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Movies by Actor Aamir Khan

 Aamir Khan Fanaa Movie

A sweet blind girl Zooni meets a flirty Rehan. She ignores her friends' warnings. It's her time to discover life. Is she making the right love choice?...

Hindi, Indonesian, Italian   2006   168 min   Aamir Khan   2020-08-28
 Aamir Khan Chale Chalo: The Lunacy of Film Making Movie
Chale Chalo: The Lunacy of Film Making

An account of the making of the Lagaan, by director Satyajit Bhatkal, who served as a production assistant on the film....

N/A   2003   150 min   Aamir Khan   2020-08-06
 Aamir Khan Rang De Basanti Movie
Rang De Basanti

The story of six young Indians who assist an English woman to film a documentary on the freedom fighters from their past, and the events that lead them to relive the long-forgotten saga of freedom....

Hindi   2006   167 min   Aamir Khan   2020-07-29
 Aamir Khan Mangal Pandey: The Rising Movie
Mangal Pandey: The Rising

This is a film about the leader of the 1857 mutiny and his fight against the British rule....

Hindi, Urdu, English   2005   150 min   Aamir Khan   2020-06-18
 Aamir Khan Jawani Zindabad Movie
Jawani Zindabad

Shashi, Akbar and a group of young people pledge never to give nor receive dowry. Acting against his mother's wishes, Shashi marries Sugandha Srivastav, and does not accept any dowry. He ......

Hindi   1990   163 min   Aamir Khan   2020-06-12
 Aamir Khan Afsana Pyar Ka Movie
Afsana Pyar Ka

Animosity has existed between the families of Raj and Nikita's respective fathers. But their children have grown up without any knowledge of this animosity. They meet in college, and after ......

Hindi   1991   145 min   Aamir Khan   2020-06-05
 Aamir Khan Isi Ka Naam Zindagi Movie
Isi Ka Naam Zindagi

During the British rule in rural India; a wealthy family spent generation from generation in trying to take over a plot of land from a man named Bansiram. But Bansiram will not give up this......

Hindi   1992   140 min   Aamir Khan   2020-05-19
 Aamir Khan Dil Chahta Hai Movie
Dil Chahta Hai

Three inseparable childhood friends are just out of college. Nothing comes between them - until they each fall in love, and their wildly different approaches to relationships creates tension....

Hindi, English, Urdu   2001   183 min   Aamir Khan   2020-05-11
 Aamir Khan Raakh Movie

A poor, young man teams up with a burnt out cop to avenge the humiliation of his former girlfriend by a gang of goons....

Hindi   1989   153 min   Aamir Khan   2020-05-10
 Aamir Khan Mela Movie

When a village belle's brother is killed by a bandit, she vows revenge and enlists the help of two truckers-cum-theatre artists in her mission....

Hindi   2000   172 min   Aamir Khan   2020-04-09
 Aamir Khan Jhomma Chumma in London Movie
Jhomma Chumma in London

English, Hindi   1991   N/A   Aamir Khan   2020-04-08
 Aamir Khan Mann Movie

A young woman falls in love with a handsome playboy, while aboard a Singapore to India cruise. They make plans to meet again, but fate may have other plans......

Hindi   1999   160 min   Aamir Khan   2020-04-07
 Aamir Khan Sarfarosh Movie

After his brother is killed and father severely injured by terrorists, a young med student quits his studies to join the Indian Police Service to wipe out the terrorists....

Hindi   1999   174 min   Aamir Khan   2020-04-07
 Aamir Khan Ghulam Movie

Jai runs errands for Ronak Singh who is a gang lord and is involved in illegal activities. Jai's brother Siddharth decides to revolt against him and Ronak after some things goes lethally awry....

Hindi   1998   162 min   Aamir Khan   2020-04-06
 Aamir Khan Tum Mere Ho Movie
Tum Mere Ho

Shiva is blessed with magical powers of charming snakes. He falls head-over-heels in love with Paro....

Hindi   1990   129 min   Aamir Khan   2020-04-05
 Aamir Khan Daulat Ki Jung Movie
Daulat Ki Jung

Two young lovers elope to get married and get caught between two gangs searching for buried treasure....

Hindi   1992   143 min   Aamir Khan   2020-04-04
 Aamir Khan Terror Rules Everywhere Movie
Terror Rules Everywhere

Chased out of their village, a poor farmer, his wife, son and daughter attempt to survive the harsh footpath life of Bombay, when a gangster asks him to work for him. Years later, the ......

Hindi   1995   155 min   Aamir Khan   2020-04-04
 Aamir Khan Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India Movie
Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

The people of a small village in Victorian India stake their future on a game of cricket against their ruthless British rulers....

