Actor Avinash Wadhavan

Actor Avinash Wadhavan

Movies by Bollywood Actor Avinash Wadhavan

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Actor Avinash Wadhavan Biography

Avinash Wadhavan
Name: Avinash Wadhavan

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Avinash Wadhavan

Avinash Wadhavan Pyar Ho Gaya Movie
Pyar Ho Gaya

Vishal Saxena and some of his buddies travel to a hilly resort for rest and recreation. While traveling by bus, he meets wealthy and spoiled Sapna Rai, and after a few misunderstandings, ......

Hindi   1986   N/A   Avinash Wadhavan   2020-09-10
Avinash Wadhavan Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khaas Movie
Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khaas

Panjabi   2000   N/A   Avinash Wadhavan   2020-09-07
Avinash Wadhavan Ayee Milan Ki Raat Movie
Ayee Milan Ki Raat

A Tantrik converts two lovers into a snake, one at sunset and one at sunrise....

Hindi   1991   152 min   Avinash Wadhavan   2020-07-28
Avinash Wadhavan Parwane Movie

Pune-based Police Inspector Basheer Khan warns four Gokhale College's trouble-makers, Avinash Malhotra, Henry D'Souza, Avtar Singh, and Aslam, to behave themselves after he witnesses them ......

Hindi   1993   N/A   Avinash Wadhavan   2020-07-22
Avinash Wadhavan Meera Ka Mohan Movie
Meera Ka Mohan

Ravi is in love with Preeti, but Preeti is in love with Vijay....

Hindi   1992   N/A   Avinash Wadhavan   2020-07-10
Avinash Wadhavan Chupp Movie

An escaped convict Ashok, (JEETENDRA) seeks solace in the flat of a rich woman named Asha (SOMY ALI) who has just killed her husband, Keshup (OM PURI). Since both of them know each others ......

Hindi   1997   N/A   Avinash Wadhavan   2020-05-07
Avinash Wadhavan Papi Gudia Movie
Papi Gudia

A child murderer and black magic practitioner transfers his soul to a doll before death and wreaks havoc in the lives of the doll's new owners: a boy and his elder sister....

Hindi   1996   130 min   Avinash Wadhavan   2020-04-24
Avinash Wadhavan Dhanwaan Movie

Kashinath and Imli are childhood sweethearts and everyone expects them to marry. Then comes rich, wealthy, and sickly Anjali Chopra into Kashinath's life, and then everything changes. ......

Hindi   1993   123 min   Avinash Wadhavan   2020-04-24
Avinash Wadhavan Police Aur Mujrim Movie
Police Aur Mujrim

Bombay's Police Commissioner Veer Bahadur Singh, lives with his wife, Sharda, and daughter, Jyoti. When DSP Vishal Khanna arrests two notorious robbers and pimps, Shera and Jaaga, and holds......

Hindi   1992   N/A   Avinash Wadhavan   2020-04-13
Avinash Wadhavan Junoon Movie

Tells the story of Vikram (Rahul Roy), who after nearly getting killed by a cursed tiger starts to transform into a tiger himself every fullmoon and hunts for prey....

Hindi   1992   123 min   Avinash Wadhavan   2020-04-03
Avinash Wadhavan Geet Movie

Rajesh Tripathi lives a poor lifestyle in a village in India along with his widower dad, Shivshankar. He leaves his father so that he can study in Bombay. While there he becomes a fan of ......

Hindi   1992   151 min   Avinash Wadhavan   2020-03-31
Avinash Wadhavan
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