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Movies by Actor Sadhana

Sadhana Picnic Movie

Hindi   1964   N/A   Sadhana   2020-07-29
Sadhana Ulfat Ki Nayee Manzilen Movie
Ulfat Ki Nayee Manzilen

Hindi   1994   N/A   Sadhana   2020-07-28
Sadhana Love in Simla Movie
Love in Simla

After the untimely death of her father and step-mother, Sonia is orphaned and lives with her aunt and paternal uncle (Mrs. and General Rajpal Singh). Sonia is plain-looking as her real ......

Hindi   1960   N/A   Sadhana   2020-05-29
Sadhana Sachaai Movie

Ashok and Kishore (Shammi Kapoor and Sanjeev Kumar respectively) are two room-mates, living in a hostel. While Ashok takes to crime and dishonesty, Kishore is honest to a fault. When ......

Hindi   1969   160 min   Sadhana   2020-05-28
Sadhana Rajkumar Movie

Prince Bhanu Pratap returns from a decade in a foreign country, together with his friend Kapil. His father, the King (Raja)has married again after Bhanu Pratap's mother passed away, and has......

Hindi   1964   178 min   Sadhana   2020-05-27
Sadhana Intaquam Movie

Humiliated and falsely imprisoned, Reeta Mehra (Sadhana) swears to take revenge against Sohanlal (Rehman). Upon her release she finds out that her ailing mother (Leela Chitnis) has passed ......

Hindi   1969   N/A   Sadhana   2020-05-17
Sadhana Kandavarundo Movie

Malayalam   1972   124 min   Sadhana   2020-04-27
Sadhana Mere Mehboob Movie
Mere Mehboob

The impoverished brother of a lowly courtesan falls in love with the sister of a wealthy nobleman....

Urdu, English, Hindi   1963   164 min   Sadhana   2020-04-23
Sadhana Asli-Naqli Movie

Renu lives a poor lifestyle with her mom, dad and a brother. Her dad decides to travel to Africa so that he can earn enough money to send his son to study engineering, so that he can find ......

Hindi   1962   N/A   Sadhana   2020-04-10
Sadhana Man-Mauji Movie

Raja has a vivid imagination since childhood, used to frequently lie and gamble, which did lead him to considerable trouble with his schoolmaster, mom, Bhagwanti, and sister, Rani. When ......

Hindi   1962   N/A   Sadhana   2020-04-10
Sadhana Woh Kaun Thi? Movie
Woh Kaun Thi?

One stormy night, a doctor offers a ride to a ghostly woman he meets on the side of the road. Later, he discovers his intended bride is identical in appearance to the ghost. Who was she and why does she haunt him?...

Hindi   1964   140 min   Sadhana   2020-04-09
Sadhana Anita Movie

After his ex-fiancée's sudden and mysterious suicide, a jilted bridegroom seeks answers. What he finds, makes him question if he ever really knew her. And then he begins to see her face everywhere he goes....

Hindi   1967   154 min   Sadhana   2020-04-09
Sadhana Hum Dono Movie
Hum Dono

When an army officer is presumed dead in battle, his lookalike is tasked with breaking the news to his family. However, circumstances force him to impersonate the dead man....

Hindi   1961   164 min   Sadhana   2020-04-09
Sadhana Ek Phool Do Mali Movie
Ek Phool Do Mali

Somna lives a poor lifestyle with her widowed mom, Leela, in the mountainous region of India and Nepal. She makes a living working on the apple farm of wealthy widower, Kailash Nath Kaushal......

Hindi   1969   150 min   Sadhana   2020-04-08
Sadhana Budtameez Movie

Shanta (Sadhana) is wealthy Rajbahadur Murthy Sagar's vivacious and uppity, orphan granddaughter. Her character is developed as pretty, haughty, aware of herself and contemptuous of ......

