy   2020-09-22
 Comedy Andarivaadu Movie

Govindarajulu (Chiranjeevi) is a labor leader who enjoys life in his own entertaining way. His son Siddardh (Chiranjeevi) heads a popular TV channel. Govindarajulu raises his son Siddardh ......

Telugu, Hindi   2005   162 min   Comedy   2020-08-22
 Comedy Bachke Rehna Re Baba Movie
Bachke Rehna Re Baba

Rukmini is well into her early 40s and is still unmarried. She decides to let her orphaned niece, Padmini, live with her, and together they device a scheme to entrap wealthy men, relieve ......

Hindi, Hopi   2005   130 min   Comedy   2020-09-05
 Comedy Arindhum Ariyamalum Movie
Arindhum Ariyamalum

Unaware that Adhinarayanan, a goon, is actually his father, Sathya, a college boy, decides to file a police complaint against him and his adopted son, Kutti, for shooting his girlfriend Sandhya....

Tamil   2005   132 min   Comedy   2020-09-16
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