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Movies by Actor Prakash Raj

 Prakash Raj Munna Movie

Munna is a college student who targets Khakha a local gangster unaware of his father and also takes revenge on him for trafficking his own mother for money....

Telugu   2007   167 min   Prakash Raj   2021-06-22
 Prakash Raj Sainikudu Movie

Siddharth and his friends rescue a village in Warangal from severe floods. Sidhartha is convinced that Govt will give some relief package to the flood effected. Some time later he realizes ......

Telugu   2006   169 min   Prakash Raj   2021-05-16
 Prakash Raj Bommarillu Movie

A young man realizes that he has to push back against his domineering father if he wants to find true happiness and love....

Telugu   2006   170 min   Prakash Raj   2021-05-16
 Prakash Raj Paramasivan Movie

Subramania is sentenced to death for killing six policemen who were responsible for the murder of his father and sister. But officer Nandakumar decides to use his help to eradicate a terrorist group....

Tamil   2006   160 min   Prakash Raj   2021-04-27
 Prakash Raj Pokiri Movie

A local goon's killer instincts earn him his girlfriend's disapproval, a corrupt cop's enmity and a wanted don's attention....

Telugu   2006   164 min   Prakash Raj   2021-04-27
 Prakash Raj Perarasu Movie

It is basically an investigative film as CBI officer Kasi Viswanath (Vijaykanth) is entrusted to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Judge Sadasivam (Nassar). The Kasi Viswanathan ......

Tamil   2006   140 min   Prakash Raj   2021-04-23
 Prakash Raj Real Story Movie
Real Story

Telugu   2000   N/A   Prakash Raj   2021-04-01
 Prakash Raj Saravana Movie

Saravana (Silambarasan) and Krishna (Krishna) are close buddies in college. Saravana sees a video tape of Krishna's sister Sadhana (Jyothika) studying in London and falls in love with her. ......

Tamil   2006   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-10-05
 Prakash Raj Duet Movie

2 brothers are part of a successful music band. When both the brothers fall in love with the same girl, the plot thickens....

Tamil   1994   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-09-29
 Prakash Raj Ashok Movie

A quick-tempered auto-mechanic is desperate to reconcile with his pacifist father; but a threat from a blood-thirsty mobster forces him to fight for the sake of his family, friends, and love....

Telugu   2006   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-09-28
 Prakash Raj Athadu Movie

A gunman for hire is framed for murder, and assumes a dead man's identity while hiding from the police....

Telugu, Hindi   2005   172 min   Prakash Raj   2020-09-19
 Prakash Raj Arindhum Ariyamalum Movie
Arindhum Ariyamalum

Unaware that Adhinarayanan, a goon, is actually his father, Sathya, a college boy, decides to file a police complaint against him and his adopted son, Kutti, for shooting his girlfriend Sandhya....

Tamil   2005   132 min   Prakash Raj   2020-09-16
 Prakash Raj Pandippada Movie

A financially backward man,who tries out different business plans gets involved in land conflict between two powerful landlords....

Malayalam   2005   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-09-14
 Prakash Raj Subhash Chandra Bose Movie
Subhash Chandra Bose

Amarchandra lives a poor lifestyle in British India along with his mom, dad, Baba Thakur, and a sister. His dad works as a guard with the British Army, which is commandeered locally by ......

Telugu, Hindi   2005   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-09-11
 Prakash Raj M. Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi Movie
M. Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi

A story about a kick boxer who went to Malasia to his father after his mother's dead....

Tamil   2004   166 min   Prakash Raj   2020-09-11
 Prakash Raj Ponniyin Selvan Movie
Ponniyin Selvan

Venu (Ravi Krishna) is youth struck with an inferiority complex, who loses all his confidence to come up in life. However, he comes across a bunch of people and his encounter with them instills confidence in his mind to fight and succeed....

Tamil   2005   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-09-10
 Prakash Raj Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu Movie
Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu

A Police Officer investigates a series of brutal rapes and murders, with the culprits seeming to cover more than one country....

Tamil, Telugu, Hindi   2006   174 min   Prakash Raj   2020-09-08
 Prakash Raj Sivakaasi Movie

Muthappa runs away from his hometown because of his brother. Years later , he returns to his hometown and found out that his brother ruined his family. He decides to take revenge....

Tamil   2005   175 min   Prakash Raj   2020-09-08
 Prakash Raj Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana Movie
Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana

Before he can marry his sweetheart, a wealthy city boy from England is challenged to prove his work ethic on a farm in rural India....

Telugu   2005   165 min   Prakash Raj   2020-09-08
 Prakash Raj Idhaya Thirudan Movie
Idhaya Thirudan

Tamil   2005   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-09-08
 Prakash Raj Ayya Movie

Tamil   2005   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-09-04
 Prakash Raj Ghilli Movie

A village girl escaping a bloody family feud is sheltered by a city collegian...

N/A   2004   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-08-15
 Prakash Raj Vasoolraja M.B.B.S Movie
Vasoolraja M.B.B.S

Rajaraman, a goon, has lied to his parents that he is a doctor. Once, on their visit, the truth comes out and they are heartbroken. That's when he decides to become a real doctor by hook or by crook....

