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 Amrish Puri Ek Aur Sikander Movie
Ek Aur Sikander

Hindi   1986   N/A   Amrish Puri   2021-05-05
 Amrish Puri Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Movie
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Play as Indy and whips your way through the levels rescuing children from Mola Ram, jumping gaps using the whip and riding the mine carts, choosing the right track to avoid obstacles....

English   1985   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-09-26
 Amrish Puri Aaj Ke Sholey Movie
Aaj Ke Sholey

When two children are kidnapped after a birthday party, six intrepid kids set out to find the kidnapper's hideout and rescue their friends. With the help of a history textbook, the children......

Telugu, Hindi   1985   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-09-04
 Amrish Puri Hulchul Movie

A man and woman from feuding families each pretend to fall in love, as part of a revenge plot. Chaos ensues when their fake romance becomes a reality....

Hindi   2004   149 min   Amrish Puri   2020-08-26
 Amrish Puri Aitraaz Movie

A man is accused of sexual harassment by his former lover and he has to prove his innocence in order to restore his dignity....

Hindi   2004   160 min   Amrish Puri   2020-08-07
 Amrish Puri Will You Marry Me? Movie
Will You Marry Me?

Sameer, fast at losing his temper is re-located to Goa where he falls in love with Rani. But Sameer's new roommate Sunny, has some plans of his own....

Hindi   2004   163 min   Amrish Puri   2020-08-07
 Amrish Puri Police Force: An Inside Story Movie
Police Force: An Inside Story

Senior police officer Pandey is called in to train a new batch of trainee officers that the Indian police force wants to recruit. He does manages to induct some sense of fair-play in these ......

Hindi   2004   138 min   Amrish Puri   2020-08-05
 Amrish Puri Dil Pardesi Ho Gayaa Movie
Dil Pardesi Ho Gayaa

Major Ram is one of the soldiers from the Indian army who is involve in the war between India and Pakistan; when he is abducted and held as hostage by the Pakistani army the Indian ......

Hindi, Urdu   2003   150 min   Amrish Puri   2020-07-19
 Amrish Puri Sadhu Sant Movie
Sadhu Sant

Hindi   1991   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-07-10
 Amrish Puri Gundaraj Movie

Ajay Chauvan lives with his parents and a younger sister. Ajay loves Pooja and hopes to get marry to her one day; he prepares a job application and send it to various places but in the ......

Hindi   1995   140 min   Amrish Puri   2020-07-08
 Amrish Puri Surya Movie

N/A   2004   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-07-07
 Amrish Puri Kundan Movie

Thakur Shamsher Singh lives a wealthy life that is funded chiefly by criminal activities such smuggling and dealing in drugs. He has never been arrested as he has several high-ranking ......

Hindi   1993   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-06-30
 Amrish Puri Sadak Chhap Movie
Sadak Chhap

Born on the street, without any knowledge of his parents, Shankar (Jackie Shroff) lives his life as an urchin, on petty thievery and con games. He is o known to the police because of his ......

Hindi   1987   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-06-30
 Amrish Puri Kohraam Movie

Hindi   1991   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-06-30
 Amrish Puri Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki Movie
Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki

Aarti lives with her only son Avinash. When Avinash falls in love and decides to get married, she tells him the truth about his father's death....

Hindi   1984   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-06-29
 Amrish Puri Karmyudh Movie

Geeta is proud of her police inspector husband, Ashwini, who is honest and diligent. But that pride soon turns to sorrow, as he is shot and killed right outside their doorstep. Devastated ......

Hindi   1985   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-06-29
 Amrish Puri Johny I Love You Movie
Johny I Love You

After the death of his wife, Savitri, former bandit, Suraj Singh, decides to go straight, and with the help of a Catholic Priest, Father John, goes to work in a small hillside community ......

Hindi   1982   171 min   Amrish Puri   2020-06-28
 Amrish Puri Inaam Dus Hazaar Movie
Inaam Dus Hazaar

Kamal Malhotra lives a struggling life with his mom and is employed as a salesman with retailers for a product called "Godrej", a famous hair dye. His life take a new turn when he is ......

