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Manoj Kumar
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Movies by Actor Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar Naqli Nawab Movie
Naqli Nawab

Hindi   1962   134 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-07-25
Manoj Kumar Fashion Movie

Hindi   1957   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-07-07
Manoj Kumar Panchayat Movie

Hindi   1958   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-07-02
Manoj Kumar Honeymoon Movie

Hindi   1960   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-06-28
Manoj Kumar Santosh Movie

Cold-hearted and manipulative Kamla has fallen in love with a poor man and marries him and has a child named Santosh. She soon realizes that life is not fun living in poverty, and abandons ......

Hindi   1989   146 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-06-27
Manoj Kumar Dus Numbri Movie
Dus Numbri

Inspector Shiv Nath is a honest and diligent police officer in Bombay, and lives with his wife, Radha, and a young son, Arjun. While making several arrests in connection with counterfeit ......

Hindi   1976   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-06-27
Manoj Kumar Apne Huye Paraye Movie
Apne Huye Paraye

Rekha lives a middle-class lifestyle with her widowed mom. When she is five, her mom's friend, Nalini, passes away, compelling 5 year old Lata and her maid, Rampyari, to move in with them. ......

Hindi   1964   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-06-25
Manoj Kumar Ma Beta Movie
Ma Beta

Dependent on his elder brother, Bishan, Ganga and his wife, Rameshwari, are abused and asked to leave......

N/A   1962   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-06-24
Manoj Kumar Sajan Movie

Ashok comes from a business family and lives a very wealthy lifestyle. One day while perusing newspapers he comes across an article which claims that he is to marry a dancer named Rajni. ......

Hindi   1969   147 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-05-31
Manoj Kumar Jatt Punjabi Movie
Jatt Punjabi

Panjabi   1979   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-05-18
Manoj Kumar Shirdi Ke Sai Baba Movie
Shirdi Ke Sai Baba

Pooja lives with her doctor husband and a young son. Her son becomes seriously ill and does not respond to any medication, her husband wants him to be moved to a hospital for further ......

Hindi   1977   140 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-05-17
Manoj Kumar Ghar Basake Dekho Movie
Ghar Basake Dekho

An impoverished widow is humiliated by her son and his new wife....

Hindi, English   1963   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-24
Manoj Kumar Kanch Ki Gudiya Movie
Kanch Ki Gudiya

Hindi   1961   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-23
Manoj Kumar Gumnaam Movie

Eight people are trapped on an island when their plane abandons them. They find a large mansion whose butler is expecting them. Then one by one, they die......

Hindi   1965   151 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-11
Manoj Kumar Pehchan Movie

Bombay-based Barkha lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed mom and brother, Rakesh, who is to marry a wealthy woman by the name of Maya. Barkha meets with a naive man from Vishnupur by ......

Hindi   1970   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-11
Manoj Kumar Suhag Sindoor Movie
Suhag Sindoor

Ratan is an Air Force Pilot and lives a wealthy lifestyle with his money-lender father, Dayashankar......

N/A   1961   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-10
Manoj Kumar Shor Movie

Shankar (Manoj Kumar), his lovely wife Geeta (Nanda) and Deepak (Master Satyajeet) are a poor but happy family. Tragedy strikes one day, when Deepak wonders over to the railway tracks. When......

Hindi   1972   170 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-10
Manoj Kumar Wedding Celebration Movie
Wedding Celebration

The life of an impoverished male undergoes drastic changes after he gets his siblings married....

Hindi   1962   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-10
Manoj Kumar Purab Aur Pachhim Movie
Purab Aur Pachhim

Circa British rule in India, Harnam betrays a freedom fighter, and as a result is rewarded, but the freedom fighter is killed, leaving his wife, and family devastated and destitute. Years ......

Hindi   1970   142 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-09
Manoj Kumar Picnic Movie

Hindi   1966   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-09
Manoj Kumar Kranti Movie

The story of India's freedom struggle between the years 1825 and 1875....

Hindi   1981   187 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-09
Manoj Kumar Clerk Movie

Satyapti lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, along with his wife, Kaushalya, three sons: Ram, Bharat, Balram, and a daughter, Tulsi. He used to be a soldier in Netaji ......

Hindi   1989   165 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-09
Manoj Kumar Woh Kaun Thi? Movie
Woh Kaun Thi?

One stormy night, a doctor offers a ride to a ghostly woman he meets on the side of the road. Later, he discovers his intended bride is identical in appearance to the ghost. Who was she and why does she haunt him?...

Hindi   1964   140 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-09
Manoj Kumar Do Badan Movie
Do Badan

Vikas comes from a poor family, and is attending college so that he can complete his studies, get a job, and financially look after himself and his dad. He meets with wealthy Asha at this ......

