Director Ravi Chopra

Director Ravi Chopra

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Ravi Chopra
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Movies Directed by Ravi Chopra

Ravi Chopra Baabul Movie

Babul tells the tale of a man (Bachchan) who tries to bring happiness back into his daughter-in-law (Mukherjee)'s life after his son (Salman)'s death....

Hindi   2006   169 min   Ravi Chopra   2020-08-08
Ravi Chopra Gardener Movie

An elderly couple wish their children to care for them in their old age. But their children see and treat them as a burden, and they must struggle to regain their worth and dignity to themselves and others....

Hindi, Awadhi   2003   181 min   Ravi Chopra   2020-06-12
Ravi Chopra Tumhari Kassam Movie
Tumhari Kassam

Orphaned at an early age, Vidya, her brother, Raja, live a poor lifestyle with their maternal uncle. While the uncle is out of town, the responsibility of looking after the household is on ......

Hindi   1978   N/A   Ravi Chopra   2020-04-03
Ravi Chopra Mazdoor Movie

A laborer-turned-businessman faces challenges after the marriage of his children....

Hindi   1983   N/A   Ravi Chopra   2020-04-03
Ravi Chopra Kal Ki Awaz Movie
Kal Ki Awaz

India is plagued with kidnappings of young children from wealthy backgrounds with their abductors demanding huge ransoms or brutally killing their victims. After the retirement of Police ......

Hindi   1992   N/A   Ravi Chopra   2020-04-03
Ravi Chopra Dahleez Movie

Indian army officer Colonel Rahul Saxena gets married to attractive Naini, and they begin to live a fairly harmonious life. This harmony is soon disrupted when Rahul is called to the front,......

Hindi   1986   161 min   Ravi Chopra   2020-04-03
Ravi Chopra The Burning Train Movie
The Burning Train

A dedicated railway employee's plan to introduce an express train result in sabotage....

Hindi   1980   142 min   Ravi Chopra   2020-04-03
Ravi Chopra Aaj Ki Awaz Movie
Aaj Ki Awaz

A Professor finds his life turned upside down after he decides to combat crime....

Hindi   1984   N/A   Ravi Chopra   2020-04-03
Ravi Chopra Pratigyabadh Movie

After her husband, Baburam Yadav, travels to Bombay to try and re-pay his loan to the local money-lender, Lala Sukhilal, his wife, Laxmi, and three children Sheila, Shakti, and Shankar, are......

Hindi   1991   N/A   Ravi Chopra   2020-03-31
Ravi Chopra Zameer Movie

Multi-millionaire Thakur Maharaj Singh owns a stud-farm with several derby-winning stallions. Unfortunately for him his farm is soon attacked by Bandit, Maan Singh and his gang forcing ......

Hindi   1975   136 min   Ravi Chopra   2020-03-29
Ravi Chopra
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