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Name: Rajinikanth

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Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Rajinikanth

 Rajinikanth Raja Chinna Roja Movie
Raja Chinna Roja

An aspiring young wannabe actor Raja (Rajinikanth) from a village get into a fast city which is full of crooks and drug dealers. As he searching for a place in the dream factory, he falls ......

Tamil   1994   140 min   Rajinikanth   2021-05-17
 Rajinikanth Moondru Mugham Movie
Moondru Mugham

A sincere police officer is killed by a liquor dealer. Years later, his twin sons set out to avenge their father's death....

Tamil   1982   N/A   Rajinikanth   2021-03-25
 Rajinikanth Sivaji Movie

A software engineer comes to India to serve the nation and invest in nation's welfare. A few corrupt officials and politicians try to stop him but he overcomes all obstacles....

Tamil, Hindi, English   2007   188 min   Rajinikanth   2020-09-25
 Rajinikanth Black Cobra Movie
Black Cobra

Hindi   1981   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-09-07
 Rajinikanth Bhooka Sher Movie
Bhooka Sher

Hindi   1984   165 min   Rajinikanth   2020-09-07
 Rajinikanth Chandramukhi Movie

Creepy happenings in an abandoned mansion are attributed to the ghost of an ancient courtesan, back for revenge...

Tamil   2005   166 min   Rajinikanth   2020-09-04
 Rajinikanth Ek Saudagar Movie
Ek Saudagar

Kishore is a dedicated union worker for several years. Since the employees are concerned about their working conditions and wages, he represents them diligently. He meets with the new ......

Tamil, Hindi   1985   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-08-30
 Rajinikanth Aadu Puli Atham Movie
Aadu Puli Atham

Tamil   1977   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-07-27
 Rajinikanth Tiger Movie

A story about the lives of two siblings who got separated during their childhood....

Telugu   1979   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-07-19
 Rajinikanth Thee Movie

Two brothers who lead diametrically opposite lives must face off when one becomes a police officer....

Tamil, Hindi   1981   160 min   Rajinikanth   2020-07-01
 Rajinikanth Sivappu Sooriyan Movie
Sivappu Sooriyan

Sivappu Sooriyan is one man's hunt for his missing family and to bring to book the perpetrators of their ruin....

Tamil   1983   139 min   Rajinikanth   2020-07-01
 Rajinikanth En Kelvikku Enna Bathil Movie
En Kelvikku Enna Bathil

Tamil   1978   112 min   Rajinikanth   2020-06-30
 Rajinikanth Billa Movie

A village bumpkin poses as a Mafia don to uncover the gang....

Tamil   1980   175 min   Rajinikanth   2020-06-30
 Rajinikanth Tamacha Movie

Raju and Vicky are childhood friends. Both attend the same school, spend time together, participate and excel in the same sports, and are also good in their studies. When the two month ......

Hindi   1988   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-06-30
 Rajinikanth Phool Bane Angaarey Movie
Phool Bane Angaarey

Dutta babu is standing for elections against a cunning, corrupt, & established gangster, Bishamber Prasad, who is also powerful and influential enough to swing the election his way, as well......

Hindi   1991   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-06-30
 Rajinikanth Gangvaa Movie

Hindi   1984   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-06-29
 Rajinikanth Bewafai Movie

Ashok Nath has three female admirers: the mentally imbalance Renu, Vinny and the wealthy Asha. While all three loves him wholeheartedly and will go to any length to attain his love; he ......

Hindi   1985   145 min   Rajinikanth   2020-06-29
 Rajinikanth Jeet Hamaari Movie
Jeet Hamaari

Thakur Vikram Singh (Om Shivpuri) is informed by a museum curator that an ancestral sword donated by his father has been stolen. This is important because it bore half the location of a ......

Hindi   1983   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-06-28
 Rajinikanth Insaaf Kaun Karega Movie
Insaaf Kaun Karega

Jageera Singh has always lived a life of crime, drinking alcohol and frequenting brothels, even though he is married to pregnant Laxmi, and has a son named Vikram. On the day of Laxmi's ......

Hindi   1984   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-06-27
 Rajinikanth Asli Naqli Movie
Asli Naqli

Seth Laxmi Narayan and his wife had a son who was separated at an early age. The only clue they have is that he has a locket around his neck. When Laxmi Narayan passes away, he leaves ......

Hindi   1986   128 min   Rajinikanth   2020-06-27
 Rajinikanth Shankar Saleem Simon Movie
Shankar Saleem Simon

Tamil   1978   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-06-23
 Rajinikanth Aarupushpangal Movie

Tamil   1977   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-06-22
 Rajinikanth Krantikari Movie

The story revolves around a mysterious man, who is always there to help the poor and punish the ones, who are unjust and corrupt....

Hindi   1997   140 min   Rajinikanth   2020-06-21
 Rajinikanth Baba Movie

Baba (Rajini) an atheist, by a twist of fate, acquires magical powers from a divine source and takes on crooked politicians....

Tamil, Telugu   2002   179 min   Rajinikanth   2020-06-04
 Rajinikanth Alavuddinum Athbutha Vilakkum Movie
Alavuddinum Athbutha Vilakkum

Kamaruddin, the commander of the armed forces of Baghdad, has designs on princess Roshni, the heiress to the kingdom, as her husband will rule the land after the Caliph's death. Roshni, ......

Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi   1979   144 min   Rajinikanth   2020-06-03
 Rajinikanth Thanga Magan Movie
Thanga Magan

Thanga Magan is a man's search for his roots. It is his search for the truth about his lineage....