Hindi, English, Awadhi, Urdu   2001   224 min   Aamir Khan   2020-04-04
 Aamir Khan Awwal Number Movie
Awwal Number

The DGP of Police discovers a terrorist plot hatched by a sacked cricketer to blow up the stadium where an important cricket match is in progress....

Hindi   1990   150 min   Aamir Khan   2020-04-03
 Aamir Khan Earth Movie

It's 1947 and the borderlines between India and Pakistan are being drawn. A young girl witnesses tragedy as her ayah (nanny) is caught between the love of two men and the rising tide of political and religious violence....

Hindi, English, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu   1998   110 min   Aamir Khan   2020-04-03
 Aamir Khan Ishq Movie

Harbans Rai and Ranjit Rai are two wealthy businessmen who absolutely *loathe* poverty and poor people . As fate would have it , Harbans Rai's daughter Madhu falls for a poor mechanic Raja ......

Hindi   1997   161 min   Aamir Khan   2020-04-01
 Aamir Khan Baazi Movie

A tough and honest police officer wages a one-man war against terrorists and a corrupt politician who have planned to assassinate the chief minister of the state....

Hindi   1995   183 min   Aamir Khan   2020-03-31
 Aamir Khan Raja Hindustani Movie
Raja Hindustani

India's biggest box office hit of 1996, Raja Hindustani is a musical drama about a poor cab driver who marries a rich woman and the struggles they face after marriage....

Hindi   1996   165 min   Aamir Khan   2020-03-31
 Aamir Khan Time Machine Movie
Time Machine

Hindi   1992   N/A   Aamir Khan   2020-03-31
 Aamir Khan Rangeela Movie

A middle class young woman, who dreams of Bollywood fame, is caught in a love triangle between her childhood friend and a famous actor....

Hindi, Tamil   1995   142 min   Aamir Khan   2020-03-31
 Aamir Khan Akele Hum Akele Tum Movie
Akele Hum Akele Tum

An estranged couple battle for the custody of their only son....

Hindi   1995   160 min   Aamir Khan   2020-03-31
 Aamir Khan Andaz Apna Apna Movie
Andaz Apna Apna

Two slackers competing for the affections of an heiress, inadvertently become her protectors from an evil criminal....

Hindi   1994   160 min   Aamir Khan   2020-03-31
 Aamir Khan Parampara Movie

In a remote region in India there has been a tradition of settling differences by fighting a duel with pistols with only one bullet in each of them. Such was the duel fought by Shankar and ......

Hindi   1993   155 min   Aamir Khan   2020-03-31
 Aamir Khan Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke Movie
Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke

Rahul Malhotra (Aamir Khan) is the manager of the heavily in debt family business. He is also the guardian of his dead sister's mischievous kids. Rahul hires Vaijayanti (Juhi Chawla) as ......

Hindi   1993   163 min   Aamir Khan   2020-03-31
 Aamir Khan Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar Movie
Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

A rich brat and a poor chap try to woo a girl, with their rivalry culminating in the most prestigious college event - the marathon cycle race....

Hindi, English   1992   174 min   Aamir Khan   2020-03-31
 Aamir Khan Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin Movie
Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin

An obsessive photographer (Aamir Khan) believes an engaged woman (Madhuri Dixit) is in love with him....

Hindi   1990   130 min   Aamir Khan   2020-03-31
 Aamir Khan Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin Movie
Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin

Runaway heiress in search of her beloved falls in love with another man on the way....

Hindi   1991   154 min   Aamir Khan   2020-03-31
 Aamir Khan Dil Movie

Raja lives a poor lifestyle along with his dad, Hazariprasad and mom. He attends college where he has several run-ins with wealthy fellow-collegian, Madhu Mehra. Matters escalate to such an......

Hindi   1990   172 min   Aamir Khan   2020-03-30
 Aamir Khan Love Love Love Movie
Love Love Love

Amit, the son of a taxi driver, and Reema, a rich business man's daughter, fall in love. However Reema's father wants to marry her to Vicky, who's father is the biggest gangster in Mumbai. How will their love triumph?...

Hindi   1989   146 min   Aamir Khan   2020-03-30
 Aamir Khan Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak Movie
Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

A young man and young woman fall in love against their feuding fathers' wishes in this version of 'Romeo and Juliet' set in contemporary India....

Hindi, Urdu   1988   162 min   Aamir Khan   2020-03-30
 Aamir Khan Holi Movie

In a typical college in a typical Indian city, the hostel boys Madan Sharma (Aamir Khan) and his friend are a rowdy lot. The teaching staff suffer from the common apathy of most teachers in......

Hindi   1985   120 min   Aamir Khan   2020-03-30
 Aamir Khan
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