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 Javed Jaffrey
Name: Javed Jaffrey

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Movies by Actor Javed Jaffrey

 Javed Jaffrey Dhamaal Movie

Four lazy slacker conmen buddies who are jobless, homeless and broke learn about the secret of a hidden treasure from a dying thief and later embark on a race against time to find the mobster's buried treasure and claim it while being pursued by a determined police inspector who is hellbent to get t...

Hindi   2007   136 min   Javed Jaffrey   2021-05-17
 Javed Jaffrey Ta Ra Rum Pum Movie
Ta Ra Rum Pum

Ace car racer RV and his wife have the world at their feet. But he has an accident and his world is turned upside down. Can he reclaim his lost glory?...

Hindi, English   2007   153 min   Javed Jaffrey   2021-05-09
 Javed Jaffrey The Forest Movie
The Forest

More than a 150 people are killed in leopard or tiger attacks in India every year due to rampant poaching and encroachment on the wilderness. Such animals have no choice but to invade human......

English, Hindi   2009   88 min   Javed Jaffrey   2020-10-05
 Javed Jaffrey Hello Greetings Movie
Hello Greetings

A quirky take on life and relationships as it looks at a fairy tale with a bit of a squint and an endearing look at what being in love really means....

Hindi, English   2005   158 min   Javed Jaffrey   2020-09-08
 Javed Jaffrey Zakhmi Rooh Movie
Zakhmi Rooh

Seema and Reema are lookalike step sisters.Shekar a dancer is in love with Seema he sees Reema smoking and drinking and slaps her mistakenly thinking her to be Seema,Reema goes to Bombay to......

Hindi   1993   N/A   Javed Jaffrey   2020-07-19
 Javed Jaffrey Jajantaram Mamantaram Movie
Jajantaram Mamantaram

A young man lands in the land of little people, who ask him to save them from their enemies....

Hindi, English   2003   122 min   Javed Jaffrey   2020-07-03
 Javed Jaffrey Aman Ke Farishtey Movie
Aman Ke Farishtey

Hindi   2016   137 min   Javed Jaffrey   2020-06-30
 Javed Jaffrey Jeena Marna Tere Sang Movie
Jeena Marna Tere Sang

Amar is the son of a millionaire. He decides to avenge on Asha for slapping him in public, but later falls for her. He also discovers the truth about his father....

Hindi   1992   150 min   Javed Jaffrey   2020-06-12
 Javed Jaffrey Jawani Zindabad Movie
Jawani Zindabad

Shashi, Akbar and a group of young people pledge never to give nor receive dowry. Acting against his mother's wishes, Shashi marries Sugandha Srivastav, and does not accept any dowry. He ......

Hindi   1990   163 min   Javed Jaffrey   2020-06-12
 Javed Jaffrey Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge! Movie
Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge!

A hitman, an evil priest, two thieves, college students, et al gather at a hotel to witness the auction of a priceless diamond....

Hindi   1998   N/A   Javed Jaffrey   2020-05-29
 Javed Jaffrey Lashkar Movie

Professor Anand lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay along with his wife, son, Raju, and a sister, Barkha, who will soon get married to Police Inspector Sumeet. Anand gets information that ......

Hindi   1989   176 min   Javed Jaffrey   2020-04-29
 Javed Jaffrey Gang Movie

After falling prey to underworld, four friends jeopardize their personal lives with point of no return....

Hindi   2000   152 min   Javed Jaffrey   2020-03-31
 Javed Jaffrey Fire Movie

Two women who are abandoned by their husbands, find love and solace in each other....

English, Hindi   1996   104 min   Javed Jaffrey   2020-03-31
 Javed Jaffrey Oh Darling Yeh Hai India Movie
Oh Darling Yeh Hai India

Miss India and an aspiring actor spend a night together roaming the streets of Mumbai and unwittingly clash paths with a megalomaniacal gangster planning to take over India....

Hindi   1995   160 min   Javed Jaffrey   2020-03-31
 Javed Jaffrey Karm Yodha Movie
Karm Yodha

Sameer returns to his city and witnesses a murder. Later, he and his family are attacked thinking that the dead victim has shared a secret with him....

Hindi   1992   N/A   Javed Jaffrey   2020-03-31
 Javed Jaffrey Teesra Kaun? Movie
Teesra Kaun?

Enroute via train to Bombay, one of three friends become a suspect in a homicide....

Hindi   1994   160 min   Javed Jaffrey   2020-03-31
 Javed Jaffrey 100 Days Movie
100 Days

A young, clairvoyant woman has a vision of a murder and sets out to uncover the truth before the killer finds her....

Hindi   1991   161 min   Javed Jaffrey   2020-03-31
 Javed Jaffrey
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