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Movies by Actor Tabu

 Tabu Sarhad Paar Movie
Sarhad Paar

An Indian soldier tries to exact revenge on those who had wronged him is backed by the emotional support of two women....

Hindi   2006   117 min   Tabu   2020-09-23
 Tabu Fanaa Movie

A sweet blind girl Zooni meets a flirty Rehan. She ignores her friends' warnings. It's her time to discover life. Is she making the right love choice?...

Hindi, Indonesian, Italian   2006   168 min   Tabu   2020-08-28
 Tabu Silsiilay Movie

A group of women find solidarity with each other as they negotiate their complicated love-lives....

Hindi   2005   134 min   Tabu   2020-08-27
 Tabu The Namesake Movie
The Namesake

American-born Gogol, the son of Indian immigrants, wants to fit in among his fellow New Yorkers, despite his family's unwillingness to let go of their traditional ways....

English, Hindi, Bengali, French   2006   122 min   Tabu   2020-08-23
 Tabu Andarivaadu Movie

Govindarajulu (Chiranjeevi) is a labor leader who enjoys life in his own entertaining way. His son Siddardh (Chiranjeevi) heads a popular TV channel. Govindarajulu raises his son Siddardh ......

Telugu, Hindi   2005   162 min   Tabu   2020-08-22
 Tabu Bhagmati Movie

A contemporary young woman who visits some historical place realizes that she and her boyfriend were Bhagmati and Qutb Shah in their previous life....

Hindi, Urdu   2005   160 min   Tabu   2020-08-08
 Tabu Maqbool Movie

The intrigue of the Shakespearean tragedy 'Macbeth' is transposed to the Mumbai underworld....

Hindi, Urdu   2003   132 min   Tabu   2020-07-11
 Tabu Khanjar Movie

Kumar is a businessman and lives in Simla with his pregnant wife, Laxmi, two sons, Raja and Ajay. Both Laxmi and he are delighted that they will soon be welcoming Komal, a daughter. Before ......

Hindi   2003   N/A   Tabu   2020-07-07
 Tabu Hawa Movie

Sanjana lives in a big city along with her husband and two daughters. But things are not quite rosy as the couple faces a disastrous situation in there life which leads to divorce. Sanjana ......

Hindi   2003   129 min   Tabu   2020-07-04
 Tabu Meenaxi: Tale of 3 Cities Movie
Meenaxi: Tale of 3 Cities

Delving into the limitless world of creative endeavors, and vicissitudes in the way of such endeavors, this tale of an artist and his muse, like a painting, leaves itself open to interpretations and readings by every viewer......

Hindi, Urdu   2004   N/A   Tabu   2020-07-02
 Tabu Coolie No. 1 Movie
Coolie No. 1

Telugu   1991   146 min   Tabu   2020-06-30
 Tabu Ninne Pelladatha Movie
Ninne Pelladatha

Raju and Mahalaxmi meet at a marriage ceremony and both are attracted to each other. They soon fall deeply in love with each other, and decide to inform their respective parents of their ......

Telugu, Hindi   1996   146 min   Tabu   2020-06-27
 Tabu Aavida Maa Aavide Movie
Aavida Maa Aavide

Vikranth comes from an upper-class family. As he is of marriageable age, his parents want him to get married. He then meets with Archana and both fall in love, and both inform their ......

Telugu, Hindi   1998   153 min   Tabu   2020-06-26
 Tabu Snegithiye Movie

After the passing away of her parents in an automobile accident, Radhika moves in to live with her aunt, Malathi, and studies Zoology in Lexicon Science College. She is very friendly with ......

Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi   2000   154 min   Tabu   2020-06-24
 Tabu Biwi No. 2 Movie
Biwi No. 2

Vishal comes from an upper-class family. As he is of marriageable age, his parents want him to get married. Vishal meets with Archana and both fall in love. The respective parents of both ......

Telugu, Hindi   2000   N/A   Tabu   2020-06-15
 Tabu Cover Story Movie
Cover Story

Chandrashekar Menon is a retired Judge and lives an upper middle-class lifestyle in Southern India along with two grandchildren. His son and daughter-in-law are out of town for a few years.......

Malayalam, Hindi   2000   N/A   Tabu   2020-06-14
 Tabu Zindagi Khoobsoorat Hai Movie
Zindagi Khoobsoorat Hai

Murad Hussein and Gul Baloch have been enemies for years. Murad would like to propose a truce so that the two families become friends again, and for this occasion he has chosen to marry his......

