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 Shashi Kapoor Heeralal Pannalal Movie
Heeralal Pannalal

Two boys grow up together in an orphanage and become best friends, swearing their undying brotherly devotion to each other. Unknown to them, a dark secret related to their past may hamper this bond....

Hindi   1978   N/A   Shashi Kapoor   2022-12-02
 Shashi Kapoor Naina Movie

A self-conscious bride is tormented by the memory of her husband's dead first wife....

Hindi   1973   134 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-24
 Shashi Kapoor Jahan Pyar Miley Movie
Jahan Pyar Miley

Hindi   1969   138 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-24
 Shashi Kapoor Chori Mera Kaam Movie
Chori Mera Kaam

Bhola Nath is a young petty criminal/robber/pickpocket whom works with a female acomplice and his former lover, Sharmii. Bhola unknowlingly is the illigetimate son of a police officer, named Kumar, whom has been tracking a shadowy......

Hindi   1975   165 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-24
 Shashi Kapoor Sangram Movie

After the death of his wife, a policeman fails to up-bring his only son in a good way and spoils him. This creates serious repercussions once the child becomes an adult....

Hindi   1950   139 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-22
 Shashi Kapoor Shankar Dada Movie
Shankar Dada

Dreaded gangster Babubhai is involved in all possible criminal activities. Of late his activities are being sabotaged by a fellow criminal named Shankar Dada. Babubhai entraps him with the help of beautiful Bindiya, and gets him o......

Hindi   1976   130 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-22
 Shashi Kapoor Meri Zabaan Movie
Meri Zabaan

The Editor and owner of a popular publication called 'Meri Zabaan" goes missing, believed dead, as he, Vikram Singh (Vinod Mehra) attempted to expose some big-wigs, leaving his young son, Krishna, and wife to fend for themselves. ......

Hindi   1989   149 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-21
 Shashi Kapoor Maan Gaye Ustaad Movie
Maan Gaye Ustaad

Chandan Singh is a farmer who lives in a village called Ramgarh along with his wife, Malti, and two children, Munna and Munni. One day Malti gets molested by three city goons, Jaikishan, Rajan, and Banoo. Chandan intervenes, but i......

Hindi   1981   N/A   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-21
 Shashi Kapoor Haseena Maan Jayegi Movie
Haseena Maan Jayegi

An army officer's wife is unsure if the man she is living with is her husband or his look-alike....

Hindi   1968   165 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-19
 Shashi Kapoor Phaansi Movie

In seeking to avenge his father's murder, a young man puts an entire village at risk of retribution....

Hindi   1978   141 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-17
 Shashi Kapoor Amar Shakti Movie
Amar Shakti

In order to take over the kingdom, Shamsher Singh and Nahar Singh kill Yuvraj Gopal Singh and his wife, Roopa. The news of these deaths shocks the Maharaj who becomes seriously ill, but instead of treating him, the duo, with the h......

Hindi   1978   133 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-17
 Shashi Kapoor Kranti Movie

The story of India's freedom struggle between the years 1825 and 1875....

Hindi   1981   187 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-15
 Shashi Kapoor Patanga Movie

A wealthy male decides to wed a woman who is in love with his employee's son....

Hindi   1971   138 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-14
 Shashi Kapoor Maa Beti Movie
Maa Beti

Savitri lives a wealthy life-style with her businessman husband and a daughter, Meenu. She gets pregnant a second time, gives birth to a son, Khetan, but tragically passes away. Her husband, unable to handle business and two child......

Hindi   1986   151 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-14
 Shashi Kapoor Apna Ghar Movie
Apna Ghar

Apna Ghar is a Family Drama Thriller Film focusing on the lifetime of the Family going through ups and downs but maintaining their relationship with sheer determination....

Hindi   1989   N/A   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-13
 Shashi Kapoor Rahu Ketu Movie
Rahu Ketu

Concerned over the rising death of low-caste people in a remote town in India, the Central Bureau of Investigation assigns this task to Inspector Ravi Kapoor and instructs him to go incognito to investigate these deaths. Upon arri......

Hindi   1978   133 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-13
 Shashi Kapoor Pyar Ka Mausam Movie
Pyar Ka Mausam

Seema is the only child of widowed Mohan, who is adopted by Mohan's boss, Sardar Ranjit Singh, who has no heir to his estate, as his daughter, Jamuna, eloped with a much poor peasant, Gopal, as well as Ranjit does not get well wit......

Hindi   1969   153 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-13
 Shashi Kapoor Krodhi Movie

Unaware of his parents, as he was abandoned as a young child, Vikramjit Singh alias Vicky grows up amidst hatred. The only affection he receives is from the local school-teacher, Shakarbaba, and a young girl named Aarti. Vicky edu......

