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Name: Dev Kumar

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Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Dev Kumar

 Dev Kumar Ghar Ka Chirag Movie
Ghar Ka Chirag

Hindi   1967   157 min   Dev Kumar   2020-10-07
 Dev Kumar Balidaan Movie

Hindi   1971   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-09-06
 Dev Kumar Aawaz De Kahan Hai Movie
Aawaz De Kahan Hai

Hindi   1990   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-08-28
 Dev Kumar Saazish Movie

A beauty queen is caught up in international intrigue aboard a luxury yacht, and begins to suspect she cannot trust anyone, not even her race-car driver boyfriend....

Hindi   1975   132 min   Dev Kumar   2020-08-22
 Dev Kumar Ali Baba Movie
Ali Baba

Hindi   1976   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-07-24
 Dev Kumar Sant Gyaneshwar Movie
Sant Gyaneshwar

Hindi   1982   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-07-14
 Dev Kumar Sharafat Chhod Di Maine Movie
Sharafat Chhod Di Maine

Raju and Preetha are in love.But he is disappointed when she marries another man due to pressure from her father. Raju can't take the betrayal an treats everyone women as playing thing.Raju......

Hindi   1976   115 min   Dev Kumar   2020-07-12
 Dev Kumar Do Shatru Movie
Do Shatru

Hindi   1980   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-07-12
 Dev Kumar Moojrim Movie

Gopal is a gold-medalist race-car driver. One day while driving, he witnesses a girl screaming for help atop an under-construction building, he charges up the stairs, gets into a scuffle ......

Hindi   1970   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-07-07
 Dev Kumar Khel Khilari Ka Movie
Khel Khilari Ka

After watching his father, Masterji, getting killed; his sister, Laxmi, getting sexually assaulted by Sangram Singh, Dharamdas and Nandan, and then killing herself; and his younger brother,......

Hindi   1977   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-06-30
 Dev Kumar Spy in Rome Movie
Spy in Rome

India-based Scientist, Dr. Sharma, gains international recognition when he surgically transforms a couple in their sixties to their twenties. Another Scientist, Dr. Chang, based in Rome, ......

Hindi   1968   155 min   Dev Kumar   2020-05-12
 Dev Kumar Double Cross Movie
Double Cross

Ajay Arya passionately loves Sonia and will do anything to marry her. But Sonia breaks his heart and marries a older but much wealthier man by the name of Maganbhai. Unable to get Sonia out......

Hindi   1972   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-04-30
 Dev Kumar Veer Amarsingh Rathod Movie
Veer Amarsingh Rathod

Hindi   1970   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-04-16
 Dev Kumar Ganga Maang Rahi Balidan Movie
Ganga Maang Rahi Balidan

Hindi   1981   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-04-16
 Dev Kumar Do Thug Movie
Do Thug

Hindi   1975   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-04-11
 Dev Kumar Desh Drohee Movie
Desh Drohee

Hindi   1980   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-04-10
 Dev Kumar Simla Road Movie
Simla Road

Hindi   1969   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-04-09
 Dev Kumar Farishta Movie

An ordinary boy named Zain is turned into an angel by the Almighty Iffi Munna. Angel and his friend Pota(Yasir) go on a journey to find Molvi who stole very bootiful Boot and Pota's love, Moti....

Hindi   1968   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-04-09
 Dev Kumar Ek Phool Ek Bhool Movie
Ek Phool Ek Bhool

Hindi   1968   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-04-09
 Dev Kumar Achha Bura Movie
Achha Bura

Hindi   1972   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-04-09
 Dev Kumar Truck Driver Movie
Truck Driver

Hindi   1970   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-04-08
 Dev Kumar Road to Sikkim Movie
Road to Sikkim

Hindi   1969   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-04-08
 Dev Kumar Mere Lal Movie
Mere Lal

Hindi   1966   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-04-03
 Dev Kumar Manoranjan Movie

An upright beat cop, working the most notorious area of the city - the 'red light district' - desperately tries to hang on to his values in such an amoral environment. He falls for a hooker......

Hindi   1974   158 min   Dev Kumar   2020-03-29
 Dev Kumar Kora Badan Movie
Kora Badan

Hindi   1974   N/A   Dev Kumar   2020-03-29
 Dev Kumar
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