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Movies by Actor Sanjeev Kumar

 Sanjeev Kumar Insaan Aur Shaitan Movie
Insaan Aur Shaitan

Hindi   1970   N/A   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-03-20
 Sanjeev Kumar Maa Ka Aanchal Movie
Maa Ka Aanchal

Hindi   1970   N/A   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-03-07
 Sanjeev Kumar Husn aur Ishq Movie
Husn aur Ishq

Ashique Hussain, a simple handsome and healthy young man had idolized an Imaginary Queen of his dreams and had fallen in love with her. Incidently he ran into a merchant who highly praised ......

Hindi   1966   N/A   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-03-05
 Sanjeev Kumar Bombay by Nite Movie
Bombay by Nite

Hindi   1979   N/A   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-28
 Sanjeev Kumar Dil Aur Patthar Movie
Dil Aur Patthar

Hindi   1977   N/A   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-28
 Sanjeev Kumar Shriman Shrimati Movie
Shriman Shrimati

A rich and wealthy couple, Shankarlal and Parvati (Sanjeev Kumar & Raakhee) are appalled at the problems of the world, especially in households, so they decide to try and make things right - one household at a time. They first go ......

Hindi   1982   145 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-24
 Sanjeev Kumar Dhoop Chhaon Movie
Dhoop Chhaon

Concerned about the outbreak of plague in a distant rural village in India, Dr. D.D. Sinha asks a number of prominent doctors to go there and treat the ailing and prevent the disease from spreading. No one except his protégé, Dr. ......

Hindi   1977   N/A   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-24
 Sanjeev Kumar Kangan Movie

Sunil lives a middle-classed lifestyle in a village in India along with his widowed mom, Janki. He is studying Medicine in the city, is in love with his childhood sweetheart, Shanta, and everyone expects them to get married soon. ......

Hindi   1971   139 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-20
 Sanjeev Kumar Archana Movie

Prakash, a rich orphan, has been brought up by his family servant Gopal kaka. Prakash falls in love with Archana and they get married. They are living a happy life until one day Archana dies after giving birth to their son Rajesh.......

Hindi   1974   N/A   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-20
 Sanjeev Kumar Apne Dushman Movie
Apne Dushman

Brijesh is an airline pilot. While on duty one day, he comes across some men who are smugglers, and after a short tussle with them, he hands them over to the police. A lipstick containing a deadly secret is left on Brijesh's perso......

Hindi   1975   120 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-20
 Sanjeev Kumar Gunehgar Movie

Hindi   1967   N/A   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-19
 Sanjeev Kumar Swayamvar Movie

The second wife of kind-hearted,and generous Amirchand Bhargav is Durgadevi Bhargav (Nadira), who is exactly the opposite of her late husband. She rules over her household, alongwith her brother, Makhanlal (Madan Puri), with an ir......

Hindi   1980   161 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-19
 Sanjeev Kumar Itni Si Baat Movie
Itni Si Baat

One day while travelling on the BEST bus in Bombay, Raja produces a 100 rupee note to buy a 50 paisa bus ticket, and is made fun of by the bus conductor, and asked to leave the bus. Asha, who is travelling on the same bus, pays fo......

Hindi   1981   138 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-19
 Sanjeev Kumar Mukti Movie

Kailash Sharma is found guilty of sexually molesting Shanno and killing Dheeraj Kumar Verma, and sentenced to be hanged by the Jammu & Kashmir Sessions Court. After his appeals at both High and Supreme Courts fail, he asks his wif......

Hindi   1977   150 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-17
 Sanjeev Kumar Chehre Pe Chehra Movie
Chehre Pe Chehra

Dr Wilson is well respected person in a small Goan village, soon one of his experiments will turn him into a monster....

Hindi   1981   140 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-16
 Sanjeev Kumar Raahee Movie

A pregnant woman is abandoned by her truck-driver lover....

Hindi   1987   N/A   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-15
 Sanjeev Kumar Kaanch Ki Deewar Movie
Kaanch Ki Deewar

Bhoop Singh is a honest man who works for Lakhsmi Singh, and lives with his wife, Devi, and sister, Sundari. He saves his hard-earned money with Lakhsmi, and when the time comes for Sundari's marriage & dowry, he goes to take his ......

