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 Jack Gaud
Name: Jack Gaud

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Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Jack Gaud

 Jack Gaud Kaali Ki Saugandh Movie
Kaali Ki Saugandh

Jhansi-based Reshma Singh lives a middle-class lifestyle in India with her widowed mom, Sharda, and two brothers, Rajesh and Amar, who is a Police Inspector. She travels to Rudrapur to work......

Hindi   2000   90 min   Jack Gaud   2021-11-17
 Jack Gaud Rangbaaz Movie

Three man, who have lost faith in law and order, decide to fight for justice on their own terms....

Hindi   1996   N/A   Jack Gaud   2021-10-19
 Jack Gaud The Revenge: Geeta Mera Naam Movie
The Revenge: Geeta Mera Naam

Sitaram Bhardwaj lives in a village in Central India with his daughter, Geeta, who studies in a city. He is asked to contest the state elections against Dhurjan Singh, which he reluctantly ......

Hindi   2000   N/A   Jack Gaud   2021-04-01
 Jack Gaud Bhairav Movie

Rakesh Pandey belongs to a middle-class family, and is employed. One day when he is returning home from work, he is arrested by the police on the charge of killing a woman in cold-blood. He......

Hindi   2001   N/A   Jack Gaud   2020-09-15
 Jack Gaud Zordaar Movie

Ravi lives in Bombay city with his blind and ailing mother, who cannot withstand any excitement. His dad works out of town, but manages to send them money for their livelihood every month. ......

Hindi   1996   N/A   Jack Gaud   2020-07-29
 Jack Gaud Yamraaj Movie

Yamraaj is a tale of greed. The film is about two thieves Kishan and Birju who dream to become the biggest dons of their city. They start of by working for the city's biggest don Yamraaj, ......

Hindi   1998   N/A   Jack Gaud   2020-05-08
 Jack Gaud Kasak Movie

Divya loved Suraj who is now no more she marries Vijay for the sake of her family and plans to divorce him soon but will Vijay agree to her terms....

Hindi   1992   N/A   Jack Gaud   2020-04-03
 Jack Gaud Ravan Raaj: A True Story Movie
Ravan Raaj: A True Story

Crime and corruption have taken over Bombay City and there seems to be no solution. Then a rash of kidnappings, of young women, takes place. One male who was traveling in an auto-rickshaw ......

Hindi   1995   N/A   Jack Gaud   2020-03-31
 Jack Gaud
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