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Shammi Kapoor
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Shammi Kapoor Daata Movie

Dinanath is a school-teacher in a small town in India, and lives with his wife, Kamla; daughter, Shanti; and son Kundan. He has published a book called "Daata" in which he has made reference to all major religions of the world, an......

Hindi   1989   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2023-03-14
Shammi Kapoor Preetam Movie

Rukmani gets married to Rana and faces endless abuse and beatings which do not end even when she gets pregnant. The Police arrest Rana for Robbery, try him in Court and sentence him to several years in prison, leaving Rukmani alon......

Hindi   1971   137 min   Shammi Kapoor   2023-03-07
Shammi Kapoor Tangewali Movie

Hindi   1955   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2023-03-03
Shammi Kapoor Raat Ke Rahi Movie
Raat Ke Rahi

A ruffian with a bad reputation assists the police against his brother but ends up getting arrested himself....

Hindi   1959   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2023-03-01
Shammi Kapoor Vozvrashchenie bagdadskogo vora Movie
Vozvrashchenie bagdadskogo vora

Russian   1988   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2023-02-27
Shammi Kapoor Maharani Movie

Hindi   1957   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2023-02-26
Shammi Kapoor Mirza Sahiban Movie
Mirza Sahiban

Hindi   1957   119 min   Shammi Kapoor   2023-02-23
Shammi Kapoor Rangin Raaten Movie
Rangin Raaten

Hindi   1956   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2023-02-20
Shammi Kapoor Mujrim Movie

Hindi   1958   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2023-02-20
Shammi Kapoor Harjaee Movie

Ajay Nath comes from a wealthy family, and is prone to playing practical jokes and pranks in order to get his way with this mother and father. In one case he asked one of their family doctors', Dr. Panjabi, to lie to his dad that he ...

Hindi   1981   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2023-02-20
Shammi Kapoor Preet Na Jane Reet Movie
Preet Na Jane Reet

After completion of his higher education Ashok returns to India to stay with his widowed father. He falls in love with Kavita who after a few altercations falls for him too. They are set to......

Hindi   1966   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2023-02-19
Shammi Kapoor Prem Yog Movie
Prem Yog

Maharaj Chatrapal Singh and his wife the Maharani are delighted when they become proud parents of a son - the heir to the thrown of Ramgad. Their delight is short-lived when the Palace Astrologer predicts that Chatrapal will be th......

Hindi   1994   148 min   Shammi Kapoor   2023-02-13
Shammi Kapoor Mohabat Ka Paigham Movie
Mohabat Ka Paigham

Nadeem looses his legs in accident and now his brother Naeem looks after all his business while away from home Naeem gets news of Nadeem getting married And to his shock he sees his bride as Zeenat who was his love interest....

Hindi   1989   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2023-02-12
Shammi Kapoor Armaan Movie

The freedom struggle of India against the British government....

Hindi   1981   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2023-02-11
Shammi Kapoor Hukumat Movie

A tough cop is posted to a small town where an evil businessman reigns like a tyrant. When the cop recognizes the businessman as his father's murderer, it becomes personal....

Hindi   1987   130 min   Shammi Kapoor   2023-02-10
Shammi Kapoor Thokar Movie

Hindi   1953   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2023-02-09
Shammi Kapoor Mohar Movie


Hindi   1959   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2023-02-09
Shammi Kapoor Mama Bhanja Movie
Mama Bhanja

A dying mother leaves her orphan son to her only brother who brings up his nephew with love and care. The nephew grows up with a lot of values. One day the Uncle strikes it rich and is then hounded by a woman who seduces him for h......

Hindi   1977   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2023-02-09
Shammi Kapoor Baadal Movie

Baadal and Meenakshi love each other but parents are against them due to old enmity....

Hindi   1985   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2023-01-28
Shammi Kapoor Latt Saheb Movie
Latt Saheb

A woodcutter, Jangu lives a poor lifestyle in Kashmir along with his widowed mother, who fears that he is going to die soon after Dassera. She keeps on praying for his well-being and safety, and cautions him to be careful all the ......

Hindi   1967   160 min   Shammi Kapoor   2023-01-13
Shammi Kapoor Janwar Movie

The wealthy patriarch of a Mumbai family learns more than wants to about his own origins after his refusal to accept his sons' chosen spouses drives them and his own wife away....

