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 Mohan Joshi
Name: Mohan Joshi

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Movies by Actor Mohan Joshi

 Mohan Joshi Dahshat Movie

When a group of gangsters get together and commit a series of heinous crimes, they leave a large number of victims orphaned, widowed, and destitute. No witness is able to come forward, and ......

Hindi   2000   N/A   Mohan Joshi   2020-09-19
 Mohan Joshi Sawat Majhi Ladki Movie
Sawat Majhi Ladki

Marathi   1993   N/A   Mohan Joshi   2020-08-26
 Mohan Joshi Police Force: An Inside Story Movie
Police Force: An Inside Story

Senior police officer Pandey is called in to train a new batch of trainee officers that the Indian police force wants to recruit. He does manages to induct some sense of fair-play in these ......

Hindi   2004   138 min   Mohan Joshi   2020-08-05
 Mohan Joshi Vajra: The Weapon Movie
Vajra: The Weapon

Sameer and Vijay are two inseparable friends, who lives in a city in India. When Vijay is unable to secure employment for himself, he is subjected to taunts from his father. Unable to stand......

Hindi   2004   N/A   Mohan Joshi   2020-07-29
 Mohan Joshi Khilona Movie

After being double crossed by his boss Dabla, Rajkumar takes revenge on him and becomes the ruling Don of the city. His arch enemy, Ronny, carries out several attacks towards him but fails ......

Hindi   1996   N/A   Mohan Joshi   2020-07-27
 Mohan Joshi Gangaajal Movie

An IPS officer motivates and leads a dysfunctional, corrupt police force of Tezpur to fight against the corrupt politician....

Hindi   2003   157 min   Mohan Joshi   2020-07-07
 Mohan Joshi Bhookamp Movie

Hindi   1993   N/A   Mohan Joshi   2020-06-21
 Mohan Joshi Hum Hain Pyaar Mein Movie
Hum Hain Pyaar Mein

Ram lives with his grandfather who is a retired army office and falls in love with Madhu who is the daughter of a rich corrupt politician. Madhu's father is totally against this alliance ......

Hindi   2002   N/A   Mohan Joshi   2020-06-17
 Mohan Joshi Ek Hindustani Movie
Ek Hindustani

Sunil Shrivastava (Suniel Shetty), is the son of a freedom fighter (Pran), who fought against the British regime for Indian independence. His father knew what slavery meant and also made ......

Hindi   2003   N/A   Mohan Joshi   2020-06-12
 Mohan Joshi Ustadon Ke Ustad Movie
Ustadon Ke Ustad

Hindi   1998   N/A   Mohan Joshi   2020-05-07
 Mohan Joshi Phool Aur Aag Movie
Phool Aur Aag

Deva's good deeds and actions are generally misunderstood by a lot of people including Jaswant; and his deeds are also deliberately twisted by his enemies including Choudhury....

Hindi   1999   N/A   Mohan Joshi   2020-05-07
 Mohan Joshi Haqeeqat Movie

After her husband, Ravi Malhotra, is killed, Sudha lives the life of a widow with her brother, Mahesh, and Bhabhi, Kamini. A new tenant, Ajay, comes to her rescue when she is molested by ......

Hindi   1995   166 min   Mohan Joshi   2020-05-07
 Mohan Joshi Chupp Movie

An escaped convict Ashok, (JEETENDRA) seeks solace in the flat of a rich woman named Asha (SOMY ALI) who has just killed her husband, Keshup (OM PURI). Since both of them know each others ......

Hindi   1997   N/A   Mohan Joshi   2020-05-07
 Mohan Joshi Papi Gudia Movie
Papi Gudia

A child murderer and black magic practitioner transfers his soul to a doll before death and wreaks havoc in the lives of the doll's new owners: a boy and his elder sister....

Hindi   1996   130 min   Mohan Joshi   2020-04-24
 Mohan Joshi Yeshwant Movie

Tough policier about a straight, but maverick cop who does not believe in bending over, no matter what. He encourages his wife to become a top government officer and tutors her at home, ......

Hindi   1997   145 min   Mohan Joshi   2020-04-12
 Mohan Joshi Jiwalagaa Movie

Marathi   1992   N/A   Mohan Joshi   2020-04-09
 Mohan Joshi
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