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 Rajesh Khanna Khudai Movie

Raj Anand is a Bollywood movie director and lives a wealthy lifestyle with his wife, Padmini, and only son, Varun. He is respected and liked in the industry and is known to be a man of honesty and principles. He feels that Varun shou...

Hindi   1994   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2023-03-11
 Rajesh Khanna Goraa Movie

Hindi   1987   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2023-03-01
 Rajesh Khanna Badnam Farishte Movie
Badnam Farishte

Two lawyers fight for unemployed youth getting into the world of crime....

Hindi   1971   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-28
 Rajesh Khanna Jai Shiv Shankar Movie
Jai Shiv Shankar

This is a story of three men first one is Jai frank and fearless journalist and crusader, for whom the most dangerous of swords, guns, or bombs are no match. He may lay down his life, but will not compromise with the ultimate trut......

Hindi   1990   90 min   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-27
 Rajesh Khanna Chalta Purza Movie
Chalta Purza

Rajesh Khanna plays the role of Amar an unemployed struggle in life, just because he believes in honesty. Ammar's eyes open when his mother dies in a car accident. He realizes that his mother could not be safe due to his honest wa......

Hindi   1977   150 min   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-25
 Rajesh Khanna Dharam Kanta Movie
Dharam Kanta

Thakur Bhavani Singh heads a gang of dacoits, who have spread terror and fear in the region. Bhavani has a family, consisting of his wife, Radha, and two sons, Ram and Laxman, and a daughter named Ganga. One day Bhavani kidnaps th......

Hindi   1982   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-24
 Rajesh Khanna Dharm Aur Qanoon Movie
Dharm Aur Qanoon

Justice Diwan lives in a palatial house with his wife, Sharda, and a son named Rajan. Diwan and Rajan do not get along and as a result, Rajan moves out and goes to live in a nearby slum area with two friends, Dr. Bashir Khan and h......

Hindi   1984   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-24
 Rajesh Khanna Shadi Se Pahale Movie
Shadi Se Pahale

Hindi   1980   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-24
 Rajesh Khanna Chhoti Bahu Movie
Chhoti Bahu

Radha lives with her widowed dad and is of marriageable age. Accordingly her details her provided to a marriage-broker, Avtar, who also doubles as a Ved (Village Doctor). He brings the proposal before Shriram and his wife, Sita. T......

Hindi   1971   137 min   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-23
 Rajesh Khanna Ghar Parivaar Movie
Ghar Parivaar

Noble Shankar sells all his property and sends his step-brother Balwant to the city for higher education, but Balwant returns with a wife who refuses to adjust to the simple village life and becomes the reason for the family to sp......

Hindi   1991   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-22
 Rajesh Khanna Paapi Pet Ka Sawaal Hai Movie
Paapi Pet Ka Sawaal Hai

A robin hood kind of story...

Hindi   1984   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-20
 Rajesh Khanna Dhanwan Movie

Vijay Kumar Saxena is a rich playboy who cares about nothing he falls in love with Asha Nath who she ignore as she is in love with Anil due to an accident committed by Anil Vijay lost his eyesight and needs eyes donation to see ag......

Hindi   1981   152 min   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-20
 Rajesh Khanna Nishaan Movie

When a villain tries to break the friendship of two friends, they realise that they are brothers and set out to take revenge against the people responsible for their separation....

Hindi   1983   131 min   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-16
 Rajesh Khanna Angaaray Movie

Aarti Verma (Smita Patil) is an educated girl living with her young brother Sanjay Verma (Alankar Joshi) and her mother. She joins as the personal secretary to Jolly (Shakti Kapoor). Meanwhile, Vijay (Raj Babbar) develops a desire......

Hindi   1986   139 min   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-16
 Rajesh Khanna Anokha Rishta Movie
Anokha Rishta

Mary, an inmate of an orphanage run by nuns, is good at studies and is artistically talented, her education so far has been sponsored by a philanthropist. Her sponsor, a rich old man who she has never met but has only corresponded......

Hindi   1986   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-15
 Rajesh Khanna Nasihat Movie

Indrani, a daughter of a multimillionaire Seth Ratanlal, falls in love with an ordinary but honest Dinesh and vows to marry him. Dishonest and cunning servant Mohanlal gets hurt to know this and starts bittering the cars of Seth R......