Hindi   1965   247 min   Shammi Kapoor   2023-01-12
Shammi Kapoor Sachaai Movie

Ashok and Kishore (Shammi Kapoor and Sanjeev Kumar respectively) are two room-mates, living in a hostel. While Ashok takes to crime and dishonesty, Kishore is honest to a fault. When Kishore finds that his dad (Rajan Mehra) has be......

Hindi   1969   160 min   Shammi Kapoor   2023-01-11
Shammi Kapoor Chhote Sarkar Movie
Chhote Sarkar

Moti and Raja are twins. While Moti is loved by everyone, Raja, who paints women, is considered a fool. When Moti's wife falsely accuses Raja of rape, the family throws him out of the house....

Hindi   1974   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2023-01-10
Shammi Kapoor Rajkumar Movie

Prince Bhanu Pratap returns from a decade in a foreign country, together with his friend Kapil. His father, the King (Raja)has married again after Bhanu Pratap's mother passed away, and has a son by his new wife Maharani (Queen) K......

Hindi   1964   178 min   Shammi Kapoor   2023-01-10
Shammi Kapoor Censor Movie

Depicts a filmmaker's struggle to pass his controversial film for family viewing, follows many hardships in the process....

Hindi   2001   165 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-12-12
Shammi Kapoor Singapore Movie

When his employee disappears in Singapore, Shyam travels from India to investigate the absence and becomes entangled in a deadly plot....

Hindi   1960   135 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-12-09
Shammi Kapoor Romance Movie

British based Mr. and Mrs. Roy are thrilled when their son announces that he is going to marry a Caucasian woman. Soon they are blessed when a daughter, Sonia, is born. Tragically, their son passes away, leaving them heartbroken. Son...

Hindi   1983   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2022-12-09
Shammi Kapoor Pagla Kahin Ka Movie
Pagla Kahin Ka

Sujit started having mental problems when he was six years after visiting his dad, Ajit, at a mental asylum. Thereafter he kept on getting into trouble, and even ran away from the orphanage. Years later a Musician and Singer, Shya......

Hindi   1970   139 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-12-09
Shammi Kapoor Jaane-Anjaane Movie

Laxmi Prasad finds an abandoned baby and decided to keep him. She and her husband Shankar named him Ramu. Shankar wants him to gamble and indulged in bootlegging. He grows up to become a criminal....

Hindi   1971   139 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-12-09
Shammi Kapoor China Town Movie
China Town

A Darjeeling-based singer is asked to impersonate and take over the life of a Calcutta-based China Town gangster....

Hindi   1962   151 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-12-09
Shammi Kapoor Megha Movie

Three young men - Akash, Vinod and Prakash are in love with Megha but Megha only acknowledges the love of Akash and confides that she will only get marry to him. But this marriage is not acceptable to Megha's brother, Shankar sinc......

Hindi   1996   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2022-12-08
Shammi Kapoor Mast Kalandar Movie
Mast Kalandar

Widower Rai Bahadur Pratap Singh lives a wealthy life-style with his son. He would like his son to marry some girl from a rich family, and is disappointed when he wants to marry someone poor. Pratap instructs him to forget about h......

Hindi   1991   143 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-12-08
Shammi Kapoor Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya Movie
Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya

Rajesh (Shammi Kapoor) is the son of a rich father, Kuver Saheb (Prithviraj Kapoor). Rajesh falls in love with Savita (Saroja Devi) a daughter of a teacher Ramdas (Nazir Hussain), who Rajesh got sacked and humiliated when he was y......

Hindi   1963   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2022-12-04
Shammi Kapoor Betaab Movie

A young man (Sunny Deol) and woman (Amrita Singh) fall in love, but face obstacles from their families....

Hindi   1983   162 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-11-29
Shammi Kapoor Dil Tera Diwana Movie
Dil Tera Diwana

Wayward, brash, and disobedient Mohan (Shammi Kapoor) is sent by his angry dad Diwan Badriprasad (Ulhas) to a retired army captain Dayaram (Om Prakash) to learn some discipline and respect. But Mohan asks his friend Anokhe (Mehmoo......

