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 Sonali Bendre
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Movies by Actor Sonali Bendre

 Sonali Bendre Shankar Dada MBBS Movie
Shankar Dada MBBS

A doctor treats patients with humanity (not with medicines)....

Telugu   2004   174 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-07-31
 Sonali Bendre Palnati Brahmanayudu Movie
Palnati Brahmanayudu

The Saga of a village where the ancient religious commandments are believed. A man(Balakrishna) fulfills his destiny to bring justice to his village....

Telugu   2003   180 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-07-06
 Sonali Bendre Eternity Movie

A woman pushes against social mores by asserting her right to sexual fulfillment....

Marathi   2003   90 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-07-05
 Sonali Bendre Manmadhudu Movie

A misogynist is forced by circumstances to work with a woman....

Telugu   2002   142 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-06-24
 Sonali Bendre Aag Movie

Raju and Laxmi are siblings, orphaned at a very young age. Raju and a fellow-collegian Parul are in love. But Parul's marriage has already been arranged with Police Inspector Suryadev Singh......

Hindi   1994   139 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-06-12
 Sonali Bendre Chori Chori Movie
Chori Chori

Khushi (Rani Mukerji) is a careless worker always conning her boss and making excuses to bunk her duty. She meets Ranbir Malhotra (Ajay Devgan) and comes to know that the home he plans to ......

Hindi   2003   135 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-06-04
 Sonali Bendre Indra Movie

Since 1965 bitter hatred and animosity has reigned between two families, namely that of Indrasen's and the Reddys, which results in the death of Indrasen's dad, and his two uncles, one of ......

Telugu   2002   173 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-05-30
 Sonali Bendre Gaddaar Movie

Vijay (Harish) and Sunny (Sunil Shetty) are two friends, who are very close to each other. They study together in college and even fall in love with the same girl, Priya (Sonali Bendre). ......

Hindi   1995   N/A   Sonali Bendre   2020-05-23
 Sonali Bendre Tera Mera Saath Rahen Movie
Tera Mera Saath Rahen

A man is torn between his handicapped brother and his ladylove, where he finds difficult whom to choose....

Hindi   2001   148 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-05-17
 Sonali Bendre Angaaray Movie

Bangalore-based Police Inspector Amar, a reformed juvenile, convicted for knifing a male, is approached by Mumbai's Police Commissioner Vinod Talwar, and assigned the task of locating the ......

Hindi   1998   N/A   Sonali Bendre   2020-05-08
 Sonali Bendre Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega Movie
Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega

Prakash (Saif Ali Khan) is a handsome gold digger who thinks he has made it when he woos and subsequently marries Sapna (Sonali Bendre) , only daughter of a rich businessman Mr. Chopra (......

Hindi, Telugu   2001   131 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-05-08
 Sonali Bendre Keemat: They Are Back Movie
Keemat: They Are Back

After a man is killed when a mugging goes wrong, the two small-time crooks responsible try to make amends by pretending to be his best friends and helping his village....

Hindi   1998   162 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-05-07
 Sonali Bendre Humse Badhkar Kaun: The Entertainer Movie
Humse Badhkar Kaun: The Entertainer

Bhola (Sunil Shetty) a villager comes to city to meet his brother Sunny (Saif Ali Khan) who is a con-man, a Roadside Romeo, a car dealer, a thief all rolled in one. The brothers meet Sunny ......

Hindi   1998   N/A   Sonali Bendre   2020-05-07
 Sonali Bendre Diljale Movie

A patriotic young man turns into a terrorist to avenge his father's humiliation....

Hindi   1996   159 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-05-07
 Sonali Bendre International Indian Film Awards Movie
International Indian Film Awards

English, Hindi   2000   N/A   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-28
 Sonali Bendre Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain Movie
Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain

Gangaram alias Ganga has been raised by his foster parents who reside in the village thus he gets accustom to village life. 24 years later his birth parents multi-millionaire Avinash and ......

Hindi   2000   141 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-21
 Sonali Bendre Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai Movie
Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai

Inspired by the Telugu film, "Pelli Chuskundam," the plot follows the life of a rape victim (Aishwarya Rai). Now, a disgrace to her family, she is turned away from her house after the ......

