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 Sunny Deol Qahar Movie

Amar is an honest and diligent police inspector assigned to investigate and bring charges against Krishna, and his friend, Raja, only to find that both are battling the forces of corruption and crime....

Hindi   1997   N/A   Sunny Deol   2022-11-27
 Sunny Deol Veerta Movie

Multi-millionaire Balwant Rai is a widower who lives with his daughter Uma and a school going son Amar alias Munna. Since Uma is of marriage-able age, Balwant decides to get her marry to Sunderlall's son Raghuveer and they all mov......

Hindi   1993   129 min   Sunny Deol   2022-11-22
 Sunny Deol Paap Ki Duniya Movie
Paap Ki Duniya

When a jailer hears that his sister is in love with a guy he is quite delighted to meet this guy only to find out that this guy is none other than a criminal called Pasha. Worst off the girl is married to Pasha and is pregnant wit......

Hindi   1988   168 min   Sunny Deol   2022-11-22
 Sunny Deol Sunny Movie

Wealthy businessman Inderjeet marries a lovely woman named Gayetri, but is unhappy with this marriage, as she is unable to bear him any children. He starts frequenting brothels, where he meets with an attractive prostitute by the ......

Hindi   1984   114 min   Sunny Deol   2022-11-14
 Sunny Deol Zabardast Movie

Ratan Kumar lives a middle-class existence with his wife, Pushpa and son, Sunder. When he is asked to commit a crime for Balram Singh, he does so, but decides to keep a suitcase full of diamonds for himself. An enraged Balram sets......

Hindi   1985   159 min   Sunny Deol   2022-11-13
 Sunny Deol Dillagi Movie

When Ranvir, the responsible elder brother of a middle-class Indian family, realises that his reckless younger brother Rajvir is in love, he arranges for Rajvir's marriage, not realising that the girl is the same person he is in l......

Hindi   1999   188 min   Sunny Deol   2022-11-09
 Sunny Deol Pyaar Koi Khel Nahin Movie
Pyaar Koi Khel Nahin

Two brothers love the same woman. Sometime after she marries one of them, he is killed and his brother is expected to marry her in order to make her child legitimate....

Hindi   1999   165 min   Sunny Deol   2022-10-29
 Sunny Deol Angrakshak Movie

Ajay leads a life as a gangster and is known for his short-temper which made him mercilessly murder a man named Ramesh for falling in love with his sister Asha. Years later Ajay takes up employment as a bodyguard to a politician S......

Hindi   1995   116 min   Sunny Deol   2022-10-26
 Sunny Deol Nigahen: Nagina Part II Movie
Nigahen: Nagina Part II

After the tragic deaths of his son Ajit and daughter-in-law Rajni, Raja Saheb decides to educate his granddaughter Neelam in the city. Years later, Neelam has grown up and returns temporarily to their rural palatial home. Raja Sah......

Hindi   1989   140 min   Sunny Deol   2022-10-14
 Sunny Deol Aag Ka Gola Movie
Aag Ka Gola

Poverty and hunger forces young Shankar to take up employment as a mechanic. To this extent all is well for him until he is arrested by the police for a crime he did not committed; but Shankar manages to escape only to witness tha......

Hindi   1990   180 min   Sunny Deol   2022-10-07
 Sunny Deol Gunaah Movie

In Goa, India, the body of a young man is rescued by fishermen, who is then nursed to consciousness by Dr. Joe D'Costa albeit with a memory loss. Five years later he manages to regain his ......

Hindi   1993   117 min   Sunny Deol   2022-09-22
 Sunny Deol Saveray Wali Gaadi Movie
Saveray Wali Gaadi

Ravidas (Sunny Deol) lives in a village in rural India. He is the son of Chediram (Dr. Shreeram Lagoo) who is of highly respected in the village. Ravidas falls in love with Jyoti (Poonam Dhillon). Their love becomes known in the v......

Hindi   1986   135 min   Sunny Deol   2022-09-22
 Sunny Deol Sohni Mahiwal Movie
Sohni Mahiwal

After being violently separated from the woman he loves, a young man must disguise himself in order to keep meeting her....

Punjabi, Hindi   1985   142 min   Sunny Deol   2022-09-19
 Sunny Deol Vishwatma Movie

A cop and a criminal, both on their respective missions of duty and revenge, go from India to Kenya in order to extradite a reclusive crime lord to India....

Hindi   1992   174 min   Sunny Deol   2022-09-04
 Sunny Deol Chaalbaaz Movie

Twins separated at infancy are brought up differently. One weak, one strong. One day, they end up at each others house. Their life is not the same anymore....

Hindi   1989   155 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-29
 Sunny Deol Imtihaan Movie

A woman's tragic past threatens to break up her marriage....

Hindi   1994   152 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-29
 Sunny Deol Ziddi Movie

It is the story of a hot-tempered and stubborn man Deva, who is feared because of his ruthless ways and severe punishment to the local hoodlums. Later, Deva avenges the death of his brother and sister....