Hindi   1987   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-06-28
 Amrish Puri Iqraar Movie

Hindi   1979   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-06-28
 Amrish Puri Qayamat Ki Raat Movie
Qayamat Ki Raat

Hindi   1990   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-06-27
 Amrish Puri Janam Janam Movie
Janam Janam

An Architect by profession, Sunil lives a wealthy lifestyle with his mom and dad in a city in India. His firm undertakes a project in distant Rajgarh, and he travels there with his friend, ......

Hindi   1988   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-06-27
 Amrish Puri Jhutha Sach Movie
Jhutha Sach

After the passing away of his wife (Sunita), Vijay brings up his two children, Bhishan and Charudatta, who want him to re-marry, and go around selecting a mother. They pick on Alka, who is ......

Hindi   1984   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-06-26
 Amrish Puri Beqabu Movie

Raja a conman, born in a ordinary middle class family but brought upon the streets. Lived a solitude life with just friend D.P and Dadu his guardian who raised him and to earn his living ......

Hindi   1996   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-06-21
 Amrish Puri Khushi Movie

Karan and Khushi fall in love, but her conservative family balks at accepting Karan's modern ideas....

Hindi   2003   161 min   Amrish Puri   2020-06-19
 Amrish Puri The Hero: Love Story of a Spy Movie
The Hero: Love Story of a Spy

Arun is an Indian undercover agent enlisted to stop ISI chief Ishaq Khan. The village girl Reshma helps him but endangers her own life....

Hindi   2003   160 min   Amrish Puri   2020-06-18
 Amrish Puri Jai Vikraanta Movie
Jai Vikraanta

Choudhary Amar Singh is a farmer in rural India and lives a modest lifestyle with his wife, Sharda, and son, Vikraanta. He excels in sugar cane production and is presented an award and a ......

Hindi   1995   195 min   Amrish Puri   2020-06-16
 Amrish Puri Vijeta Movie

Advocate Durga Prasad was to have received a file from Chote Thakur with regard to a case pending in a Court in Bangalore, India. However, Chote gets killed, he does not receive the file ......

Hindi   1996   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-06-13
 Amrish Puri Kaala Samrajya Movie
Kaala Samrajya

Gangster Kaalkeshwar Singh is insecure about the way other people behave towards his wife, Monica as he is fully well aware that she does not love him and that he forcefully get married to ......

Hindi   1999   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-06-13
 Amrish Puri Chann Pardesee Movie
Chann Pardesee

In a small town in the state of Punjab, India, lives a honest farm worker, Harnek Singh alias Nek, who works hard for his employer, Jagirdar Joginder Singh. Nek is in love with village ......

Punjabi, Hindi, Punjabi   1980   147 min   Amrish Puri   2020-05-24
 Amrish Puri Nayak: The Real Hero Movie
Nayak: The Real Hero

A man accepts a challenge by the chief minister of Maharashtra to run the state for one day, and makes such a success of it that soon he is embroiled in political intrigue....

Hindi   2001   187 min   Amrish Puri   2020-05-11
 Amrish Puri Elaan Movie

When ACP Ramakant's elder son is killed, his attempts to find justice the legal way meet little success. His younger son, Vishal, decides to take the law into his own hands....

Hindi   1994   146 min   Amrish Puri   2020-05-10
 Amrish Puri Sardari Begum Movie
Sardari Begum

The Police are called to investigate the death of a woman during a riot. The woman was killed by a stone thrown by an agitated person. The woman killed is known in the community as "Sardari......

Urdu, Hindi   1996   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-05-07
 Amrish Puri Itihaas Movie

Wealthy, powerful, and influential Thakur Digvijay Singh and beautiful Naina are bethrothed and are to be married soon. But Naina has fallen in love with the son, Karan, of Thakur's ......

Hindi   1997   154 min   Amrish Puri   2020-05-07
 Amrish Puri Diljale Movie

A patriotic young man turns into a terrorist to avenge his father's humiliation....

Hindi   1996   159 min   Amrish Puri   2020-05-07
 Amrish Puri Shararat Movie

A miscreant who commits a misdemeanor is sentenced to do community service in an old-folks home....

Hindi   2002   155 min   Amrish Puri   2020-05-06
 Amrish Puri Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai Movie
Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai

Karan, a small time musician, tries to win over a girl named Pooja....

