Director David Dhawan

Director David Dhawan

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Movies Directed by David Dhawan

David Dhawan Why Did I Fall in Love? Movie
Why Did I Fall in Love?

Samir is in love with Sonia but has unfortunately lied to her that he was already married.When she wants to meet her wife,Samir approaches his dutiful nurse Naina to play 'wife'a drama that turns out into a comedy of errors....

Hindi   2005   145 min   David Dhawan   2020-09-05
David Dhawan Shaadi No. 1 Movie
Shaadi No. 1

Kothari finds himself in a jam when his hair-growth, water colors for students, and Agarbatti products misfire resulting in lawsuits. He decides to kill himself but is saved by three men: ......

Hindi   2005   129 min   David Dhawan   2020-09-04
David Dhawan Will You Marry Me? Movie
Will You Marry Me?

Sameer, fast at losing his temper is re-located to Goa where he falls in love with Rani. But Sameer's new roommate Sunny, has some plans of his own....

Hindi   2004   163 min   David Dhawan   2020-08-07
David Dhawan Gola Barood Movie
Gola Barood

Inspector Mahendra Nath lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Bombay along with his wife, and son, Vijay. He is honest and diligent which brings him in the bad books of Davar, who initially ......

Hindi   1989   N/A   David Dhawan   2020-06-30
David Dhawan Taaqatwar Movie

Municipal officer Vijay Sharma takes it upon himself to cleanse the city of all illegal constructions. Most of these sabotage constructions belongs to the famous builder, Munjal Khurana who......

Hindi   1989   N/A   David Dhawan   2020-06-29
David Dhawan Ek Aur Ek Gyarah: By Hook or by Crook Movie
Ek Aur Ek Gyarah: By Hook or by Crook

Two petty thieves Tara and Sitara (Govinda & Sanjay Dutt respectively) get on the bad side of two wanted criminals, namely Panther and Cobra (Gulshan Grover and Ashish Vidyarthi ......

Panjabi   2003   144 min   David Dhawan   2020-06-23
David Dhawan Chor Machaaye Shor Movie
Chor Machaaye Shor

Fortunately, before his arrest Shyam manages to hide the diamonds at a nearby construction site, intending to return for it as soon as he gets out of prison. Two years pass and Shyam's ......

Hindi   2002   145 min   David Dhawan   2020-06-07
David Dhawan Yeh Hai Jalwa Movie
Yeh Hai Jalwa

Raj Saxena (Salman Khan) goes to London, expecting his long lost Dad (Rishi Kapoor) to warmly greet him. But things do not go as planned....

Hindi   2002   165 min   David Dhawan   2020-06-05
David Dhawan Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin Movie
Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin

The movie revolves around Munnabhai (Sanjay Dutt) a dreaded but good-hearted underworld don of Mumbai. Once while beating up one of his foes, he sees Komal (Aishwarya Rai) and is so smitten......

Hindi   2002   161 min   David Dhawan   2020-05-31
David Dhawan Because I Don't Lie Movie
Because I Don't Lie

It's about a lawyer who succeeds professionally by constant lying. His persistent dishonesty infuriates his wife, who threatens to leave him if he doesn't straighten out. Fearful of his ......

Hindi   2001   131 min   David Dhawan   2020-05-15
David Dhawan Jodi No.1 Movie
Jodi No.1

Rai Bahadur lives a wealthy lifestyle in Panjim, Goa, along with three brothers, Raman, Kamal, and Ashok along with their respective wives and children. He also has a sister, Shanno, and a ......

Hindi   2001   140 min   David Dhawan   2020-05-02
David Dhawan Haseena Maan Jaayegi Movie
Haseena Maan Jaayegi

Wealthy Seth Amirchand (Kader Khan) has two problems, namely his two good-for-nothing sons, Sonu (Sanjay Dutt), and Monu (Govinda). Their time is mainly spent on comically attempting to ......

Hindi   1999   147 min   David Dhawan   2020-04-24
David Dhawan Kunwara Movie

Raju meets Urmila in New Zealand. They have a fast romance and things are going well until Raju must make a trip back to India. While he is there, he meets Sharmila, pregnant and jilted by ......

Hindi   2000   134 min   David Dhawan   2020-04-14
David Dhawan Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge Movie
Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge

Sapna has lost her parents at an early age and lives with her three quirky uncles - Bhola Nath is a fitness freak, Prabhu Nath is a deeply religious fellow and Vicky Nath is a disco-savvy ......

Hindi   2000   158 min   David Dhawan   2020-04-11
David Dhawan Saajan Chale Sasural Movie
Saajan Chale Sasural

A village-based singer attempts to find love and fame in the big city....

Hindi   1996   134 min   David Dhawan   2020-04-11
David Dhawan Chal Mere Bhai Movie
Chal Mere Bhai

Vicky, a businessman, loves his younger brother Prem, who spends his time chasing women. The family feels that secretary Sapna will make a good wife for Vicky, but she is already in love with Prem....

Hindi   2000   136 min   David Dhawan   2020-04-11
David Dhawan Biwi No. 1 Movie
Biwi No. 1

A housewife learns that her husband is cheating on her. Thus, her quest to bring him back begins...

Hindi   1999   159 min   David Dhawan   2020-04-07
David Dhawan Gharwali Baharwali Movie
Gharwali Baharwali

On discovery of his spouse's infertility, a man starts a search for a new wife....

