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Name: Smita Patil

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Movies by Actor Smita Patil

 Smita Patil Avam Movie

A Captain discovers that his assignment to work with a Defence minister is a front for government espionage, and is pulled into a complex tangle of deceit in the struggle to keep his country safe....

Hindi   1987   156 min   Smita Patil   2022-09-23
 Smita Patil Aaj Ki Awaz Movie
Aaj Ki Awaz

A Professor finds his life turned upside down after he decides to combat crime....

Hindi   1984   137 min   Smita Patil   2022-09-23
 Smita Patil Aaj Movie

The movie is about a man who is trying to find his missing sister....

Hindi   1987   116 min   Smita Patil   2022-09-22
 Smita Patil Gaman Movie

In order to improve their lifestyle, Lucknow based Ghulam Hussain decides to re-locate to Bombay, leaving his ailing mother and wife, Khairun, behind. He arrives in Bombay, and looks up his close friend, Lalulal Tiwari, who gets h......

Hindi   1978   119 min   Smita Patil   2022-09-18
 Smita Patil Thikana Movie

Ravi Goel is an alcoholic lawyer who doesn't gets cases as he refuses to lie.His mother is fed up of his frequent drinking while his elder sister Shashi is everything to him who also runs the house.MP Rane is taped in a video kill......

Hindi   1987   138 min   Smita Patil   2022-08-10
 Smita Patil Aap Ke Saath Movie
Aap Ke Saath

Ashok and Vimal are two grandsons of K.k. Vimal is womanizer. Ashok and Ganga are in love but when Ashok was about to propose Ganga for marriage, he finds that Ganga has complained against him in police station for sexual molestation...

Hindi   1986   N/A   Smita Patil   2022-08-07
 Smita Patil Mirch Masala Movie
Mirch Masala

In colonial India, subedars (tax collectors) went from village to village with soldiers, often demanding more than taxes. A subedar commands Sonbai, a beautiful and confident woman whose husband is away in the city, to sleep with ......

Hindi   1986   128 min   Smita Patil   2022-08-07
 Smita Patil Tarang Movie

Sethji is a widowed, a businessman and lives a comfortable life with his only daughter, Hansa, his son-in-law, Rahul, and a grandson, Munna. He has Rahul as his right-hand man, and a nephew named Dinesh who also assists in running th...

Hindi   1984   171 min   Smita Patil   2022-08-06
 Smita Patil Pet Pyaar Aur Paap Movie
Pet Pyaar Aur Paap

A girl is struggling with extreme poverty and the responsibility of taking care of her siblings. She falls in love, which would cause even more tragedy to her family and to herself....

Hindi   1984   128 min   Smita Patil   2022-08-05
 Smita Patil Mandi Movie

Forbidden love, fraying loyalties and flagrant hypocrisy emerge when sanctimonious politicians drive a madam's brothel from the heart of Hyderabad....

Hindi   1983   167 min   Smita Patil   2022-08-04
 Smita Patil Ardh Satya Movie
Ardh Satya

A newly appointed police rookie deals with corruption, romance, and brutality....

Hindi   1983   130 min   Smita Patil   2022-08-04
 Smita Patil Umbartha Movie

After the passing of her husband, Mrs. Mahajan takes care of four institutions, and lives a comfortable lifestyle with her two sons - Dr. Mohan and his wife, Maya; and Advocate Subhash Mahajan, his wife, Savitri, and their daughte......

Marathi, Hindi   1982   151 min   Smita Patil   2022-08-03
 Smita Patil Satyajit Ray Movie
Satyajit Ray

Over the course of two years Shyam Benegal interviewed Satyajit Ray about his career, the result is this documentary....

English, Bengali, Hindi   1982   131 min   Smita Patil   2022-08-03
 Smita Patil Dard Ka Rishta Movie
Dard Ka Rishta

Time is running out for Khushbu, Ravi Sharma(Sunil Dutt)'s daughter. Her leukemia can be cured only if someone's bone marrow matches her daughter .So, he goes abroad and gets in touch with her former wife (Smita Patil)....

Hindi   1982   152 min   Smita Patil   2022-08-03
 Smita Patil Arth Movie

A film-maker who is having an extra-marital affair with an actress decides to leave his wife. Arth is the story of this women's search for her identity....

Hindi   1982   138 min   Smita Patil   2022-08-02
 Smita Patil Deliverance Movie

Untouchable shoemender Dukhi comes to the Brahmin's and asks him to arrange his daughter's engagement. The Brahmin belongs to a higher caste. He wants Dukhi to work for him (and for free) before agreeing... A plea against the indi......

Hindi   1981   45 min   Smita Patil   2022-08-02
 Smita Patil Bhavni Bhavai Movie
Bhavni Bhavai

The atrocities on lower caste people displayed using folklore and ancient kingdom story. The digging of a step well in drought prone area and the exploitation of its lower caste people by the kingdom in a satirical manner....

Gujarati, Hindi   1981   135 min   Smita Patil   2022-07-31
 Smita Patil Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai Movie
Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai

A man from Mumbai (then Bombay) is angry about various issues in different circumstances....

Hindi   1980   110 min   Smita Patil   2022-07-31
 Smita Patil Aakrosh Movie

A public prosecutor discovers the harsh realities about life of the scheduled tribes in India during 1980s while defending a case of a tribesman charged of murdering his wife....

Hindi   1980   144 min   Smita Patil   2022-07-31
 Smita Patil Bhumika Movie

A girl learns music from her courtesan grandmother and breaks into the burgeoning show business industry of 1930s Bombay, which eventually leads to decades of superstardom as well as romantic entanglements....

Hindi   1977   142 min   Smita Patil   2022-07-28
 Smita Patil Manthan Movie

Dr.Rao (Girih Karnad) is a Vetinary doc, who comes to this village with the aim of starting a Milk Co-operative society for the welfare of the villagers. But the wealthy businessman Mishraji (Amrish Puri) and Sarpanch (Kulbhushan ......

Hindi   1976   134 min   Smita Patil   2022-07-27
 Smita Patil
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