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Sunil Shetty Cash Movie

Three unique diamonds. Two teams of thieves. One big heist that spins out into a battle for the ultimate eternal prize: Cash....

Hindi, Urdu   2007   137 min   Sunil Shetty   2021-06-05
Sunil Shetty Shootout at Lokhandwala Movie
Shootout at Lokhandwala

An account of the gangster Mahindra Dolas and his gang, which terrorized Mumbai City, and a massive war between Mumbai Police and gangs during 16 November 1991....

Hindi   2007   122 min   Sunil Shetty   2021-04-23
Sunil Shetty Shaadi Se Pehle Movie
Shaadi Se Pehle

It was love at first sight for unemployed Ashish Khanna and Rani Bhalla at a cold drink stall. When Rani introduces Ashish to her businessman dad, Tau, and mom, they unanimously frown upon ......

Hindi   2006   122 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-10-02
Sunil Shetty Umrao Jaan Movie
Umrao Jaan

J.P. Dutta's adaption of the Urdu novel "Umrao Jan Ada" by Mirza Haadi Ruswa (1905)....

Urdu, Hindi   2006   188 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-09-29
Sunil Shetty Amar Joshi Shahid Ho Gaya Movie
Amar Joshi Shahid Ho Gaya

Hindi   2005   N/A   Sunil Shetty   2020-09-12
Sunil Shetty Don't Stop Dreaming Movie
Don't Stop Dreaming

Set in Birmingham, it is the story of a girl and her two friends who start a multi-cultural-ethnic band. Against their parents wishes they put together spirit and energy to express themselves....

English   2007   104 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-09-11
Sunil Shetty Fight Club: Members Only Movie
Fight Club: Members Only

Four college friends starts an underground fight club in order to earn quick money, nevertheless they become suspects of a murder of a man, who turns out to be the mob boss' brother....

Hindi   2006   140 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-09-09
Sunil Shetty Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets Movie
Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets

Five Indians living in London find themselves thrown together when two of them are implicated for a bomb blast. An Indian lawyer enters the scene to bail them out of their predicament....

Hindi   2005   160 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-09-07
Sunil Shetty Tango Charlie Movie
Tango Charlie

Tarun Chauhan, a rookie army officer undergoes ups and downs in his mission and learns the true meaning of 'war' to overcome his weaknesses....

Hindi   2005   142 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-09-01
Sunil Shetty Deewane Huye Paagal Movie
Deewane Huye Paagal

A man embarks on journey to find his love in Dubai, only to learn she has different suitors and admirers....

Hindi   2005   158 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-08-31
Sunil Shetty Blackmail Movie

'Blackmail' is a story about a cop (Sunil Shetty) and a criminal (Ajay Devgan). The criminal wants to get even with the cop for having put him behind bars and he does so by kidnapping the cop's kid when he gets out of the jail....

Hindi   2005   126 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-08-31
Sunil Shetty Padmashree Laloo Prasad Yadav Movie
Padmashree Laloo Prasad Yadav

First of all let us all be clear that this movie has nothing to do with the personal life of Bihar's controversial politician Lalit Prasad Yadav, though he does appear in the beginning and ......

Hindi   2005   N/A   Sunil Shetty   2020-08-25
Sunil Shetty Lakeer - Forbidden Lines Movie
Lakeer - Forbidden Lines

Karan's love for Bindiya turns into a deadly obsession after he learns that she is in love with her fellow classmate Saahil....

Hindi   2004   170 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-08-12
Sunil Shetty Phir Hera Pheri Movie
Phir Hera Pheri

Baburao, Raju and Shyam are living happily after having risen from rags to riches. Still, money brings the joy of riches and with it the greed to make more money. And so, with a don as an unknowing investor, Raju initiates a new game....

Hindi   2006   153 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-08-07
Sunil Shetty Rakht Movie

Drishti, a psychic tarot card reader becomes unwittingly mixed up in the disappearance and possible murder of a socialite....

Hindi   2004   162 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-08-07
Sunil Shetty Dus Movie

A team of specialist must catch a terrorist before he carries out an attack....

Hindi   2005   152 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-08-05
Sunil Shetty Ehsaas Movie

Hindi   2003   N/A   Sunil Shetty   2020-07-23
Sunil Shetty Khanjar Movie

Kumar is a businessman and lives in Simla with his pregnant wife, Laxmi, two sons, Raja and Ajay. Both Laxmi and he are delighted that they will soon be welcoming Komal, a daughter. Before ......