Hindi   1981   159 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-02
 Shashi Kapoor Gautam Govinda Movie
Gautam Govinda

Impressed with the dedication shown by Police Inspector Gautam, the Commissioner of Police assigns him to police a lawless town, which is over-run by criminals, and where no police officer has survived for more than a few days. Ga......

Hindi   1979   131 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-02
 Shashi Kapoor Do Musafir Movie
Do Musafir

Bijli's life crashes when her lover Raju dies tragically in an accident. She is in for a bigger shock when she meets Vicky....

Hindi   1978   147 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-11-01
 Shashi Kapoor Abhinetri Movie

A chance meeting between an Assistant Scientist, Shekar, and an established stage dancer and singer, Anjana, results in love. While Shekar has a mother who lives separately, Anjana has been orphaned at an early age. Shekar's mom a......

Hindi   1970   154 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-10-07
 Shashi Kapoor Aap Beati Movie
Aap Beati

The Kapoor family consists of Kishorilal, his wife Lajjo, son, Prakash, and daughter, Geeta. Kishorilal and Geeta toil hard to ensure that Prakash gets a good education so that he can study in America, return home, and repay the l......

Hindi   1976   145 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-10-07
 Shashi Kapoor Aandhi-Toofan Movie

Inspector Ranjeet Singh was killed by Balbir a notorious bike gangster soon after his marriage.Years have passed by but police still haven't been able to arrest Balbir.Ranjit's Singh's widow Sheela hires to two men Raghu and Balu ......

Hindi   1985   144 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-10-07
 Shashi Kapoor Aamne - Saamne Movie
Aamne - Saamne

Acquitted for killing his wealthy wife, a male re-locates, changes his name, re-marries another wealthy woman, and then becomes a suspect when attempts are made to kill her also....

Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, English   1967   163 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-10-07
 Shashi Kapoor Aahuti Movie

Hiralal's gang now seeks revenge against the family of devout Harnam Prasad which comprises his wife; Kamini Kaushal as Kaushalya Prasad and three sons. They sabotage the picnic bus of his two sons, Ram and Laxman, leading it to b......

Hindi   1978   135 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-10-07
 Shashi Kapoor Come, Embrace Me Movie
Come, Embrace Me

Preeti lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay along with her widower dad, Heerachand, and is a medical student. While on a trip to Simla, she meets and falls in love with a Casanova, Prem, and both get intimate. When her dad opposes ......

Hindi   1973   148 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-10-07
 Shashi Kapoor Pyar Kiye Jaa Movie
Pyar Kiye Jaa

A widower struggles to arrange wealthy husbands for his two daughters and control his film-obsessed son; all while, one of his ex-employees stages a protest outside his house....

Hindi   1966   129 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-10-06
 Shashi Kapoor Dil Ne Pukara Movie
Dil Ne Pukara

Asha lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay with her widowed dad, who would like her to get married to Dr. Prakash. While vacationing in Kashmir, she meets with a young man, Rajan, and both fall in love with each other. When she retu......

Hindi   1967   173 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-10-05
 Shashi Kapoor Chor Machaye Shor Movie
Chor Machaye Shor

Vijay, who loves Rekha, is framed by her father for a crime he did not commit. However, he escapes from prison to prove his innocence and reunite with his lover....

Hindi   1974   139 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-10-05
 Shashi Kapoor Dharmputra Movie

The story of two families, that of Nawab Badruddin and Gulshan Rai, living in an India under British rule, sharing life's ups and downs together almost as one family together....

Hindi   1961   150 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-09-24
 Shashi Kapoor Jaanwar Aur Insaan Movie
Jaanwar Aur Insaan

Shekhar lives a wealthy lifestyle with in widowed mother, Gauri, in Jamuna Nagar, India and manages an estate. The region is being terrorized by a tiger which was wounded by him and has since become even more fearless and a man-ea......

Hindi   1972   155 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-09-23
 Shashi Kapoor Hira Aur Patthar Movie
Hira Aur Patthar

A young crusader struggles to free the poor peasants from the clutches of corrupt trustees of the town. He decides to take any measures to get justice....

Hindi   1977   125 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-09-22
 Shashi Kapoor Ghar Ek Mandir Movie
Ghar Ek Mandir

A joint family consisting of three brothers Prem (Shashi Kapoor), Vijay (Raj Kiran) and Ravi (Mithun Chakraborty) are leading a happy and prosperous life. They consider their house temple of Love. However, destiny has its own plan......

