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Actor Sharad S. Kapoor

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 Sharad S. Kapoor
Name: Sharad S. Kapoor

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Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Sharad S. Kapoor

 Sharad S. Kapoor Kalo Cheetah Movie
Kalo Cheetah

English, Hindi, Bengali   2004   N/A   Sharad S. Kapoor   2020-10-03
 Sharad S. Kapoor Chaahat Ek Nasha... Movie
Chaahat Ek Nasha...

Rashmi lives a wealthy lifestyle in India along with her widower dad, Dr. Sanjeev Jaitly. She aspires to be a singer and dancer, and is encouraged by her friends and dad to take this up as ......

Hindi   2005   140 min   Sharad S. Kapoor   2020-09-02
 Sharad S. Kapoor Chot [Aaj Isko, Kal Tereko] Movie
Chot [Aaj Isko, Kal Tereko]

Corrupt Mumbai policeman aids local property developer to force two brothers who own a dairy farm off their land....

Hindi   2004   N/A   Sharad S. Kapoor   2020-08-07
 Sharad S. Kapoor Trishakti Movie

Rajeshwar Raja is the uncrowned don of of the criminal world in Bombay, India. Working under his directions are Hasan Lalla and Hamid Pathan. Then Hasan Lalla decides to separate, and forms......

Hindi   1999   N/A   Sharad S. Kapoor   2020-08-02
 Sharad S. Kapoor Hadh: Life on the Edge of Death Movie
Hadh: Life on the Edge of Death

Abandoned by his biological mother, nicknamed Harami, he comes in contact with Hajibaba, who offers to take care of him and gives him the respectable name of Vishwa. Hajibaba runs an ......

Hindi   2001   N/A   Sharad S. Kapoor   2020-07-22
 Sharad S. Kapoor Patth Movie

Avi comes from a poor family and lives with his mother and sister, Nandini. He sees that Nandini has befriended a local gangster by the name of Bhullar, and quietly resents this. When ......

Hindi   2003   157 min   Sharad S. Kapoor   2020-07-16
 Sharad S. Kapoor Kash... Aap Hamare Hote Movie
Kash... Aap Hamare Hote

Yashwantraj Mankotia (Om Puri) has brought up the daughter of his late friend, Amrita (Juhi Babbar) with love and affection as his own daughter. He plans to marry her to his only son, ......

Hindi   2003   N/A   Sharad S. Kapoor   2020-06-22
 Sharad S. Kapoor Hathyar: Face to Face with Reality Movie
Hathyar: Face to Face with Reality

Following his father's footsteps, a man grows up to be a dreaded gangster, facing professional and personal trauma in his life....

Hindi   2002   140 min   Sharad S. Kapoor   2020-06-12
 Sharad S. Kapoor Lal Salaam Movie
Lal Salaam

This film is mainly based on various true incidents relating to tribles, their culture and their lifestyle. The main characters are Dr. Kanna (Sharad Kapoor), his fiancée Rupi (Ms. Nandita ......

Hindi   2002   131 min   Sharad S. Kapoor   2020-05-28
 Sharad S. Kapoor Vishwavidhaata Movie

Wrongly accused of being a terrorist, Jai Verma attempts to prove himself innocent, in vain, and escapes from India and re-locates to Sharjah in the Persian Gulf. With the assistance of Dr.......

Hindi   1997   N/A   Sharad S. Kapoor   2020-05-07
 Sharad S. Kapoor Ankhon Mein Tum Ho Movie
Ankhon Mein Tum Ho

Prem Kapoor lives a wealthy life-style with his grandfather, as his parents had passed away in a plane crash when he was a child. Since that day his grandfather had nothing but regret as he......

Hindi   1997   151 min   Sharad S. Kapoor   2020-04-12
 Sharad S. Kapoor Khauff Movie

An assassin is sent to kill the witness from testifying against the killers. In the process, the assassin falls in love with the witness....

Hindi   2000   124 min   Sharad S. Kapoor   2020-04-08
 Sharad S. Kapoor Tamanna Movie

The year is 1975, the place is Mahim, Bombay, and this is the story of Tikku, a eunuch, the only child of yesteryear Bollywood actress Nazneen Begum, who has fallen upon hard times, is ......

Hindi   1998   127 min   Sharad S. Kapoor   2020-04-07
 Sharad S. Kapoor Josh Movie

Shah Rukh Khan and Sharad Kapoor are the leaders of the two rival gangs. Aishwarya Rai is Shah Rukh Khan's twin sister. Shah Rukh is in love with Priya Gill. Chandrachur Singh is Sharad ......

Hindi   2000   162 min   Sharad S. Kapoor   2020-04-03
 Sharad S. Kapoor Dastak Movie

Dastak is a story of a mentally unstable genius (Sharad Kapoor) and his obsession for the Miss Universe (Sushmita Sen). His unparalleled obsession makes him so possessive about her that he ......

Hindi   1996   141 min   Sharad S. Kapoor   2020-03-31
 Sharad S. Kapoor
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