Hindi   1986   N/A   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-15
 Sanjeev Kumar Devata Movie

Tony's daughter Mary gets intimate with a college friend. When he refuses to marry Mary even on Tony's insistence, he is killed by mistake. Shortly after this, the police come looking for Tony, to charge him with murder, and Tony ......

Hindi   1978   148 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-13
 Sanjeev Kumar Waqt Ki Deewar Movie
Waqt Ki Deewar

Cruel and lustful Thakur Dayal Singh (Amjad Singh) brutally rapes Sarla (Nazneen), forcing her to commit suicide, leaving her young children, Vikram and Munna, homeless. Vikram and Munna try to stay together but are separated. Years ...

Hindi   1981   156 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-11
 Sanjeev Kumar Sawan Ke Geet Movie
Sawan Ke Geet

Hindi   1978   N/A   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-10
 Sanjeev Kumar Oonch Neech Beech Movie
Oonch Neech Beech

The film is based on an incredible true story about a village woman who gets lost at a railway station and waits fourteen years for her husband to come....

Hindi   1989   126 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-10
 Sanjeev Kumar Ladies Tailor Movie
Ladies Tailor

Mehboob works as a ladies tailor in Mumbai's high profile tailoring shop stitching clothes for many film actress for their films.He isn't happy top be away from his family and decides to return to Lucknow and open a tailoring shop......

Hindi   1981   148 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-10
 Sanjeev Kumar Do Waqt Ki Roti Movie
Do Waqt Ki Roti

Notorious bandit Tantia Bheel is arrested by the Police, tried in Court, found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in jail, where he gets to meet Jailer Vijay Saxena. Shortly thereafter Tantia breaks out of jail, and re-joins his fel......

Hindi   1988   110 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-10
 Sanjeev Kumar Bad Aur Badnaam Movie
Bad Aur Badnaam

James and Ashwinikumar are secret agents from Ringania and India fighting to stop the villains hell bent on world domination....

Hindi   1984   135 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-10
 Sanjeev Kumar Suraj Aur Chanda Movie
Suraj Aur Chanda

Hindi   1973   131 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-09
 Sanjeev Kumar Ram Tere Kitne Nam Movie
Ram Tere Kitne Nam

Peturam is an overweight, albeit sensitive young man, who is head over heels in love with beautiful Radha, the sister of Tej Singh, and would like to marry her. When he proposes to marry her, Tej makes fun of him, asks him to gath......

Hindi   1985   157 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-02-09
 Sanjeev Kumar Suraag Movie

Prof Saxsena and Dr Gupta are friends living in Los Angeles USA. Dr Gupta decides to marry an indian girl, so they plan to visit Bombay, India, to select a suitor....

Hindi   1982   N/A   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-01-27
 Sanjeev Kumar Zindagi Movie

Raghu Shukla lives in a small town in India with his wife, Sarojini; two sons - Naresh and Ramesh, who are married to Sudha and Shobha respectively, and altogether have three children, an unmarried daughter, Seema, who is away studyi...

Hindi   1976   139 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-01-14
 Sanjeev Kumar Sachaai Movie

Ashok and Kishore (Shammi Kapoor and Sanjeev Kumar respectively) are two room-mates, living in a hostel. While Ashok takes to crime and dishonesty, Kishore is honest to a fault. When Kishore finds that his dad (Rajan Mehra) has be......

Hindi   1969   160 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-01-11
 Sanjeev Kumar Qatl Movie

A blind man plans revenge on his adulterous wife.... by murder. A taut thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat....

Hindi   1986   141 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-01-02
 Sanjeev Kumar Sawaal Movie

Sawaal is a powerful confrontation of life's greatest motivating forces - self against selfishness, love against power, good against evil....

Hindi   1982   123 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2023-01-01
 Sanjeev Kumar Apne Rang Hazaar Movie
Apne Rang Hazaar

Hindi   1975   124 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-12-29
 Sanjeev Kumar Anhonee Movie

Dr Rekha admits a patient, Sunil, in her mental hospital and soon, he responds to the treatment and recovers. They fall in love with each other but everything is not as it seems to be....