Tamil   2004   160 min   Prakash Raj   2020-08-10
 Prakash Raj Ghilli Movie

Velu, an aspiring kabaddi player, goes to Madurai to participate in a regional match, where he rescues Dhanalakshmi from Muthupandi, a powerful man keen on marrying the girl against her wish....

Tamil   2004   160 min   Prakash Raj   2020-08-10
 Prakash Raj Azagiya Theeye Movie
Azagiya Theeye

Tamil   2004   150 min   Prakash Raj   2020-08-09
 Prakash Raj Samba Movie

Violence breaks out in rural India when a good-hearted leader is killed and his son seeks revenge....

Telugu, Hindi   2004   162 min   Prakash Raj   2020-08-06
 Prakash Raj Shivamani Movie

Telugu, Hindi   2003   143 min   Prakash Raj   2020-07-15
 Prakash Raj Aasai Movie

the movie is about two young lovers...

Tamil   1995   145 min   Prakash Raj   2020-07-09
 Prakash Raj Simhachalam Movie

Telugu   2003   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-07-09
 Prakash Raj Anniyan Movie

Ramanujam, who suffers from multiple personality disorder, works as a lawyer by day and a vigilante at night. He uses tips from the 'Garuda Purana' as his tools to expose various antisocial elements....

Tamil, Telugu, French, Hindi   2005   181 min   Prakash Raj   2020-07-08
 Prakash Raj Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi Movie
Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi

A former kick-boxer, after death of his wife, trains his son who hates him for boxing match for revenge on his former student....

Telugu   2003   154 min   Prakash Raj   2020-07-07
 Prakash Raj Okkadu Movie

A Kabbadi player rescues a young woman from an unwanted marriage and hides her in his home....

Telugu   2003   170 min   Prakash Raj   2020-07-02
 Prakash Raj Stalin: Man for the Society Movie
Stalin: Man for the Society

The story is about how an ex-army officer brings change in society by making people to help each other....

Telugu   2006   168 min   Prakash Raj   2020-07-02
 Prakash Raj Bhalevadivi Basu Movie
Bhalevadivi Basu

Telugu, Hindi   2001   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-06-28
 Prakash Raj The Prince Movie
The Prince

Malayalam   1996   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-06-24
 Prakash Raj Gangotri Movie

Neelakantha Naidu (Prakash Raj) had a daughter Gangotri (Aditi Agarwal) after a long time. But as per her horoscope the infant child has a threat from water. So Neelakantha always takes ......

Telugu, Hindi   2003   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-06-13
 Prakash Raj Khadgam Movie

Koti, an aspiring actor, rickshaw driver Amjad and Radha Krishna, a cop, have all been affected by terrorism. Circumstances bring them together and they decide to foil the plan of a dreaded terrorist....

Telugu   2002   142 min   Prakash Raj   2020-06-13
 Prakash Raj Indra Movie

Since 1965 bitter hatred and animosity has reigned between two families, namely that of Indrasen's and the Reddys, which results in the death of Indrasen's dad, and his two uncles, one of ......

Telugu   2002   173 min   Prakash Raj   2020-05-30
 Prakash Raj Rifles Movie

Telugu   2002   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-05-11
 Prakash Raj Raja Kumarudu Movie
Raja Kumarudu

After the passing away of his parents, Raja lives with his uncle Dhananjay. Dhananjay manages a hotel while Raja is a model. Raja meets Rani and both fall in love. Meanwhile, Dhananjay ......

Telugu   1999   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-05-07
 Prakash Raj Adavi Chukka Movie
Adavi Chukka

Telugu   2000   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-05-06
 Prakash Raj Oru Yaatra Mozhi Movie
Oru Yaatra Mozhi

Malayalam   1997   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-05-03
 Prakash Raj Azaad Movie

Anjali is a Journalist, who lives a middle-class lifestyle along with her widower dad in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. One day while traveling by State Transport bus along with her dad and her......

Telugu, Hindi   2000   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-05-01
 Prakash Raj Anthahpuram Movie

Telugu   1998   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-04-30
 Prakash Raj Manoharam Movie

The film begins with the ISI moles scheming to destabilize India right in the opening shot, followed by their devastating bomb blasts in Coimbatore and Hyderabad. Basha (Mukesh Rishi) an ......

Telugu   2000   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-04-18
 Prakash Raj Suswagatham Movie

Telugu   1997   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-04-11
 Prakash Raj Badri Movie

Badri (Pawan Kalyan) is an ad agency director whose parents are settled in the USA. He has a love called Vennela (Renu Desai), who is a close family friend of Badri's family. Their parents want these two to tie the knot....

Telugu   2000   158 min   Prakash Raj   2020-04-11
 Prakash Raj Sneham Kosam Movie
Sneham Kosam

Prabhavati lives a wealthy lifestyle in India with her dad, mom, and elder sister, Rani. Rani is of marriageable age and her marriage is arranged with her mom's half-brother, but just after......

Telugu, Hindi   1999   169 min   Prakash Raj   2020-04-11
 Prakash Raj Nagamandala Movie

Kannada   1996   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-04-11
 Prakash Raj Choodalani Vundi Movie
Choodalani Vundi

In Calcutta, a man searches for his son who has been kidnapped by his father-in-law....

Telugu   1998   N/A   Prakash Raj   2020-04-11
 Prakash Raj
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