Hindi   1966   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-09
Manoj Kumar Anita Movie

After his ex-fiancée's sudden and mysterious suicide, a jilted bridegroom seeks answers. What he finds, makes him question if he ever really knew her. And then he begins to see her face everywhere he goes....

Hindi   1967   154 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-09
Manoj Kumar Bedaag Movie

Classmates Rajesh and Manju are in love with each other and their marriage is on card. But Manju's rich neighbor Jwalaprasad's daughter Lata, a spoiled lady, also wants to marry Rajesh. ......

Hindi   1965   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-07
Manoj Kumar Sawan Ki Ghata Movie
Sawan Ki Ghata

Gopal and Seema, childhood friends are separated. Rana, Seema's father and Gopal's foster father made an agreement that would spare Gopal's life and provide great wealth to Rana. This is a ......

Hindi   1966   136 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-05
Manoj Kumar Patthar Ke Sanam Movie
Patthar Ke Sanam

Beautiful Meena lives a wealthy lifestyle along with her widowed dad, Thakur, in a small town in India. When her dad hires a new Manager, Rajesh, she and her friend, Taruna, decide to tease......

Hindi   1967   136 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-05
Manoj Kumar Reshmi Rumal Movie
Reshmi Rumal

Ram Narain has always been a womanizer and an habitual alcoholic. Even after his marriage to Achala......

N/A   1961   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-03
Manoj Kumar Himalay Ki Godmein Movie
Himalay Ki Godmein

Sunil, son of D.I.G. Shyamlal Mehra, is back in India after successful completion of his medical studies. He gets an offer to work with his fiancée Dr. Neeta Verma, in a private hospital ......

Hindi   1965   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-03
Manoj Kumar Hariyali Aur Rasta Movie
Hariyali Aur Rasta

Shanker and Rita's marriage is finalized by their elders in their childhoods, however, after growing up, Shanker loves Shobna. Shanker is told to marry Rita instead, and he does so. The ......

Hindi   1962   160 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-03
Manoj Kumar Be-Imaan Movie

Mohan has abandoned his love, on the eve of his engagement. On the run, he turns into a safe-breaker and thief. Beimaan means untrustworthy. Mohan lives up to the moniker through his ......

Hindi   1972   133 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-03
Manoj Kumar Neel Kamal Movie
Neel Kamal

Sleepwalker Sita Raichand (Waheeda Rehman) is rescued by Ram (Manoj Kumar) while walking on a railway track. Shortly thereafter Guruji (David) and Mr. Raichand (Balraj Sahni), approach ......

Hindi   1968   160 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-02
Manoj Kumar Upkar Movie

Cult classic highlighting the contrast between Indian and Western values in the newly independent state....

Hindi   1967   175 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-02
Manoj Kumar Chand Movie

Chand is a social drama dealing with the story of a childless couple with Balraj Sahni and Meena Kumari in lead roles. Mr. Kappor (Balraj Sahni) who is a married to Kamla (Pandari Bai) ......

Hindi   1959   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-04-02
Manoj Kumar Sanyasi Movie

Renukadevi is widowed and the mother of a son named Ram. Her husband had indulged in all possible vices, and passed away unexpectedly. Her father-in-law, Rai, does not want Ram to repeat ......

Hindi   1975   155 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-03-29
Manoj Kumar Amaanat Movie

Balraj Sahani plays a professional Artist with wife Achala Sachdev and son Manoj Kumar caught in the trap of Rehman and Shashikala who for the payment of a large Life insurance policy frame......

Hindi   1977   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-03-29
Manoj Kumar Roti Kapada Aur Makaan Movie
Roti Kapada Aur Makaan

After the retirement of his dad, the onus is on Bharat to look after the Delhi-based family. He has two younger college-going brothers, Deepak and Vijay, and a sister of marriage age, Radha......

Hindi   1974   159 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-03-29
Manoj Kumar Yaadgaar Movie

An honest and patriotic young man learns that politicians, and the wealthy, are not. Notable songs: "Jish path peh chala, us path peh mujhe pas to aane de, saathi na samaj, koi baat nahin, ......

Hindi   1970   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-03-28
Manoj Kumar Mera Naam Joker Movie
Mera Naam Joker

Raju is a joker, a clown. It is what he is and what he always shall be. As his life story unfolds in three chapters, from his school days to the circus to the streets, he must always make ......

Hindi, Russian, English   1970   224 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-03-28
Manoj Kumar Aadmi Movie

Rajesh, though orphaned at a very age, comes from a very wealthy and noble family, is very insecure and possessive almost to the point of an obsession. As a child he had loved a girl named ......

Hindi   1968   175 min   Manoj Kumar   2020-03-28
Manoj Kumar Poonam Ki Raat Movie
Poonam Ki Raat

Hindi   1965   N/A   Manoj Kumar   2020-03-28
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