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Movies by Actor Hemant Birje

 Hemant Birje Jagira Movie

Jagira is the story of those unfortunate people harassed by time and the society and above all the victims of the oppressors. But the law Keepers, the traitors instead of helping the ......

Hindi   2001   139 min   Hemant Birje   2021-10-19
 Hemant Birje Galiyon Ka Badshah Movie
Galiyon Ka Badshah

Hindi   2001   N/A   Hemant Birje   2021-10-19
 Hemant Birje Ab Meri Baari Movie
Ab Meri Baari

Hindi   1989   N/A   Hemant Birje   2021-10-18
 Hemant Birje Aaya Toofan Movie
Aaya Toofan

The disputed area between the borders of India and Pakistan is the scene of heavy terrorist activity, as they intent to intensify their agitation to put pressure on the Indian Government to......

Urdu   1999   N/A   Hemant Birje   2020-10-06
 Hemant Birje Aaj Ka Samson Movie
Aaj Ka Samson

Two children, Samson and Reshma Singh, grow up in Central India, and would like to remain together forever. However, Reshma's uncle, Mangha, has other plans for her, he assaults Samson, ......

Hindi   1991   N/A   Hemant Birje   2020-09-27
 Hemant Birje Bhairav Movie

Rakesh Pandey belongs to a middle-class family, and is employed. One day when he is returning home from work, he is arrested by the police on the charge of killing a woman in cold-blood. He......

Hindi   2001   N/A   Hemant Birje   2020-09-15
 Hemant Birje Kasam Dhande Ki Movie
Kasam Dhande Ki

Con-man Satyaprakash hires naive Bholashankar ostensibly to protect vulnerable Juhu Beach shop-keepers from extortionist Balan and his goons, but soon uses the the former to extort monies ......

Hindi   1990   N/A   Hemant Birje   2020-09-09
 Hemant Birje Kabrastan Movie

A married man has an affair with a married woman in this woman's house. When the woman's husband unexpectedly shows up with a bottle of acid, which he plans to throw on his wife's face, ......

Hindi   1988   135 min   Hemant Birje   2020-08-28
 Hemant Birje Paanch Fauladi Movie
Paanch Fauladi

Hindi   1988   N/A   Hemant Birje   2020-08-15
 Hemant Birje Adventures of Tarzan Movie
Adventures of Tarzan

Ruby Shetty lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed dad, who would to travel to the deep jungles of India to find a fabled tribe in the Shakabhoomi region, where others have gone - but ......

Hindi   1985   135 min   Hemant Birje   2020-06-30
 Hemant Birje Mardangi Movie

Hindi   1988   N/A   Hemant Birje   2020-06-30
 Hemant Birje Commando Movie

Chander joins the army as a Commando but has to deal with the corrupt officials who deal with international criminals....

Hindi   1988   149 min   Hemant Birje   2020-06-30
 Hemant Birje Awaragardi Movie

Hindi   1990   N/A   Hemant Birje   2020-06-30
 Hemant Birje Aaj Ke Angaarey Movie
Aaj Ke Angaarey

Vidya is a school-teacher in Love Dale High School, and has approximately 12 children in her classroom. One day they decide to participate in a inter-school competition and travel out of ......

Hindi   1988   N/A   Hemant Birje   2020-06-30
 Hemant Birje Hum Hain Pyaar Mein Movie
Hum Hain Pyaar Mein

Ram lives with his grandfather who is a retired army office and falls in love with Madhu who is the daughter of a rich corrupt politician. Madhu's father is totally against this alliance ......

Hindi   2002   N/A   Hemant Birje   2020-06-17
 Hemant Birje Veer Savarkar Movie
Veer Savarkar

Hindi   2001   165 min   Hemant Birje   2020-05-19
 Hemant Birje Lashkar Movie

Professor Anand lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay along with his wife, son, Raju, and a sister, Barkha, who will soon get married to Police Inspector Sumeet. Anand gets information that ......

Hindi   1989   176 min   Hemant Birje   2020-04-29
 Hemant Birje Aag Ke Sholay Movie
Aag Ke Sholay

Hindi   1988   138 min   Hemant Birje   2020-04-26
 Hemant Birje Veerana Movie

A beautiful young girl, unfortunately possessed from her childhood by a vengeful spirit, wanders around lonely places to seduce and kill people and thus, gradually becoming lost into a dark world of revenge and lust....

Hindi   1988   135 min   Hemant Birje   2020-04-19
 Hemant Birje Tahkhana Movie

A dying Thakur Surjeet Singh bequeaths the entire estate to his son, Raghuvir, disowning the other, Dhurjan, the family's black sheep, who also indulges in black magic. The latter swears to......

Hindi   1986   117 min   Hemant Birje   2020-04-19
 Hemant Birje The Magnificent Guardian Movie
The Magnificent Guardian

In the snowy Himalayan regions a little girl Sasha befriends a Yeti when the news comes out through media the goons plan to kidnap Yeti and take him out of the country to earn more money....

Hindi   1991   N/A   Hemant Birje   2020-04-19
 Hemant Birje Paanch Papi Movie
Paanch Papi

N/A   1989   N/A   Hemant Birje   2020-04-10
 Hemant Birje Angaara Movie

Sagar is a young man who lives with his mom, Saraswati, a college-going brother, Vishal, and a school-going sister, Chutki, in a town in India. His father had abandoned them years ago and ......

Hindi   1996   N/A   Hemant Birje   2020-03-31
 Hemant Birje
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