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Movies by Actor Tanuja

 Tanuja Gustakhi Maaf Movie
Gustakhi Maaf

Twins is an exception. But Ravikant was very happy when God gifted him twin babies, whom he named Asha and Seema. The names differed and destiny differed. An ACT of GOD separated the twins ......

Hindi   1969   136 min   Tanuja   2020-09-15
 Tanuja Pavitra Paapi Movie
Pavitra Paapi

Kedarnath is employed with a local clock/watch repair shop, owned by a parsimonious Adarshan Lala. Kedarnath goes out of his way to help a destitute woman, Maya, who husband is missing, ......

Hindi   1970   152 min   Tanuja   2020-08-30
 Tanuja Ek Paheli Movie
Ek Paheli

Sudhir goes to take care of his family business in Goa. He is attracted to Maria, a mysterious woman who meets him in an old graveyard....

Hindi   1971   N/A   Tanuja   2020-08-24
 Tanuja Hamari Yaad Aayegi Movie
Hamari Yaad Aayegi

Hindi   1961   N/A   Tanuja   2020-08-04
 Tanuja Ghazab Tamasha Movie
Ghazab Tamasha

Hindi   1992   N/A   Tanuja   2020-07-22
 Tanuja Sannata Movie

Hindi   1966   N/A   Tanuja   2020-07-19
 Tanuja Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasal Movie
Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasal

Hindi   1965   N/A   Tanuja   2020-07-17
 Tanuja Nadaniyan Movie

Hindi   1984   N/A   Tanuja   2020-07-16
 Tanuja Mohabbat Ki Kasam Movie
Mohabbat Ki Kasam

Two brothers, Thakur Vikram Singh (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), and Baseera Singh (Amjad Khan) live in the same village. Baseera is resentful that Vikram has got all he ever wanted, the estate, ......

Hindi   1986   N/A   Tanuja   2020-07-09
 Tanuja Rules: Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula Movie
Rules: Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula

Radha is employed with an advertising agency, and has a chance to see and meet prominent models. She meets her dreamboat, Vikram Verma, on one such day. Needless to state, she is madly in ......

Hindi   2003   N/A   Tanuja   2020-07-08
 Tanuja Lover Boy Movie
Lover Boy

Hindi   1985   N/A   Tanuja   2020-06-30
 Tanuja Love 86 Movie
Love 86

Laxmidevi is a strict disciplinarian and stern mother, who rules over her palatial house with an iron hand. She has two daughters of marriageable age, one is Leena, and the other is Isha. ......

Hindi   1986   145 min   Tanuja   2020-06-27
 Tanuja Preet Ki Dori Movie
Preet Ki Dori

Govind lives a wealthy lifestyle in Pritampur. When his father was dying, he made Govind promise that he would always obey his mother. Years later, Govind has completed his studies and ......

Hindi   1971   N/A   Tanuja   2020-06-26
 Tanuja Imtihan Movie

Madhu Shastri lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed dad, who is also the Principal of Adarsh Mahavidyalyal. She is in love with Vijay, a pilot, and both are expected to marry soon. ......

Hindi   1974   153 min   Tanuja   2020-06-26
 Tanuja Hamrahi Movie

Hindi   1974   N/A   Tanuja   2020-06-26
 Tanuja Ek Main Aur Ek Tu Movie
Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

Hindi   1986   N/A   Tanuja   2020-06-16
 Tanuja Ek Bar Mooskura Do Movie
Ek Bar Mooskura Do

Hindi   1972   N/A   Tanuja   2020-06-13
 Tanuja Thaliritta Kinakkal Movie
Thaliritta Kinakkal

Malayalam   1980   N/A   Tanuja   2020-06-09
 Tanuja Teen Bhuboner Porey Movie
Teen Bhuboner Porey

Bengali   1969   151 min   Tanuja   2020-05-29
 Tanuja Antony Firingee Movie
Antony Firingee

Antony Firingee was a Portuguese-Indian who became a famous Bengali poet musician and fell in love with Shakila. She agreed to marry him after revealing her tragic history. But his fame was......

Bengali   1967   157 min   Tanuja   2020-05-28
 Tanuja Boxer Movie

Shanker is jailed for theft and there meets with Tony, who introduces him to professional boxing, after witnessing him fight an inmate. When he gets out of jail, Shanker takes up professional boxing....

Hindi   1984   N/A   Tanuja   2020-05-27
 Tanuja Humshakal Movie

Ram comes from a poor family, and works as a labourer for a living. One day he comes across an old woman in distress, and decides to assist her. This old woman is dying and asks Ram to ......

Hindi   1974   N/A   Tanuja   2020-05-15
 Tanuja Safari Movie

Bombay-based Anjali Aggarwal lives a wealthy lifestyle with her mom, Asha, and dad, Ajit, who is the owner of Aggarwal Industries. When Asha challenges Ajit that she can run the business ......

Hindi   1999   N/A   Tanuja   2020-05-07
 Tanuja Do Chor Movie
Do Chor

Bombay Police are baffled at a series of robberies being committed in homes of prominent people, with the thief leaving a "swastika", and stealing only one set of jewelery, instead of ......

N/A   1972   N/A   Tanuja   2020-05-05
 Tanuja Justice Movie

N/A   1973   N/A   Tanuja   2020-04-30
 Tanuja Haathi Mere Saathi Movie
Haathi Mere Saathi

Orphaned Raju, in the company of four elephants, has to perform with them at street corners, in order to keep alive. Slowly he amasses a fortune, and is able to build his own private zoo, ......