Hindi   1984   156 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-09-21
 Shashi Kapoor Vijeta Movie

Vijeta (The Victor) is the coming of age story of Angad (Kunal Kapoor). Confused like any other teenager trying to find himself and caught in between the marital problems of his mother Neelima (Rekha) and father Nihal (Shashi Kapo......

Hindi   1982   151 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-09-20
 Shashi Kapoor In Custody Movie
In Custody

An editor asks Deven, a teacher who loves Urdu poetry, to interview poet Nur Shahjehanabadi, an aging whale of a man. Deven goes to Bhopal from Mirpur to meet Nur, of whom he is in awe. He finds him living with feuding wives, visi......

Urdu, Hindi   1994   126 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-08-19
 Shashi Kapoor The Deceivers Movie
The Deceivers

Fact-based account of a secret society of murderers, and of the man who exposed them in British India 1825....

English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Rajasthani   1988   102 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-08-10
 Shashi Kapoor Swati Movie

Sharda, a nurse and single mother, raises her daughter Swati as an independent, articulate young woman. Swati is a strong advocate of women's rights in a society where there is significant male domination. Swati deals with eve teaser...

Hindi   1986   151 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-08-08
 Shashi Kapoor Ilzaam Movie

Ajay is a street dancer and while people are watching his dance his fellow members manage to rob their houses.One day he decides to quit it as he was forcefully bought into this.Ajay saves Laxmi from goons following which she take......

Hindi   1986   164 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-08-08
 Shashi Kapoor Anjaam Movie

A family drama highlighting a mother-daughter relationship that evolves and survives the test of time....

Hindi   1987   136 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-08-07
 Shashi Kapoor New Delhi Times Movie
New Delhi Times

When a politician is killed, a journalist discovers that a member of parliament had the man assassinated. As his editor digs deeper, the complicity of higher-placed politicians comes to the surface, which leads to riots in one tow......

Hindi   1986   123 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-08-07
 Shashi Kapoor Zameen Aasmaan Movie
Zameen Aasmaan

A widower has a run of good luck; a sudden increase in his fortunes, and a new woman in his life whose resemblance to his late wife seals the deal. However, the new bride may not have the best intentions towards him....

Hindi   1984   133 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-08-06
 Shashi Kapoor Yaadon Ki Zanjeer Movie
Yaadon Ki Zanjeer

Two brothers get separated subsequent to their father's murder by a vicious gang. Furthermore, issues evolve, when one joins the gang and the other joins the police force to avenge his father's death....

Hindi   1984   128 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-08-06
 Shashi Kapoor Durdesh Movie

Raju is a second-generation American-Indian who lives with his mother, Shobha, and resents his father for having an illicit affair with a married East Indian woman, Rita, as well as his secretary, Nancy, which led to Shobha separa......

Hindi, Bengali   1983   143 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-08-04
 Shashi Kapoor Namak Halaal Movie
Namak Halaal

Brought up by his grandfather, Arjun Singh moves to the city in search of a new job and life. While in the city he meets Bhairon, who helps him find a job as a singer in a 5-star hotel owned by Raja....

Hindi   1982   171 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-08-03
 Shashi Kapoor Bezubaan Movie

A young woman must try to keep a one-night stand that she had in college a secret from her husband who happens to be one of his best friends, and thowart a persistant blackmailer intent on collecting money from her to keep quite a......

Hindi   1982   137 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-08-01
 Shashi Kapoor Shaan Movie

Two brothers go after the international mafia kingpin who murdered their cop brother. They are later joined by another man who wants revenge against the gangster....

Hindi   1980   181 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-08-01
 Shashi Kapoor Kalyug Movie

This movie tells story of fierce and total competition of two related business families in the days of license raaj India.The overall plot is based on Mahabharat.This movie shows that how the pursuit of self serving ideals even le......

Hindi   1981   152 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-08-01
 Shashi Kapoor Ganga Aur Suraj Movie
Ganga Aur Suraj

Watch the full movie, Ganga Aur Suraj online, only on Eros Now. It is the touching story of 2 brothers who are separated at birth and grow up to become rivals. Police man Shekhar comes in disguise to catch a dacoit Vikram Singh....

Hindi   1980   157 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-08-01
 Shashi Kapoor Do Aur Do Paanch Movie
Do Aur Do Paanch

Two rival burglars end up at the same school with the intent of abducting a rich man's son for a large ransom....

Hindi   1980   132 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-07-31
 Shashi Kapoor Suhaag Movie

Two brothers gets separated at the time of their birth. But when they reunite as adults, challenges welcome them....

Hindi, Punjabi   1979   164 min   Shashi Kapoor   2022-07-31
 Shashi Kapoor
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