Director Mohan Segal

Director Mohan Segal

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Mohan Segal
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Movies Directed by Mohan Segal

Mohan Segal Aulad Movie

Hindi   1954   N/A   Mohan Segal   2020-07-06
Mohan Segal Woh Main Nahin Movie
Woh Main Nahin

The story is symbolic ,as to how marriages are being misused in India since 1938,whence even the independence of India stands threatened and that is why the movie was released in 1974.The ......

Hindi   1974   N/A   Mohan Segal   2020-07-03
Mohan Segal Santan Movie

Hindi   1976   N/A   Mohan Segal   2020-06-27
Mohan Segal Kasam Suhaag Ki Movie
Kasam Suhaag Ki

The wounded serpent (Rekha) seeks revenge on her husband's killers....

Hindi   1989   N/A   Mohan Segal   2020-06-27
Mohan Segal Kartavya Movie

Vijay Kumar, a forest officer returns to the forest where his dad met an untimely end. Will his secret plan to snare poachers succeed? Sandalwood, ivory,animal hides and raw power is at the nexus of money and corruption....

Hindi   1979   168 min   Mohan Segal   2020-06-27
Mohan Segal Hum Hain Lajawaab Movie
Hum Hain Lajawaab

Thakur is a wealthy, principled, and punctual man, who will not tolerate anything, even music in his palatial home. Thakur's only motto in life is money, and each and every second is spent ......

Hindi   1984   N/A   Mohan Segal   2020-06-27
Mohan Segal Raja Jani Movie
Raja Jani

A queen is fooled into believing that a street-dancer is her grand-daughter....

Hindi   1972   N/A   Mohan Segal   2020-06-26
Mohan Segal Sawan Bhadon Movie
Sawan Bhadon

Hindi   1970   155 min   Mohan Segal   2020-06-14
Mohan Segal Apna Haath Jagannath Movie
Apna Haath Jagannath

Hindi   1960   173 min   Mohan Segal   2020-05-31
Mohan Segal Sajan Movie

Ashok comes from a business family and lives a very wealthy lifestyle. One day while perusing newspapers he comes across an article which claims that he is to marry a dancer named Rajni. ......

Hindi   1969   147 min   Mohan Segal   2020-05-31
Mohan Segal Kanyadaan Movie

Two small children, Rekha and Amar, undergo a marriage ceremony under guidance of their respective parents. Years later, Rekha and Amar have grown up, and are now capable of fulfilling ......

Hindi   1968   149 min   Mohan Segal   2020-05-30
Mohan Segal Adhikar Movie

A widower with a child faces challenges after he re-marries without telling his second wife about his first marriage and child....

Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi   1954   N/A   Mohan Segal   2020-05-03
Mohan Segal Samraat Movie

Captain Chawla has been employed for years with a cargo shipping company run by Ranbir. While celebrating the new year, Chawla hears gunshots and goes below to investigate. He finds out ......

Hindi   1982   161 min   Mohan Segal   2020-04-23
Mohan Segal Daulat Movie

Honest mint employee, Ghanshyam (Shreeram Lagoo) gets framed for murder by Joseph D'Souza (Amjad Khan), and has to flee from the police. He is separated from his wife, Radhika (Seema Deo), ......

Hindi   1982   150 min   Mohan Segal   2020-04-20
Mohan Segal Ek Hi Raasta Movie
Ek Hi Raasta

Hindi   1977   N/A   Mohan Segal   2020-03-29
Mohan Segal Devar Movie

A wealthy male starts to self-destruct after he finds that his childhood sweetheart is now his sister-in-law....

Hindi, Urdu, English   1966   156 min   Mohan Segal   2020-03-28
Mohan Segal New Delhi Movie
New Delhi

Complications, impersonations and moral dilemmas arise when a Punjabi pretends to be a Tamil in order to obtain accommodation in New Delhi. An eloquent and entertaining plea for national ......

Hindi   1956   176 min   Mohan Segal   2020-03-28
Mohan Segal
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