Hindi   2003   N/A   Sunil Shetty   2020-07-07
Sunil Shetty Khel Movie

Two friends falling in love with the same girl leads to murder and intrigue....

Hindi   2003   174 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-07-05
Sunil Shetty Rudraksh Movie

Healing powers that science cannot explain and voodoo practices that defy all logic are just some of the instances of paranormal activity that Dr. Gayatri [Bipasha Basu] is busy ......

Hindi   2004   143 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-07-02
Sunil Shetty Qayamat: City Under Threat Movie
Qayamat: City Under Threat

CBI officer Akram seeks to nab three terrorists, Ali, Abbas and Laila, who have held 213 tourists as hostage in Elphinstone Jail. For this, he seeks help from Rachit, a former associate of the trio....

Hindi   2003   156 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-06-30
Sunil Shetty Aan: Men at Work Movie
Aan: Men at Work

DCP Patnaik and his team's fights against corrupted politicians and mafia rule Mumbai city. However their faith in law and order is tested with serious outcomes....

Hindi   2004   149 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-06-30
Sunil Shetty Baaz: A Bird in Danger Movie
Baaz: A Bird in Danger

In a small town, Nainital, India the police is on the look-out for a serial killer. All the killer's targets are of astonishing beautiful young girls; with an ulterior motive. Evidences ......

Hindi   2003   N/A   Sunil Shetty   2020-06-20
Sunil Shetty I'm Always Here Movie
I'm Always Here

An army major goes undercover as a college student. His mission is both professional and personal: to protect his general's daughter from a radical militant, and to find his estranged half-brother....

Hindi   2004   179 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-06-19
Sunil Shetty LOC: Kargil Movie
LOC: Kargil

Based on the real story during Kargil war fought between India and Pakistan in 1999....

Hindi   2003   255 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-06-19
Sunil Shetty Surakshaa Movie

The diamond ring worn by Kiran catches the attention of two rival outlaws, Jagtap and Dhanraj. Dhanraj dispatches his two men Kiran's Uncle Laxman Singh and Vikram Singh while Jagtap hires ......

Hindi   1995   148 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-06-15
Sunil Shetty Karz: The Burden of Truth Movie
Karz: The Burden of Truth

Savitri Devi lives a wealthy life-style with her husband. Her attempts to expose the criminal activities of a gangster, Yograj are fertile and to retaliate Yograj rape her instead which ......

Hindi   2002   173 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-06-15
Sunil Shetty Vishwasghaat Movie

Rammohan lives a poor lifestyle in India along with his grandson, Avinash, the only child of his late son, Indermohan. Rammohan is disappointed with Avinash as he always seems to be getting......

Hindi   1996   128 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-06-14
Sunil Shetty Maseeha Movie

When anarchy prevails and the screams of the downtrodden become lifeless, a saviour is born to eliminate the tyrants and put an end to their immoral activities. Surajbhan (Mukesh Rishi) is ......

Hindi   2002   117 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-06-14
Sunil Shetty Kaala Samrajya Movie
Kaala Samrajya

Gangster Kaalkeshwar Singh is insecure about the way other people behave towards his wife, Monica as he is fully well aware that she does not love him and that he forcefully get married to ......

Hindi   1999   N/A   Sunil Shetty   2020-06-13
Sunil Shetty Judge Mujrim Movie
Judge Mujrim

Judge Pratap Sinha is a renowned judge who does not pass judgement by sitting down on the judge's chair but he himself investigates and bring the criminals to their fate. This worshiped of ......

Hindi   1997   137 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-06-13
Sunil Shetty Ek Tha Raja Movie
Ek Tha Raja

Lalchand Dogra lives a wealthy life-style in his bungalow with his pregnant wife, Anjana and two sons, Raj and Jay. Due to Lalchand's criminal background Anjana is forced to leave his house......

Hindi   1996   150 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-06-13
Sunil Shetty Ek Se Badhkar Ek Movie
Ek Se Badhkar Ek

Advocate Anand Mathur draws up a will for his client, while reading the novel "Godfather", and erroneously makes out the will with a provision that the beneficiary must be a criminal don in......

Hindi   2004   146 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-06-13
Sunil Shetty Annarth Movie

Jai alias Jimmy is the local underworld don, owing allegiance to his elder brother, the more influential and powerful, Raghavbhai. Jimmy hangs around with his childhood friend, Sameer ......