Hindi   1962   150 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-11-26
Shammi Kapoor Basant Movie

A runaway spoiled rich girl is helped by a man she meets on the road, but their path to love is strewn with numerous misunderstandings, false accusations, a sudden tragedy and the pursing footsteps of a persistent pickpocket....

Hindi   1960   165 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-11-21
Shammi Kapoor Shama Parwana Movie
Shama Parwana

Gul Mirza is a poet who lives with his widowed mother in Hindustan circa the Mughal Rule. He sings in Arkat-Ul-Daula's palace, and wins praise from his daughter, Sahebzadi Aalam. He then also meets with her dad, accepts and wins a......

Hindi   1954   147 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-11-14
Shammi Kapoor Miss Coca Cola Movie
Miss Coca Cola

Ganga, who becomes a night club dancer called Miss Coca Cola when her father is implicated in a murder case. Helped by Kamal, a rich young man, she is able to prove her father's innocence....

Hindi   1955   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2022-11-14
Shammi Kapoor Jeewan Jyoti Movie
Jeewan Jyoti

Young and handsome Shammi and beautiful Kishori are in love, and despite of their circumstances, marry and live in wedded bliss for a short period of time, and then start having differences. Even the birth of a baby boy does not b......

Hindi   1953   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2022-11-13
Shammi Kapoor Humshakal Movie

Commissioner Kapoor makes Dadu Kaliya take the place of his lookalike inspector Vinod who was killed by Devi Dutt but how long will he hide the secret of Vinod's death from his family....

Hindi   1992   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2022-11-13
Shammi Kapoor Ham Sab Chor Hain Movie
Ham Sab Chor Hain

"Hum Sab Chor Hain" Is The Story Of Two Happy-Go-Lucky Guys Who Are Up To All Tricks To Make For Themselves A Comfortable Living....

Hindi   1956   117 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-11-13
Shammi Kapoor Bundal Baaz Movie
Bundal Baaz

Daydreamer Rajaram lives a poor lifestyle in a village in India along with his aunt and an unmarried sister, Malti, who has mortgaged their shanty house with Sukhi Lala so that she can educate Rajaram in Bombay. Rajaram pretends t......

Hindi   1976   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2022-11-13
Shammi Kapoor Bade Ghar Ki Beti Movie
Bade Ghar Ki Beti

Thakur Din Dayal is a family and village patriarch living with his wife and three married sons Murli,Manohar and Girdhar who do nothing but enjoy his wealth while other son Gopal and daughter Pushpa are till not married.Thakur com......

Hindi   1989   138 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-11-13
Shammi Kapoor Sipahsalar Movie

Hindi   1956   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2022-11-13
Shammi Kapoor Dil Deke Dekho Movie
Dil Deke Dekho

An adopted rich heiress falls in love with a drummer who is unaware of his family's background....

Hindi   1959   187 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-11-12
Shammi Kapoor Budtameez Movie

Shanta (Sadhana) is wealthy Rajbahadur Murthy Sagar's vivacious and uppity, orphan granddaughter. Her character is developed as pretty, haughty, aware of herself and contemptuous of servants. Shyam (Shammi Kapoor) and Shanta have ......

Hindi   1966   145 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-11-01
Shammi Kapoor Bluff Master Movie
Bluff Master

An inveterate con man falls in love and realizes the error of his ways after his mother comes to know the truth about him....

Hindi   1963   135 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-11-01
Shammi Kapoor Jawan Muhabat Movie
Jawan Muhabat

Dr. Sarin lives with his wife, Sunita, young daughter, Rekha, and his brother, Rajesh. Rajesh is an eligible bachelor, and on the lookout for a life-partner with a view of marriage. One day, Dr. Sarin gets a visitor from his past, na...

Hindi   1971   N/A   Shammi Kapoor   2022-10-27
Shammi Kapoor Aan Aur Shaan Movie
Aan Aur Shaan

Accused of theft, Ram Singh abandons his wife and relocates to the city with his son Vijay. Years later, while on his deathbed, Ram Singh tells the truth to Vijay, who vows to set things right....

Hindi   1984   130 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-10-07
Shammi Kapoor Aaja Meri Jaan Movie
Aaja Meri Jaan

Two young lovers are separated when the man is falsely implicated in a murder....

Hindi   1993   162 min   Shammi Kapoor   2022-10-07
Shammi Kapoor
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