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Director Anil Ganguly

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Anil Ganguly
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Movies Directed by Anil Ganguly

Anil Ganguly Khandaan Movie

The Srivastav family consists of Gaurishankar, his wife, Savitri, two sons, Vikas and Ravi, who lead a poor lifestyle in a village in India. When the sons grow up, Vikas gets married to ......

Hindi   1979   130 min   Anil Ganguly   2020-07-12
Anil Ganguly Neeyat Movie

Hindi   1980   147 min   Anil Ganguly   2020-07-03
Anil Ganguly Sadak Chhap Movie
Sadak Chhap

Born on the street, without any knowledge of his parents, Shankar (Jackie Shroff) lives his life as an urchin, on petty thievery and con games. He is o known to the police because of his ......

Hindi   1987   N/A   Anil Ganguly   2020-06-30
Anil Ganguly Dushman Devta Movie
Dushman Devta

Shiva is an escaped convict who is looking for a suitable place to hide from the police. His adventures lead him to end up in a rural region which happens to be the main target of bandits ......

Hindi   1991   N/A   Anil Ganguly   2020-06-30
Anil Ganguly Balidan Movie

Bengali   1990   N/A   Anil Ganguly   2020-06-30
Anil Ganguly Pyar Ke Kabil Movie
Pyar Ke Kabil

Amar G. Kapoor is an unemployed but talented youth who was born in Lahore, and is the grandson of renowned Lala Kedarnath. He re-locates to Delhi in search of employment as a singer/dancer,......

Hindi   1987   N/A   Anil Ganguly   2020-06-29
Anil Ganguly Humkadam Movie

Indu and Shekar Gupta are an exemplary couple with a young son, who live a harmonious lower middle class life despite of spiraling inflation and costs of living. Their love and respect for ......

Hindi   1980   N/A   Anil Ganguly   2020-06-28
Anil Ganguly Agreement Movie

Educated, traveled, intelligent, wealthy, and a businesswomen Mala Mathur would like to marry a man who can look after the household duties while she works. Her uncle, Mr. Mathur, ridicules......

Hindi   1980   N/A   Anil Ganguly   2020-06-27
Anil Ganguly Dil Ki Baazi Movie
Dil Ki Baazi

An unemployed youth faces challenges after he secures employment....

Hindi   1993   162 min   Anil Ganguly   2020-05-10
Anil Ganguly Kora Kagaz Movie
Kora Kagaz

By the time we learn to live, life is gone....

Hindi   1974   125 min   Anil Ganguly   2020-04-11
Anil Ganguly Mera Yaar Mera Dushman Movie
Mera Yaar Mera Dushman

Hindi   1969   N/A   Anil Ganguly   2020-04-07
Anil Ganguly Aanchal Movie

This movie revolves around the lives of two brothers, Kishan (Amol Palekar) and Shambhu (Rajesh Khanna). Kishan is married to Shanti (Raakhee), but both are unable to have children. When ......

Hindi   1980   N/A   Anil Ganguly   2020-04-05
Anil Ganguly Tapasya Movie

Tapasya - meaning penance is the story of Indu, eldest child of Prof Chandrakant Sinha takes on the responsibility of rearing her younger siblings, Vinod, Madhu and the youngest sister. ......

Hindi   1976   133 min   Anil Ganguly   2020-04-04
Anil Ganguly Angaara Movie

Sagar is a young man who lives with his mom, Saraswati, a college-going brother, Vishal, and a school-going sister, Chutki, in a town in India. His father had abandoned them years ago and ......

Hindi   1996   N/A   Anil Ganguly   2020-03-31
Anil Ganguly Saaheb Movie

Retired Badri Prasad Sharma lives with his sons and their family.His younger son Saheb and daughter Gulti are the only one not married.Saheb is a Goal Keeper and football is his passion.But......

Hindi   1985   150 min   Anil Ganguly   2020-03-30
Anil Ganguly
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