Tamil, Hindi   1983   141 min   Rajinikanth   2020-06-02
 Rajinikanth Takkaridonga Movie

Telugu   1984   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-06-02
 Rajinikanth Ranga Movie

Ranga (Rajinikanth) alias Ranganathan who lost his sister Laksmi (K. R.Vijaya) in childhood,comes to the city searching for work suitable for his graduation.He meet Raju (Karate Mani) who ......

Tamil, Hindi   1982   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-06-02
 Rajinikanth Paayum Puli Movie
Paayum Puli

When a smuggler kills his sister, a naive, immature man (Rajinikanth) vows to deliver justice for her death and joins a martial arts school. He trains hard there to become a master fighter,......

Tamil, Hindi   1983   130 min   Rajinikanth   2020-06-02
 Rajinikanth Velaikkaaran Movie

Young Ragupathy (Rajinikanth) is brought up by his paternal grandfather Valayapathy (V.K.Ramasamy). He decides for him to go to the city in search of a new job and life. While in the city ......

Tamil   1987   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-05-31
 Rajinikanth Thambikku Entha Ooru Movie
Thambikku Entha Ooru

An arrogant spoiled brat learns the value of hard work and discipline after spending a year in his father's friend's village....

Tamil   1984   165 min   Rajinikanth   2020-05-31
 Rajinikanth Sree Raaghavendar Movie
Sree Raaghavendar

This film is the life of Sri Raghavendra. From Birth till his Mahasamadhi has been portrayed by Rajinikanth. The film highlights some of the miracles Sri Raghavendra performed....

Tamil   1985   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-05-31
 Rajinikanth Nallavanukku Nallavan Movie
Nallavanukku Nallavan

An aggressive young man is reformed due to Visu, a kind man who eventually leaves him in charge of his business. Karthik, Visu's son, is irked by this and seeks revenge by luring the man's daughter....

Tamil   1984   175 min   Rajinikanth   2020-05-31
 Rajinikanth Naan Sigappu Manithan Movie
Naan Sigappu Manithan

A professor Vijay (Rajnikanth) irked by the shady going-ons in his neighborhood thanks to a local thug Anburaj and his Mohanraj (Satyaraj), galvanizes citizens into carrying out a campaign ......

Tamil   1985   147 min   Rajinikanth   2020-05-31
 Rajinikanth Naan Mahaan Alla Movie
Naan Mahaan Alla

Viswanath (Rajinikanth), a famous lawyer, stays with his widowed mother (Vijayakumari) and physically handicapped sister (Uma). He sends Jegan, a rich magnate's son (Sathyaraj) and Lokaiya,......

Tamil   1984   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-05-31
 Rajinikanth Mr. Bharath Movie
Mr. Bharath

Bharath, born out of wedlock, seeks revenge for his mother by making his father publicly accept him as a son. His father, now an industrialist, soon finds competition in the form of Bharath....

Tamil   1986   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-05-30
 Rajinikanth Guru Sisyan Movie
Guru Sisyan

On their release from prison, two criminals join forces to prove the innocence of a wrongfully convicted fellow prisoner and in the process, also learn the truth about their own missing parents....

Tamil   1988   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-05-30
 Rajinikanth Dharmathin Thalaivan Movie
Dharmathin Thalaivan

Dharmathin Thalaivan is a 1988 Indian Tamil film, directed by S. P. Muthuraman and produced by C. Dhandayuthapani. The film stars Rajinikanth,Prabhu,Suhasini,Nasaar and Khushboo in lead roles. The film had musical score by Ilaiyaraaja....

Tamil   1988   142 min   Rajinikanth   2020-05-30
 Rajinikanth Anbulla Rajanikant Movie
Anbulla Rajanikant

A disabled child in a group home starts corresponding with a matinee idol...

Tamil   1984   138 min   Rajinikanth   2020-05-30
 Rajinikanth Pandian Movie

Pandiyan is a police officer whose sister's husband goes missing. In order to find him and catch the culprits, he goes undercover....

Tamil   1992   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-05-29
 Rajinikanth Maaveeran Movie

Tamil   1986   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-05-29
 Rajinikanth Adisaya Piravi Movie
Adisaya Piravi

A con man who is in love with a millionaire's daughter gets killed by the girl's father, after reaching yamalogam he came to know that God had made mistaken by killing him for another one, ......

Tamil, Hindi   1990   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-05-29
 Rajinikanth Dharma Durai Movie
Dharma Durai

A man has to negotiate his brother's antagonism before he can become a doctor....

Tamil   1991   144 min   Rajinikanth   2020-05-29
 Rajinikanth Padikkathavan Movie

Tamil   1985   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-05-28
 Rajinikanth Ejamaan Movie

Movie revolves around Vanavarayan (Rajni), a feudal chieftain of a village, his rivalry with Vallavarayan (Nepolean) and his love with Vaitheeswari (Meena)....

Tamil   1993   153 min   Rajinikanth   2020-05-26
 Rajinikanth Chilakamma Cheppindi Movie
Chilakamma Cheppindi

Malli seeks her fortune in the city and has bad luck with men....

Telugu   1977   155 min   Rajinikanth   2020-05-25
 Rajinikanth Peda Rayudu Movie
Peda Rayudu

A vendetta rages between two rural families who discover just how deadly errors in judgment can be....

Telugu   1995   165 min   Rajinikanth   2020-05-21
 Rajinikanth Raajadhi Raaja Movie
Raajadhi Raaja

Rajini plays a double role. One returns after living outside the country....

Tamil   1989   137 min   Rajinikanth   2020-05-09
 Rajinikanth Pudhu Kavithai Movie
Pudhu Kavithai

Musical Extravaganza with story of of love / deceit and life after love fails....

Tamil   1982   138 min   Rajinikanth   2020-05-03
 Rajinikanth Maayadhaari Krishnudu Movie
Maayadhaari Krishnudu

Telugu   1980   N/A   Rajinikanth   2020-05-03
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