Hindi   2002   N/A   Tabu   2020-06-14
 Tabu Jaal: The Trap Movie
Jaal: The Trap

Redoubtable son of the soil Sunny Deol battles Kashmiri terrorists....

Hindi   2003   142 min   Tabu   2020-06-13
 Tabu Saathiya Movie

A couple elopes to get married and set up home hoping that just love will do the trick - but that's just the beginning of their story....

Hindi   2002   138 min   Tabu   2020-06-07
 Tabu Himmat Movie

Two Indian Secret Service Agents, Ajay Saxena and Abdul, are not only co-workers, but also live like brothers and family. Their Chief asks Abdul to take charge of Project M, dealing with ......

Hindi   1996   138 min   Tabu   2020-05-30
 Tabu Pehla Pehla Pyar Movie
Pehla Pehla Pyar

Sapna runs away from her aristocratic home, fed-up of the hatred and family politics. She meets with Raj, who she is attracted to. Raj, at first wants to get rid of her, then eventually ......

Hindi   1994   N/A   Tabu   2020-05-29
 Tabu Filhaal... Movie

Rewa Singh (Tabu) and Sia Sheth (Sushmita Sen) are inseparable friends. Their bond has grown despite of Rewa's marriage to Dhruv Malhotra (Sanjay Suri). All rejoice when Rewa and Dhruv are ......

Hindi   2002   N/A   Tabu   2020-05-22
 Tabu Maa Tujhhe Salaam Movie
Maa Tujhhe Salaam

Major Pratab Singh works in the Indian army and he and his battalion has been assigned duty near the Indo-Pakistan border. There duty mainly consists of eliminating any terrorists trying to......

Hindi   2002   N/A   Tabu   2020-05-21
 Tabu Aamdani Atthanni Kharcha Rupaiya Movie
Aamdani Atthanni Kharcha Rupaiya

In order to make ends meet, three women steps out from their houses for earning. However, this irks their jobless husbands who can go to extreme lengths to stop them....

Hindi   2001   150 min   Tabu   2020-05-20
 Tabu Haqeeqat Movie

After her husband, Ravi Malhotra, is killed, Sudha lives the life of a widow with her brother, Mahesh, and Bhabhi, Kamini. A new tenant, Ajay, comes to her rescue when she is molested by ......

Hindi   1995   166 min   Tabu   2020-05-07
 Tabu Darmiyaan: In Between Movie
Darmiyaan: In Between

The saga of Mazhuddin Khan alias Immi, born in 1939 in Bombay, British India, as a eunuch, whose mother, Zeenat, in denial that she has sired him, refers to him as her younger brother. She ......

Hindi, Assamese   1997   N/A   Tabu   2020-05-07
 Tabu 2001: Do Hazaar Ek Movie
2001: Do Hazaar Ek

Following the brutal slaying of a call-girl named Julie in Bombay city, two police inspectors, namely Anil Sharma and Rajat Bedi, are assigned to investigate and bring the culprit(s) to ......

Hindi   1998   149 min   Tabu   2020-04-28
 Tabu Chandni Bar Movie
Chandni Bar

A displaced woman is forced to become a beer-bar dancer, and sire children of a gangster....

Hindi   2001   150 min   Tabu   2020-04-24
 Tabu Astitva Movie

Astitva is a bold film with adultery. An ambitious male chauvinist and his loving wife are happily married but the guy is not able to give time to the family as he want to make it big in ......

Marathi, Hindi   2000   109 min   Tabu   2020-04-20
 Tabu Kala Pani Movie
Kala Pani

Govardhan, a doctor by profession, is wrongly accused of bombing a train and is jailed by the British in Cellular Jail, also known as Kala Pani, in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He witnesses the sufferings of hundreds of Indian prisoners there....

Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu   1996   178 min   Tabu   2020-04-15
 Tabu Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar!! Movie
Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar!!

Born in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, Ram Saran Pandey, relocates to Bombay, Maharashtra, to improve his lifestyle, leaving behind his mom and dad, Sudama, with a promise to call them to Bombay ......

Hindi   2000   148 min   Tabu   2020-04-15
 Tabu Tarkieb Movie

A CID inspector tries to crack the murder case of a young woman....

Hindi, Urdu   2000   156 min   Tabu   2020-04-13
 Tabu Saajan Chale Sasural Movie
Saajan Chale Sasural

A village-based singer attempts to find love and fame in the big city....