Hindi   1966   N/A   Sadhana   2020-04-08
Sadhana Abana Movie

Sindhi   1958   N/A   Sadhana   2020-04-08
Sadhana Aap Aye Bahaar Ayee Movie
Aap Aye Bahaar Ayee

Rohit, Whiskey, and Kumar (Rajendra Kumar, Rajendra Nath, and Prem Chopra respectively) are childhood friends. While travelling to his estate in the company of Whiskey, Rohit meets with ......

Hindi   1971   N/A   Sadhana   2020-04-05
Sadhana Dil Daulat Duniya Movie
Dil Daulat Duniya

Udharchand Shikarpuri is a homeless man who lives in Bombay albeit under the roof of multi-millionaire Seth Kalidas, who six months away in his palatial house in Mussoorie. For the 4th time......

Hindi   1972   N/A   Sadhana   2020-04-03
Sadhana Amaanat Movie

Balraj Sahani plays a professional Artist with wife Achala Sachdev and son Manoj Kumar caught in the trap of Rehman and Shashikala who for the payment of a large Life insurance policy frame......

Hindi   1977   N/A   Sadhana   2020-03-29
Sadhana Geetaa Mera Naam Movie
Geetaa Mera Naam

After her husband passes away, Saraswati, who leads of life of near-destitution, takes over the responsibility of looking after their four children, two sons, Suraj and Chandu, and ......

Hindi   1974   N/A   Sadhana   2020-03-29
Sadhana Ishq Par Zor Nahin Movie
Ishq Par Zor Nahin

Amar Doraiswamy is the only child of multi-millionaire businessman, who lives in a palatial house in Goa, India, along with his wife. Amar introduces a close, but poor friend, Ram, to his ......

Hindi   1970   N/A   Sadhana   2020-03-28
Sadhana Mera Saaya Movie
Mera Saaya

A lawyer's wife dies in his arms. Yet, another woman - identical in appearance and accused of aiding a gang of bandits - claims to be the lawyer's wife. A courtroom drama ensues....

Hindi   1966   128 min   Sadhana   2020-03-28
Sadhana Gaban Movie

Believing himself to be a suspect for embezzlement in British India, a man must testify against non-violent freedom-fighters....

Hindi, Urdu, Bhojpuri, English   1966   169 min   Sadhana   2020-03-28
Sadhana Waqt Movie

Members of a family are separated in a natural disaster. Several years down the line, they aren't united but their lives are strangely interconnected....

Hindi, English   1965   178 min   Sadhana   2020-03-28
Sadhana Arzoo Movie

After completing his medical studies, Gopal (Rajendra Kumar) takes a break and goes on holiday in Kashmir. There he meets with Usha (Sadhana) and both fall in love with each other. Back ......

Hindi   1965   177 min   Sadhana   2020-03-28
Sadhana Dulha Dulhan Movie
Dulha Dulhan

Chanda lives a wealthy lifestyle in Jaipur along with her father, Thakur Dharam Singh, and mom. Since she is of marriageable age, her dad wants her to get married to a wealthy male of his ......

Hindi   1964   141 min   Sadhana   2020-03-28
Sadhana Prem Patra Movie
Prem Patra

While studying in medical college Arun Kumar Mathur (Shashi Kapoor) has a misunderstanding over a love letter with Kavita Kapoor (Sadhana), and must leave the college, much to his dismay. ......

Hindi   1962   157 min   Sadhana   2020-03-28
Sadhana Ek Musafir Ek Hasina Movie
Ek Musafir Ek Hasina

An army officer loses his memory, falls for a married woman, then regains part of his memory but forgets her....

Hindi, Urdu, English   1962   N/A   Sadhana   2020-03-28
Sadhana The Test Movie
The Test

Niravan (Nazir Hussain), the village postmaster receives an envelope with a cheque for a very large amount, with the instructions that he is to turn this cheque over to the most honest man ......

Hindi   1960   N/A   Sadhana   2020-03-28
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