Hindi   2001   135 min   Amrish Puri   2020-05-06
 Amrish Puri Gadar: Ek Prem Katha Movie
Gadar: Ek Prem Katha

Set during the Partition of India in 1947, a Sikh truck driver falls in love with a Muslim girl belonging to an aristocratic family....

Hindi, Punjabi   2001   170 min   Amrish Puri   2020-05-05
 Amrish Puri Sangram Movie

Thakur Surajbhan Singh Kanwar forces Thakur Shamsher Singh Rana sister to commit suicide thus the two business-men became enemies. Years later Surajbhan's son, Raja and Rana's daughter, ......

Hindi   1993   156 min   Amrish Puri   2020-04-24
 Amrish Puri Zakhmi Sher Movie
Zakhmi Sher

Honest and diligent Major Vijay Kumar Singh is called back from active duty to attend to the funeral of his mother. He declines as he has to be present on the front as well as inspire ......

Hindi   1984   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-04-21
 Amrish Puri Jhooth Bole Kauwa Kaate Movie
Jhooth Bole Kauwa Kaate

Abhyankar (Amrish Puri) is an orthodox head of his family, a retired police officer, he has values which he wants his family to also uphold. As a result of his values, his daughter is ......

Hindi   1998   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-04-20
 Amrish Puri Main Intequam Loonga Movie
Main Intequam Loonga

Kumar Agnihotri belongs to a wealthy family, consisting of his dad, Madan, and mom, Janki. He is in love with beautiful Mala Bajpai, and they hope to marry soon with the blessings of their ......

Hindi   1982   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-04-19
 Amrish Puri Ashwamedham Movie

Telugu   1992   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-04-17
 Amrish Puri Secretly and Stealthily Movie
Secretly and Stealthily

A prostitute agrees to get impregnated and then give the baby to a couple (Raj and Priya) in exchange for a million rupees. Everything changes when she develops feelings for the baby and Raj....

Hindi   2001   160 min   Amrish Puri   2020-04-16
 Amrish Puri Kala Pani Movie
Kala Pani

Govardhan, a doctor by profession, is wrongly accused of bombing a train and is jailed by the British in Cellular Jail, also known as Kala Pani, in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He witnesses the sufferings of hundreds of Indian prisoners there....

Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu   1996   178 min   Amrish Puri   2020-04-15
 Amrish Puri Dhaai Akshar Prem Ke Movie
Dhaai Akshar Prem Ke

Karan Khanna is an orphan and a captain in the Rajputana Armed Forces. He's madly in love with beautiful model Nisha, with whom he plans to tie the knot during his next leave. On the way to......

Hindi, English   2000   167 min   Amrish Puri   2020-04-15
 Amrish Puri Aditya 369 Movie
Aditya 369

A group of children use a time machine to investigate a robbery. The protagonist couple, in their attempt to rescue the kids, get stuck in the machine and travel all the way back to the ......

Telugu   1991   140 min   Amrish Puri   2020-04-13
 Amrish Puri Tarazu Movie

A tough and honest police officer avenges his family's murder at the hands of a crime lord....

Hindi   1997   144 min   Amrish Puri   2020-04-13
 Amrish Puri Yaadein... Movie

Raj Singh Puri is best friends with L.K. Malhotra who is in turn younger brother to J.K. Malhotra. The brothers are business tycoons and Raj works in their company. Raj is father to three ......

Hindi   2001   171 min   Amrish Puri   2020-04-11
 Amrish Puri Kondaveeti Donga Movie
Kondaveeti Donga

Unable to tolerate the worries of the villagers, Raja takes aid of a fairy tale hero 'Kondaveeti Donga', transforms himself into one and sets out to save the people from an evil hypnotizer Kadra....

Telugu   1990   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-04-11
 Amrish Puri Shaheed Uddham Singh: Alais Ram Mohammad Singh Azad Movie
Shaheed Uddham Singh: Alais Ram Mohammad Singh Azad

Udham Singh was born and brought in a Sikh family in Punjab, India, during the time when the British ruled India. Enraged at the massacre of over 2000 men, women, and children at the hands ......

Panjabi   2000   N/A   Amrish Puri   2020-04-10
 Amrish Puri
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