Hindi   2000   165 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-15
 Sonali Bendre Tarazu Movie

A tough and honest police officer avenges his family's murder at the hands of a crime lord....

Hindi   1997   144 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-13
 Sonali Bendre Qahar Movie

Amar is an honest and diligent police inspector assigned to investigate and bring charges against Krishna, and his friend, Raja, only to find that both are battling the forces of corruption and crime....

Hindi   1997   N/A   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-13
 Sonali Bendre Love You Hamesha Movie
Love You Hamesha

Hindi   2001   N/A   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-08
 Sonali Bendre Dahek: A Burning Passion Movie
Dahek: A Burning Passion

Neelima Bakshi is a girl who belongs to a conservative Muslim family from Bombay. At the post office, she meets a boy named Sameer 'Prince' Roshan and it is love at first sight. The bond ......

Hindi   1999   155 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-08
 Sonali Bendre Kadhalar Dinam Movie
Kadhalar Dinam

Two college students, the slum child Raja and the dean's daughter Roja, chat with each other over the Internet and fall in love. However, Roja is engaged and Raja cannot bear to disrespect her father, to whom he owes his livelihood....

Tamil, Hindi   1999   147 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-08
 Sonali Bendre Zakhm Movie

Amidst religious riots, a son deals with his mother's life-threatening injuries, and her last request....

Hindi   1998   125 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-08
 Sonali Bendre Sarfarosh Movie

After his brother is killed and father severely injured by terrorists, a young med student quits his studies to join the Indian Police Service to wipe out the terrorists....

Hindi   1999   174 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-07
 Sonali Bendre Major Saab Movie
Major Saab

An Army Major decides to tame a persistent rule breaker who is bent on being discharged. However the trainee changes his plan when he falls in love and needs the Major's help in rescuing his beau....

Hindi   1998   165 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-04
 Sonali Bendre Duplicate Movie

In order to evade the law, a ruthless don tries to kill his lookalike; a chef and takes his place....

Hindi   1998   164 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-04
 Sonali Bendre English Babu Desi Mem Movie
English Babu Desi Mem

After his brother dies, wealthy Vikram reluctantly goes back to India and forms a surprise bond with his orphaned nephew and the showgirl raising him....

N/A   1996   170 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-01
 Sonali Bendre Takkar Movie

A convict studies law in prison and becomes a lawyer to seek revenge against the corrupt police officer who framed him on the very day of his marriage....

Hindi   1995   143 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-01
 Sonali Bendre Sapoot Movie

When a gangster is killed by his rivals, his two sons vow revenge....

Hindi   1996   158 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-01
 Sonali Bendre Rakshak Movie

ASP Raj Sinha is assign with the task of bringing to justice the people who are responsible for printing and circulating fake currency notes. Raj is shocked when he learn that the leader ......

Hindi   1996   164 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-01
 Sonali Bendre Bhai Movie

A simpleton turns into a gangster after his younger brother is killed and sets out for revenge on the perpetrators who destroyed his life....

Hindi   1997   147 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-04-01
 Sonali Bendre Apne Dam Par Movie
Apne Dam Par

Ranjit Saxena is a proud but arrogant owner of a vast mansion, and immense wealth. He lives in this mansion with his wife (Reema Lagoo), her brother (Mushtaq Khan), his wife (Kunika), ......

Hindi   1996   155 min   Sonali Bendre   2020-03-31
 Sonali Bendre Naaraaz Movie

Wealthy author Ajay Pandit befriends angry and poor Deva, who lives in the nearby slums with his widower father. After the two men grow up, Ajay falls in love with Sonali, while Deva ......

Hindi   1994   N/A   Sonali Bendre   2020-03-31
 Sonali Bendre The Don Movie
The Don

Vijay lives with his mother, attends college and is in love with beautiful Anita Malik, a fellow collegian who he would like to marry. When Anita is molested by Nagesh, Vijay intervenes, ......

Hindi   1995   N/A   Sonali Bendre   2020-03-31
 Sonali Bendre
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