Hindi   1971   170 min   Tanuja   2020-04-27
 Tanuja Bhoot Bungla Movie
Bhoot Bungla

Mystery surrounds a house which is reportedly haunted by singing and dancing ghosts and ghouls. This is when a jittery Mohan (Mehmood) decides to investigate. He is also supported by an ......

Hindi   1965   145 min   Tanuja   2020-04-27
 Tanuja Hamari Beti Movie
Hamari Beti

Hindi   1950   N/A   Tanuja   2020-04-25
 Tanuja Chhabili Movie

N/A   1960   N/A   Tanuja   2020-04-25
 Tanuja Dushman Movie

Hindi   1990   N/A   Tanuja   2020-04-24
 Tanuja Nari Tu Narayani Movie
Nari Tu Narayani

Gujarati   1978   N/A   Tanuja   2020-04-22
 Tanuja Yaadgaar Movie

After the passing of his father, an unemployed slacker-trouble-maker faces many challenges and humiliation when he goes to live with his married sister and her family....

Hindi   1984   N/A   Tanuja   2020-04-21
 Tanuja Izzat Movie

After completing his college, dark-skinned Adivasi Shekhar returns home and finds that his mother, Savli, has passed away. Distraught, he is consoled by Father Abraham, who also tells him ......

Hindi   1968   135 min   Tanuja   2020-04-15
 Tanuja Kaamchor Movie

Suraj has been a slacker all his adult life. He hates any kind of work - rather it's paying or volunteer. One day he gate-crashes a wedding ceremony and finds out that the groom is to live ......

Hindi   1982   N/A   Tanuja   2020-04-11
 Tanuja Mome Ki Gudiya Movie
Mome Ki Gudiya

Ravi, the only son of wealthy widower Rai Bahadur Gangaram, falls in love with fellow-collegian, Sheel, but is shocked to find that she is to be his future step-mother. His father decides ......

Hindi   1972   118 min   Tanuja   2020-04-09
 Tanuja Door Ka Raahi Movie
Door Ka Raahi

Door Ka Rahi is story of a person named "Prashant" who is on the travel for the wellness of society, and the end of Journey is to watch. The angle of the movie focused on expressing the internal feelings....

Hindi   1971   138 min   Tanuja   2020-04-09
 Tanuja Sapnon Ka Saudagar Movie
Sapnon Ka Saudagar

Hindi   1968   168 min   Tanuja   2020-04-09
 Tanuja Madhuban Movie

Bengali   1983   N/A   Tanuja   2020-04-09
 Tanuja Ghar Dwaar Movie
Ghar Dwaar

Dhanraj resides with his two brothers, Chander and Ketan, his sister, Asha, and wife, Savitri, in their family home. Dhanraj wants Chander and Ketan to study and get better jobs, so he ......

Hindi   1985   N/A   Tanuja   2020-04-09
 Tanuja Gokul Movie

Hindi   1985   N/A   Tanuja   2020-04-08
 Tanuja Rustom Movie

Bollywood version of THE CHAMP. Dara Singh stars as a washed up wrestling champ with a drinking and gambling problem trying to raise his son Sunny. Complications arise when Sunny discovers ......

Hindi   1982   139 min   Tanuja   2020-04-08
 Tanuja An August Requiem Movie
An August Requiem

When a ship's purser returns home from a voyage, his wife has committed suicide and he discovers that she was pregnant......

English   1982   102 min   Tanuja   2020-04-08
 Tanuja Bekhudi Movie

Radhika wants to get married to her parents choice in Canada, Vicky, to which she agrees. All is well for both of them to get married when Radhika pays a visit to Canada but she meets up ......

Hindi   1992   N/A   Tanuja   2020-04-04
 Tanuja Anubhav Movie

Meeta Sen (Tanuja) and Amar Sen (Sanjeev Kumar) have been married for several years. Due to Amar's hectic work schedule, the couple have not had children, as there was no time for intimacy.......

Bengali, Hindi   1971   139 min   Tanuja   2020-04-03
 Tanuja Wahan Ke Log Movie
Wahan Ke Log

Armed with laser guns, three-fingered virtually invincible Martians collude with gangsters to invade Earth....

Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, English   1967   130 min   Tanuja   2020-04-03
 Tanuja Bandish Movie

Kishan (Rajesh Khanna), the rich and spoiled son, studying medicine in college, of a wealthy man (Om Prakash) is taught a lesson in humility by fellow student, Madhu (Hema Malini), and he ......

Hindi   1980   N/A   Tanuja   2020-04-03
 Tanuja Sohni Mahiwal Movie
Sohni Mahiwal

Shahjada Ijjat Beg comes to India with his caravan and settles in a town in Gujrat. Here he falls in love with Sohani, who keeps a shop in metal pots. Ijjat Beg buys pot from her with ......

Punjabi, Hindi   1984   142 min   Tanuja   2020-04-03
 Tanuja Paisa Ya Pyar Movie
Paisa Ya Pyar

A wealthy and snobbish woman's life undergoes changes when her daughter marries a commoner....

Hindi, English   1969   N/A   Tanuja   2020-04-02
 Tanuja Jeene Ki Raah Movie
Jeene Ki Raah

Desperate to earn money to support his extended family, Mohan becomes entangled in a web of deceit when he tells a lie in order to obtain a secretarial job in the city with the wealthy Mr ......

Hindi   1969   152 min   Tanuja   2020-04-02
 Tanuja Pet Pyaar Aur Paap Movie
Pet Pyaar Aur Paap

A girl is struggling with extreme poverty and the responsibility of taking care of her siblings. She falls in love, which would cause even more tragedy to her family and to herself....

Hindi   1984   128 min   Tanuja   2020-03-30
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