Hindi   1973   127 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-12-29
 Sanjeev Kumar Yehi Hai Zindagi Movie
Yehi Hai Zindagi

Anand Narayan comes from a poor family, which consists of his wife, Gayetri, daughter, Kamla, and two sons Madhu and Govind. Through hard work, Anand starts on his way to success. He meets with Nekiram, who becomes his business pa......

Hindi   1977   133 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-12-15
 Sanjeev Kumar Devi Movie

Devi is a young woman who lives in a village in India with her widowed mother, Jamuna. She meets with the local doctor, Shekhar, both fall in love with each other, and get married. This marriage does not meet with the approval of ......

Hindi   1970   145 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-12-14
 Sanjeev Kumar Mare Javun Pele Paar Movie
Mare Javun Pele Paar

Gujarati   1968   N/A   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-12-10
 Sanjeev Kumar Pakhandi Movie

Hindi   1984   138 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-12-09
 Sanjeev Kumar Charitraheen Movie

The movie is about an innocent Sharmila Tagore, who meets Sanjeev Kumar and they fall in love with each other. A twist in the story happens and he gets married to another girl (Yogeeta Bali). After a long time he meets Sharmila, w......

Hindi   1974   100 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-12-09
 Sanjeev Kumar Ayaash Movie

While most of his countrymen are busy protesting the British rule, Thakur Jaswant Singh chooses to live a carefree life. He hires a personal photographer who soon becomes the reason for his downfall....

Hindi   1982   131 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-12-09
 Sanjeev Kumar Ramat Ramade Ram Movie
Ramat Ramade Ram

Gujarati   1964   N/A   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-12-08
 Sanjeev Kumar Biwi-O-Biwi Movie

Singer Chandermohan is born in a well-off family and is the only child. Since he is of marriageable age, both he and his parents want him to get married. But since he was born with a strong & adverse influence of Mars (Mangalik) d......

Hindi   1981   156 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-12-07
 Sanjeev Kumar Kalapi Movie

Gujarati   1966   137 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-12-06
 Sanjeev Kumar Yaadgaar Movie

After the passing of his father, an unemployed slacker-trouble-maker faces many challenges and humiliation when he goes to live with his married sister and her family....

Hindi   1984   N/A   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-12-05
 Sanjeev Kumar Swarg Narak Movie
Swarg Narak

Our story has three married couples: One couple, who are happily married, are Tripathi (Sanjeev Kumar) and his wife Mary; the second couple are Geeta (Shabana Azmi) and Vinod (Vinod Mehra), who live in Vinod's mom's house. Their's......

Hindi   1978   164 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-12-05
 Sanjeev Kumar Abdullah Movie

Abdullah is a devout Muslim who lives in a small hut the middle of a desert in Persia, and looks after a well so that it provides water to thirsty travelers. One day a friend, Ameer, informs him that bandit Khaleel had raided a se......

Hindi   1980   136 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-12-02
 Sanjeev Kumar Rivaaj Movie

Shekhar has fallen in love with the new priest's daughter, Lakshmi. Lakshmi's father divulges a secret...she was married and widowed as a teenager. Shekhar's mother objects to them getting ......

Hindi   1972   117 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-11-29
 Sanjeev Kumar Manchali Movie

The story is about a rich spoiled girl who does not want to get married and hires a husband....

Hindi   1973   131 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-11-24
 Sanjeev Kumar Paras Movie

Two siblings witness a murder and bring the killer to justice, only to discover that they have put themselves in a dangerous game of cat and mouse....

Hindi   1971   147 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-11-24
 Sanjeev Kumar Apnapan Movie

Delhi based Anil Mehra decides to relocate to Bombay. He is unsure of the location of his workplace, and takes the assistance of Radhika Sharma. She does assist him to find the location. They continue to meet, and are attracted to......

Hindi   1977   133 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-11-24
 Sanjeev Kumar Shandaar Movie

A kind-hearted business tycoon, whose daughter was killed in an accident, takes a liking to an employee's daughter....

Hindi   1974   145 min   Sanjeev Kumar   2022-11-15
 Sanjeev Kumar
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