Hindi   1996   134 min   Tabu   2020-04-11
 Tabu Hu Tu Tu Movie
Hu Tu Tu

Panna is the only daughter of politician Maltidevi. Panna is very critical of her mother, when she decides to separate from her dad, and asked Chief Minister Sawantrao Gadre to move in with......

Hindi, Marathi, English   1999   172 min   Tabu   2020-04-11
 Tabu Kandukondain Kandukondain Movie
Kandukondain Kandukondain

An Indian adaptation of Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility" focusing on two sisters of opposing temperaments....

Tamil, English   2000   151 min   Tabu   2020-04-10
 Tabu Hera Pheri Movie
Hera Pheri

Three unemployed men find the answer to all their money problems when they receive a call from a kidnapper. However, things do not go as planned....

Hindi, English   2000   156 min   Tabu   2020-04-10
 Tabu Chachi 420 Movie
Chachi 420

Desperation to be with his only child forces a divorced man to take the guise of the child's nanny. Situations get really messy when the child's grandfather (the man's ex-father-in-law) falls in love with his disguised ex-son-in-law....

Hindi   1997   155 min   Tabu   2020-04-09
 Tabu Hum Saath-Saath Hain: We Stand United Movie
Hum Saath-Saath Hain: We Stand United

Ramkishen and Mamta have three sons Vivek , Prem and Vinod and a daughter Sangeeta. This family is part of a joint family whose close knit bond is challenged by a misunderstanding....

Hindi   1999   177 min   Tabu   2020-04-08
 Tabu Thakshak Movie

Nahar Singh's (Amrish Puri) fore-fathers and he have sworn to protect the family and heirs of powerful underworld don, Jodhabhai and his heirs for generations. Nahar would like his son, ......

Hindi   1999   163 min   Tabu   2020-04-08
 Tabu Kohram Movie

Major Balbir Singh Sodhi (Amitabh Bachchan) attempts to kill the Indian Home Minister Veer Bhadra Singh (Danny Denzongpa) but is unsuccessful. He has been identified, and the army is on the......

Hindi   1999   N/A   Tabu   2020-04-08
 Tabu Ghaath Movie

Krishna Patil is a poor, unemployed, unsuccessful and short tempered youth who stays in a chawl with his father Ramakant and elder sister Mansi. He tries to secure a job in the police ......

Hindi   2000   N/A   Tabu   2020-04-08
 Tabu Hanuman Movie

English   1998   84 min   Tabu   2020-04-04
 Tabu The Moon Stallion Movie
The Moon Stallion

A young girl named Diana, her archeologist father and her brother visit friends in Berkshire near the site of the ancient Celtic horse cut into a chalky hillside. Though Diana is blind, she......

English   1978   25 min   Tabu   2020-04-01
 Tabu Virasat Movie

After completing his studies in London, England, Shakti Thakur returns home to India in a small town where his family resides. Accompanying him is his leggy girlfriend, Anita, who he is in ......

Hindi, English   1997   165 min   Tabu   2020-03-31
 Tabu Shikari Movie

Filled with vengeance, a simple man turns into a hardcore criminal in order to avenge the destruction of his family....

Hindi   2000   160 min   Tabu   2020-03-31
 Tabu Tu Chor Main Sipahi Movie
Tu Chor Main Sipahi

A police officer and a master thief join forces in order to free a village from the clutches of an evil landowner....

Hindi   1996   153 min   Tabu   2020-03-31
 Tabu Maachis Movie

A realistic, hard-hitting portrayal of terrorism and youth in the Punjab after the 1984 riots....

Hindi   1996   160 min   Tabu   2020-03-31
 Tabu Jeet Movie

Tells the story of a feared hit man named Karan, who kills for the mobster Gajraj. On one assignment, Karan meets and falls madly in love with Kajal, the beautiful daughter of an associate.......

Hindi   1996   180 min   Tabu   2020-03-31
 Tabu Bongo Beat Movie
Bongo Beat

English, Swahili   1996   N/A   Tabu   2020-03-31
 Tabu Saajan Ki Baahon Mein Movie
Saajan Ki Baahon Mein

Sagar is a popular singer, and since he is a bachelor, he is always mobbed by young women wherever he stages his shows. On one such show in Srinagar, he meets with beautiful Sapna Narang, ......

Hindi   1995   N/A   Tabu   2020-03-31
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