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 John Abraham
Name: John Abraham

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Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor John Abraham

 John Abraham Episode #1.9 Movie
Episode #1.9

N/A   2005   60 min   John Abraham   2021-01-01
 John Abraham Episode #1.2 Movie
Episode #1.2

N/A   2004   N/A   John Abraham   2021-01-01
 John Abraham Alive Movie

A man, taken and locked up for 14 years without any sane reason, is suddenly released, and has 4 days to figure out why this was done to him....

Hindi, English, Thai   2006   116 min   John Abraham   2020-10-01
 John Abraham Taxi No. 9 2 11: Nau Do Gyarah Movie
Taxi No. 9 2 11: Nau Do Gyarah

A cabbie (Patekar) and businessman (Abraham) both in need of big money partake in a two-hour adventure together....

Hindi   2006   116 min   John Abraham   2020-09-23
 John Abraham Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Movie
Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Hindi   2007   N/A   John Abraham   2020-09-23
 John Abraham Garam Masala Movie
Garam Masala

A rib tickling tale of two flirts who constantly flirt with women despite one of them being engaged. Chaos ensues when the fiancé finds out that her to-be groom is cheating on her....

Hindi   2005   146 min   John Abraham   2020-09-07
 John Abraham Karam Movie

A guilt-ridden assassin wants to quit his job to live a peaceful life with his wife. However, he is pulled back into his old life when his former boss kidnaps his wife in order to do one last job....

Hindi   2005   117 min   John Abraham   2020-08-31
 John Abraham Madhoshi Movie

Anupama looses her sister and her husband in 9/11 twin tower attacks and goes in trauma.Three years later she appears to be normal but hasn't come out of the tragedy.Her parents want her to......

Hindi   2004   122 min   John Abraham   2020-08-15
 John Abraham Lakeer - Forbidden Lines Movie
Lakeer - Forbidden Lines

Karan's love for Bindiya turns into a deadly obsession after he learns that she is in love with her fellow classmate Saahil....

Hindi   2004   170 min   John Abraham   2020-08-12
 John Abraham Dhoom Movie

A mysterious gang of bikers is on a robbing spree. ACP Jai gets Ali, a mechanic, to assist him in the case. With the clock ticking, it's up to them to nab the thieves red-handed....

Hindi   2004   129 min   John Abraham   2020-08-09
 John Abraham Viruddh... Family Comes First Movie
Viruddh... Family Comes First

An ordinary 60 plus couple - Vidhyadhar Patwardhan and his wife are forced to search for their faith in human values and society after the death of their only son Amar. In the process they undergo the most testing struggle of their lives....

Hindi   2005   132 min   John Abraham   2020-08-08
 John Abraham Baabul Movie

Babul tells the tale of a man (Bachchan) who tries to bring happiness back into his daughter-in-law (Mukherjee)'s life after his son (Salman)'s death....

Hindi   2006   169 min   John Abraham   2020-08-08
 John Abraham Den tamme vagthund Movie
Den tamme vagthund

Documentary questioning the reliability of Lægemiddelstyrelsen (the Danish Medicines Agency). Several drugs which have been approved by Lægemiddelstyrelsen now prove to have fatal ......

Danish, English   2003   58 min   John Abraham   2020-08-07
 John Abraham Elaan Movie

Kantilal Shah a Mumbai based businessman is killed by underworld Don Baba Sikander after he fails to pay him the extortion money,Karan adopted son of Kantilal Shah had advised him not to do......

Hindi   2005   159 min   John Abraham   2020-08-06
 John Abraham Kaal Movie

A tiger expert, his wife, two tourists and a village chief engage in a battle for survival against supernatural beasts within Jim Corbett National Wildlife Park....

Hindi   2005   126 min   John Abraham   2020-08-05
 John Abraham Paap Movie

Kaya, a Buddhist village girl from Spiti, is waiting to join the monastery. An elderly lama, dreams of his teacher's rebirth and Kaya is assigned to find and bring the reincarnated boy to ......

Hindi, English   2003   120 min   John Abraham   2020-07-25
 John Abraham Aetbaar Movie

After the tragic death of his son - Rohit, in a car accident, Dr. Ranveer Malhotra has been very protective of his daughter Ria. All is well for Ria until one day on a college mishap Ria ......

Hindi   2004   152 min   John Abraham   2020-07-09
 John Abraham Saaya Movie

Tanya is a rich woman who is married to another rich man named Vinod. But their lives change by Vinod's death. Tanya than starts falling in love with a doctor named Akash. But Akash is in ......

Hindi   2003   135 min   John Abraham   2020-07-05
 John Abraham Jism Movie

When an unemployed man falls for a wealthy woman and he is willing to do whatever he must to get her away from her abusive husband....

Hindi   2003   136 min   John Abraham   2020-06-19
 John Abraham
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