Hindi   1998   138 min   David Dhawan   2020-04-07
David Dhawan Aag Ka Gola Movie
Aag Ka Gola

Poverty and hunger forces young Shankar to take up employment as a mechanic. To this extent all is well for him until he is arrested by the police for a crime he did not committed; but ......

Hindi   1990   180 min   David Dhawan   2020-04-05
David Dhawan Aandhiyan Movie

Shakuntala (Mumtaz) is an estranged wife from Dushyant (Shatrughan Sinha) who wanted refused to admit that she is his wife because his political career would be hindered. His father (Om Shivpuri) never approved her because of her poverty and therefore decided to split them apart by blaming Dushyant ...

Hindi   1990   145 min   David Dhawan   2020-04-05
David Dhawan Swarg Movie

Living in a posh mansion named Swarg, this is the story of Sahabji, his wife sister Jyoti, two brothers, and a sister-in-law. Sahabji has a clash of wits with Dhanraj, who successfully ......

Hindi   1990   160 min   David Dhawan   2020-04-05
David Dhawan Bol Radha Bol Movie
Bol Radha Bol

Kishan Malhotra finds his life turned upside down, when he returns home one day to find that his place has been taken over by a look-alike imposter. When he attempts to assert his identity,......

Hindi   1992   164 min   David Dhawan   2020-04-04
David Dhawan Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi Movie
Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi

When his astrologer uncle (Satish Kaushik) predicts a favorable future for Raja (Akshay Kumar), he decides to nothing until the prediction comes true. When he meets Shalu (Juhi Chawla) the ......

Hindi   1997   133 min   David Dhawan   2020-04-04
David Dhawan Judwaa Movie

Twin brothers who are separated soon after birth, meet in adulthood and join forces to defeat their common enemy, a notorious criminal....

Hindi   1997   138 min   David Dhawan   2020-03-31
David Dhawan Hero No. 1 Movie
Hero No. 1

Two young Indians, Meena and Rajesh, meet in Europe and fall in love with each other, promising to get married when they return back to India. When they return home, Rajesh tells his dad ......

Hindi   1997   134 min   David Dhawan   2020-03-31
David Dhawan Deewana Mastana Movie
Deewana Mastana

Chaos ensues when a small time crook and a mental patient tries to win heart of a beautiful woman with comical outcomes....

Hindi   1997   140 min   David Dhawan   2020-03-31
David Dhawan Banarasi Babu Movie
Banarasi Babu

Wealthy business, Chaubey, his wife, Lily, and daughter, Madhubala, return from Britain in order to visit India and find a suitable groom for Madhubala. They are met at the airport by ......

Hindi   1997   126 min   David Dhawan   2020-03-31
David Dhawan Bade Miyan Chote Miyan Movie
Bade Miyan Chote Miyan

Fellow Police Inspectors Arjun and Pyare work in the same Police Station in Mumbai, India. Although they work together, they have an unhealthy rivalry between them - leading to considerable......

Hindi   1998   140 min   David Dhawan   2020-03-31
David Dhawan Loafer Movie

For years Ravi Kumar is considered as the black sheep of the Kumar's family; is unemployed, does not have a stable future and gets himself involved in fights at the drop of a hat. In spite ......

Hindi   1996   N/A   David Dhawan   2020-03-31
David Dhawan Yaraana Movie

Lalita (Madhuri Dixit) catches the eye of J.B. (Raj Babbar) and he immediately falls in love with her and decides he must marry her. He bribes Lalita's uncle Madanlal (Tej Sapru) into ......

Hindi   1995   125 min   David Dhawan   2020-03-31
David Dhawan Raja Babu Movie
Raja Babu

Raja Babu (Govinda) is a poor orphan adopted by a wealthy village couple (Kadar Khan and Aruna Irani). He is a typical country bumpkin, good-hearted but lacking in urban manners. He falls ......

Hindi   1994   161 min   David Dhawan   2020-03-31
David Dhawan Eena Meena Deeka Movie
Eena Meena Deeka

Two con-men, Inder alias Eena and Deeka has an encounter in a bank. Eena commit the crime but because of Deeka's bad record with the police they are misunderstood and thus Deeka gets a long......

Hindi   1994   133 min   David Dhawan   2020-03-31
David Dhawan Andaz Movie

After completing his schooling from Nalanda, Ajay Kumar Saxena returns and is hired as a Teacher. He meets with savvy students, whose names are Jaya, Neelam, Shilpa, Sonam, Chunky, Govinda,......

Hindi   1994   167 min   David Dhawan   2020-03-31
David Dhawan Aankhen Movie

Two good-for-nothing brothers are embroiled in a conspiracy involving a political assassination and try their best to save the country....

Hindi   1993   170 min   David Dhawan   2020-03-31
David Dhawan Shola Aur Shabnam Movie
Shola Aur Shabnam

The spoiled and arrogant brother, Bali, of notorious gangster, Kali Baba, enlists in the National Cadet Corps, and wants to have his way with his fellow-students and trainer, Inder Mohan ......

Hindi   1992   165 min   David Dhawan   2020-03-31
David Dhawan Coolie No. 1 Movie
Coolie No. 1

In order to avenge his insult against wealthy Hoshiarchand Choudhary; Pandit Shaadiram Gharjodhe asks Raju; a coolie by profession to masquerade as a wealthy business tycoon so that he can ......

Hindi   1995   143 min   David Dhawan   2020-03-31
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