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Name: Zubeida

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Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Zubeida

 Zubeida Gul-e-Bakavali Movie

One of the most successful silent films tells the folk-fantasy legend of the fairy Bakavali (Zubeida), her deivi pushp (or divine flower) Gul known for its healing powers, and the Eastern prince Taj-ul-Mulk (Khalil), who wants the fl...

None   1924   N/A   Zubeida   2022-11-30
 Zubeida Kala Nag Movie
Kala Nag

This film claimed realist intent, mainly for its thinly veiled allusions to a major scandal in Bombay known as the Champsi-Haridas murder case. Vihari, the son of a rich mill owner, falls into the clutches of crooks led by Kalidas......

None   1924   N/A   Zubeida   2022-11-30
 Zubeida Samrat Ashok Movie
Samrat Ashok

None   1928   N/A   Zubeida   2022-11-20
 Zubeida Nahar Singh Movie
Nahar Singh

N/A   1926   N/A   Zubeida   2022-11-20
 Zubeida Jai Bharati Movie
Jai Bharati

None   1929   N/A   Zubeida   2022-11-20
 Zubeida Gul Sanobar Movie
Gul Sanobar

Adventure drama based on Persian legend. Mubarak (Kader) kidnaps Sanobar (Mohammed), the son of the king of Yemen (Peerjan) and raises him in the forest. Prompted by Mubarak, Sanobar ......

Hindi   1934   154 min   Zubeida   2022-11-18
 Zubeida Mirza Sahiban Movie
Mirza Sahiban

Panjabi   1939   N/A   Zubeida   2022-11-16
 Zubeida Prithvi Vallabh Movie
Prithvi Vallabh

Seminal silent historical film, the story features King Munja, ruler of Aranti, famed warrior and patron of the arts. Munja (Sandow) falls into the hands of his arch enemy Tailap, who received assistance from Bhillam (Altekar), king ...

None   1924   121 min   Zubeida   2022-11-14
 Zubeida Nanand Bhojai Movie
Nanand Bhojai

A real-life incident was used as the basis for this typical melodrama plot locating reformist concerns in large joint families riven by tensions between in-laws. A greedy brother forces his educated sister to marry a rich old man......

None   1927   N/A   Zubeida   2022-11-14
 Zubeida Khandani Khavis Movie
Khandani Khavis

None   1925   N/A   Zubeida   2022-11-13
 Zubeida Kala Chor Movie
Kala Chor

None   1925   N/A   Zubeida   2022-11-13
 Zubeida Heer Ranjha Movie
Heer Ranjha

None   1928   N/A   Zubeida   2022-11-02
 Zubeida Bulbule Paristan Movie
Bulbule Paristan

Probably the first Indian film directed by a woman. It was a big-budget fantasy abounding with special effects set in a Parastan or fairyland....

None   1926   N/A   Zubeida   2022-11-01
 Zubeida Balidan Movie

This quasi-historical story is set in the fictional land of Tippera and features Queen Gunavati (Sulochana), King Govinda, Aparna the beggar girl (Zubeida) and the priest Raghupati who runs a Kali temple. The story addresses the conf...

None   1927   N/A   Zubeida   2022-11-01
 Zubeida Sati Sardarba Movie
Sati Sardarba

Mulraj (Mohanlala), an alcoholic and gambler, wagers his sister Sardarba (Zubeida) to a bunch of crooks and loses her. The rest of the film focuses on Sardarba's tormented life and how she ......

N/A   1924   N/A   Zubeida   2022-11-01
 Zubeida Mak Aru Marom Movie
Mak Aru Marom

Assamese   1957   N/A   Zubeida   2022-09-22
 Zubeida The Light of the World Movie
The Light of the World

A period fantasy that told of the ageing king of Kamarpur, and his two rival queens, Navbahar and Dilbahar, and their rivalry when a fakir predicts that Navbahar will bear the king's heir. Dilbahar unsuccessfully tries to seduce the ...

Hindi, Urdu   1931   124 min   Zubeida   2022-06-20
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