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 Somy Ali
Name: Somy Ali

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Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Somy Ali

 Somy Ali Mafia Movie

Inspector Bhagat Singh is brutally murdered but the killers are never found. His brothers, Ajit and Jai Singh, decide to find the culprits and learn that he was killed by none other than the police....

Hindi   1996   128 min   Somy Ali   2023-03-11
 Somy Ali Chupp Movie

An escaped convict hides in a woman's house but then discovers that she has murdered her husband....

Hindi   1997   N/A   Somy Ali   2022-12-21
 Somy Ali Anth Movie

Principal Satyaprakash is a decent middle-class man who manages a co-ed college. He witnesses his daughter, Pooja, being molested by Kali, the son of gangster Dhabla, objects to this behavior, but is silenced by Dhabla. Pooja is i......

Hindi   1994   136 min   Somy Ali   2022-09-07
 Somy Ali Andolan Movie

Collegian Adarsh and his elder brother, Aniket paves two different path ways leading to the same goals when they excel in studies leading to bright futures only to find their respective lives shifting when things do not go as planned...

Hindi   1995   192 min   Somy Ali   2022-08-22
 Somy Ali Aao Pyaar Karen Movie
Aao Pyaar Karen

Wealthy Suraj lives in a palatial house with his mom Anjali, and dad. When the time comes for his marriage, his parents find him a suitable match, but he chooses a woman from a poor family, antagonizing her parents, who ask him to......

Hindi   1994   141 min   Somy Ali   2022-08-22
 Somy Ali Yaar Gaddar Movie
Yaar Gaddar

When his brother becomes involved in a deadly bank robbery, a heartbroken cop vows to track down and retrieve his wayward sibling -- dead or alive....

Hindi   1994   155 min   Somy Ali   2022-08-22
 Somy Ali Teesra Kaun? Movie
Teesra Kaun?

Enroute via train to Bombay, one of three friends become a suspect in a homicide....

Hindi   1994   160 min   Somy Ali   2022-08-22
 Somy Ali
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