Hindi   1997   170 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-28
 Sunny Deol Border Movie

In 1971, along the border region of Longewala, a small battalion of Indian soldiers goes up against a large Pakistani strike force....

Hindi   1997   176 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-27
 Sunny Deol Jeet Movie

A hitman working for a crime boss falls for a woman but she is married off to her childhood friend. Later, when the woman's and her husband's life comes under threat from the crime boss, the hitman becomes their protector....

Hindi   1996   180 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-25
 Sunny Deol Ghatak: Lethal Movie
Ghatak: Lethal

Unable to witness the injustice and brutality inflict on the residents by a tyrannical gangster, Katya, in a small Indian village in India; Kashinath alias Kashi decides to single-handily take a stand to fight for his and the vill......

Hindi   1996   158 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-25
 Sunny Deol Dushmani: A Violent Love Story Movie
Dushmani: A Violent Love Story

In order to settle personal scores; two gang leaders, Jai Singh and Oberoi fight for many years in gang-wars. There enmity multiplies when Jai's younger brother, Suraj falls in love with Oberoi's sister, Sapna which forces Suraj a......

Hindi, Urdu   1995   156 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-23
 Sunny Deol Darr Movie

A woman plans to marry a navy officer but she is also the object of another man's obsession....

Hindi   1993   178 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-20
 Sunny Deol Lootere Movie

A police officer is tasked with protecting a murder witness....

Hindi   1993   156 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-19
 Sunny Deol Damini Movie

After witnessing a rape in her own household, Damini fights for justice for the deceased victim. However, she faces a bunch of challenges until she meets a disgraced lawyer who decides to fight the case and bring the culprits to j......

Hindi   1993   175 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-18
 Sunny Deol Narasimha Movie

With the help of his strongest henchman; Narasimha, Baapji eliminates his enemies from the city. But what happens when the sleeping morals of your toughest ally awaken, and he not only opposes you, but aligns with your enemy?...

Hindi   1991   214 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-16
 Sunny Deol Vardi Movie

Inspector Verma and Havaldar Bhagwan Singh arrests Lalchand; with Bhagwan Singh loses his life in the process leaving an only son Ajay to be brought up by Verma and his wife. Years later Ajay is now a police inspector like his dad......

Hindi   1989   161 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-14
 Sunny Deol Tridev Movie

When an exiled police officer, a bandit and the son of a police commissioner are framed by a smuggler, they join forces to teach him a lesson and prove their innocence....

Hindi   1989   173 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-14
 Sunny Deol Kroadh Movie

Krodh tells the story of two brothers who are in search of the man who killed their mother. The problem is they have never seen his face, but do have his name. The elder brother Ajay gets into the world of crime and also pulls his......

Hindi   1990   144 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-14
 Sunny Deol Ghayal Movie

Ajay Mehra, an amateur boxer, takes revenge against Balwant Rai, a crooked businessman, after his elder brother is killed....

Hindi   1990   163 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-14
 Sunny Deol Main Tera Dushman Movie
Main Tera Dushman

Honest and diligent Forest Officer Kishan Srivastav (Jackie Shroff) and his wife Jaya (Jaya Pradha) come to the rural area of Ramgarh, and upset the criminal activities of Thakur Dayalu (Anupam Kher), a corrupt Police Inspector Ki......

Hindi   1989   N/A   Sunny Deol   2022-08-12
 Sunny Deol Yateem Movie

When Inspector Yadav (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) shoots down a criminal couple in the line of duty, his heart goes out to their orphaned baby son Krishna. He adopts the child, who grows up with Yadav's own daughter, Gauri (Farha). As t......

Hindi   1988   173 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-11
 Sunny Deol Ram-Avtar Movie

Ram and Avtar are both childhood best friends. The difference between the two friends is that Ram would willingly make priceless sacrifice for his friend; the time when both are separated is when Ram goes abroad to further his stu......

Hindi   1988   170 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-11
 Sunny Deol Inteqam Movie

Hindi   1988   N/A   Sunny Deol   2022-08-11
 Sunny Deol Sultanat Movie

Shah is the leader of the Mugal tribe in Asia; when he gets news that bandit, Razoulli and his gang are coming to launch an attack on their region, he is petrified and asks his people to vacate but General Khalid assures him not t......

Urdu   1986   153 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-08
 Sunny Deol Joshilaay Movie

Dara and Karan, the sons of two of the victims of dacoit Jogi Thakur, wait many years to exact their revenge. When the Thakur's colleague Raja Singh cheats him and runs away with his loot, Jogi is arrested and sentenced for life i......

Hindi   1989   107 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-06
 Sunny Deol Manzil Manzil Movie
Manzil Manzil

Mr. Malhotra has an only daughter named Seema. He would like Seema to marry Pawan, the son of Gautam. Seema is receptive to this, and even arranges to meet with Pawan. While traveling alone one day in the country side, Seema meets......

Urdu   1984   162 min   Sunny Deol   2022-08-05
 Sunny Deol
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