Hindi   2002   N/A   Sunil Shetty   2020-06-12
Sunil Shetty Ek Hindustani Movie
Ek Hindustani

Sunil Shrivastava (Suniel Shetty), is the son of a freedom fighter (Pran), who fought against the British regime for Indian independence. His father knew what slavery meant and also made ......

Hindi   2003   N/A   Sunil Shetty   2020-06-12
Sunil Shetty Dilwale Movie

A police officer finds out the truth about a mental patient and helps him bring the perpetrators to justice....

Hindi   1994   172 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-06-12
Sunil Shetty Awara Paagal Deewana Movie
Awara Paagal Deewana

A dentist's life turns into a roller coaster ride when he is unknowingly embroiled in gang wars....

Hindi   2002   158 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-05-30
Sunil Shetty Krodh Movie

When Karan's mother passes away and his way-ward father abscond the responsibility of raising his 5 sisters goes into his hands. He does manage to carry out this task successfully and thus ......

Hindi   2000   N/A   Sunil Shetty   2020-05-24
Sunil Shetty Gaddaar Movie

Vijay (Harish) and Sunny (Sunil Shetty) are two friends, who are very close to each other. They study together in college and even fall in love with the same girl, Priya (Sonali Bendre). ......

Hindi   1995   N/A   Sunil Shetty   2020-05-23
Sunil Shetty Yeh Teraa Ghar Yeh Meraa Ghar Movie
Yeh Teraa Ghar Yeh Meraa Ghar

In debt; Dayashankar Pandey is forced to go to Bombay to ask his tenants to vacate his house as it is his only means of acquiring money to pay off his loans. But the problem is these people......

Hindi   2001   175 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-05-16
Sunil Shetty Ittefaq Movie

Shiva (Sunil Shetty) is a professional hit man. Shiva accepts a contract from Jindal (Mohan Joshi) to kill Vikram (Mukul Dev). Circumstances force Shiva to come to know Mukul first, and ......

Hindi   2001   N/A   Sunil Shetty   2020-05-15
Sunil Shetty Kaante Movie

Six bank robbers trying to pull off the perfect heist discover one of them is an undercover cop....

Hindi, English   2002   150 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-05-13
Sunil Shetty Waqt Hamara Hai Movie
Waqt Hamara Hai

Two prankster best friends gets unwittingly involved in a terrorist plot and tries their best to save the country....

Hindi   1993   148 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-05-10
Sunil Shetty Hum Hain Bemisaal Movie
Hum Hain Bemisaal

Michael, a hit-man, faces the ultimate betrayal from his employer when he decides to retire after one last job. He then joins forces with Inspector Vijay to confront the gangsters who're out to kill him....

Hindi   1994   160 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-05-10
Sunil Shetty Humse Badhkar Kaun: The Entertainer Movie
Humse Badhkar Kaun: The Entertainer

Bhola (Sunil Shetty) a villager comes to city to meet his brother Sunny (Saif Ali Khan) who is a con-man, a Roadside Romeo, a car dealer, a thief all rolled in one. The brothers meet Sunny ......

Hindi   1998   N/A   Sunil Shetty   2020-05-07
Sunil Shetty Bade Dilwala Movie
Bade Dilwala

A police officer Ram (Sunil Shetty), a man of his word. His wife Manthara (Archana Puran Singh) is obsessed with money and neglects her family in pursuit of getting rich quick. She forces ......

Hindi   1999   146 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-05-07
Sunil Shetty Aakrosh: Cyclone of Anger Movie
Aakrosh: Cyclone of Anger

An officer faces personal challenges after he is assigned to stop killers of the Prime Minister....

Hindi   1998   N/A   Sunil Shetty   2020-05-07
Sunil Shetty Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat Movie
Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat

Young and beautiful Isha Nair has three admirers - Yash Sabharwal, Gaurav Saxena and Taj Bharadwaj; all of them comes from affluent backgrounds and are willing to go to any length in order ......

Hindi   2001   N/A   Sunil Shetty   2020-05-07
Sunil Shetty Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi Movie
Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi

Here is another Indian that also closely resembles another Hollywood movie. This story revolves around the lives of two look-alike sisters, who are brought up separately by their estranged ......

Hindi   2001   120 min   Sunil Shetty   2020-04-27
Sunil Shetty Officer Movie

SPU unit officer Sagar Chauhan is assigned with the task of looking over Meenal Patel the mentally imbalance wife of multi-millionaire businessman Pratap Rai. When Meenal dramatizes her ......

Hindi   2001   N/A   Sunil Shetty   2020-04-22
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