Hindi   1986   139 min   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-14
 Rajesh Khanna Rupaye Dus Karod Movie
Rupaye Dus Karod

Ravi has achieved law degree but has stopped practice and writes novels based on crime and detective.20 years ago his father Chamanlal had to flee the country and was pursued dead but he made it big in Singapore and wants to trans......

Hindi   1991   149 min   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-13
 Rajesh Khanna Ghar Ka Chiraag Movie
Ghar Ka Chiraag

Kumar is a very wealthy businessman and lives a comfortable lifestyle with his lovely wife, Asha, in a palatial house. The only thing missing from their lives is a son. When Asha gets pregnant, Kumar knows that all his dreams will......

Hindi   1989   158 min   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-13
 Rajesh Khanna Bewafai Movie

Asha's jealousy gets the better of her when she finds out that the man she loves, Ashok, is showering his attention to other two girls, Vinny and Renu....

Hindi   1985   145 min   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-12
 Rajesh Khanna Babu Movie

Babu is a naive young man who likes to go out of his way to help people. He has fallen in love with Kammo, but in the process of helping another, he lands himself in jail for two years. After his discharge, he finds that a lady wh......

Hindi   1985   148 min   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-11
 Rajesh Khanna Fiffty Fiffty Movie
Fiffty Fiffty

Bihari is jealous of his rich relative, Virendra Singh, and swaps his son with his own, Kishan. Kishan eventually grows up to become a burglar....

Hindi   1981   136 min   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-10
 Rajesh Khanna Phir Wohi Raat Movie
Phir Wohi Raat

A woman keeps having nightmares about a woman trying to kill her and a psychiatrist tries to help her....

Hindi   1980   146 min   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-09
 Rajesh Khanna Janta Hawaldar Movie
Janta Hawaldar

Janta, a beautiful naive simple minded young man who wants to join the police force in the following of both his grandfather and his father after getting refused then accepted him with the support of his new friends police commiss......

Hindi   1979   126 min   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-09
 Rajesh Khanna Bhola Bhala Movie
Bhola Bhala

Ram Kumar Verma is an honest albeit unsuccessful Insurance Agent. His poor performance and a quick settlement for Renu and her mom gets him transferred to Madhya Pradesh. During the train journey he comes across Nathu Singh, and t......

Hindi   1978   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-07
 Rajesh Khanna Souten Movie

Shyam, a middle-class man, falls in love with a millionaire's daughter and marries her. However, as their relationship starts deteriorating, Shyam finds solace in the company of Radha....

Hindi   1983   160 min   Rajesh Khanna   2023-02-02
 Rajesh Khanna Suraag Movie

Prof Saxsena and Dr Gupta are friends living in Los Angeles USA. Dr Gupta decides to marry an indian girl, so they plan to visit Bombay, India, to select a suitor....

Hindi   1982   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2023-01-27
 Rajesh Khanna Kyaa Dil Ne Kahaa Movie
Kyaa Dil Ne Kahaa

New Zealand settled Esha (Esha Deol) is attracted to fellow-student Rahul (Tushar Kapoor). Rahul too is attracted to Esha. Esha returns home to India and tells her parents (Raj Babbar, Nina Kulkarni) about her love for Rahul. The ......

Hindi   2002   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2023-01-19
 Rajesh Khanna Dard (Conflict of Emotions) Movie
Dard (Conflict of Emotions)

Prosecuting Attorney Seema proceeds with the criminal prosecution of Deepak Srivastav, who is accused of Murder. She submits to the Judge to not be fooled by the innocent looks and the silence of the accused, as she will prove tha......

Hindi   1981   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2023-01-11
 Rajesh Khanna Dil-E-Nadaan Movie

Vikram together with his childhood, orphan friend, Anand is raised by his mother, brother likely. Anand and a young woman named Asha is in love with each other. Quite unknown to the couple that Vikram is in love with Asha. Vikram ......

Hindi   1982   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2023-01-10
 Rajesh Khanna Zamana Movie

Ravi and Vinod's father is killed by a don, for developing a photo that showcases a crime scene. Ravi, a criminal and Vinod, a cop, decide to exact revenge from their father's killer....

Hindi   1985   154 min   Rajesh Khanna   2023-01-01
 Rajesh Khanna Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein Movie
Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein

Ravi (Rajesh Khanna) accidentally lands a job as postman in a remote village after being an unemployed college graduate for some Time. He meets a variety of people as he fits into rural life, including Mohini (Hema Malini). He mis......

Hindi   1977   127 min   Rajesh Khanna   2022-12-30
 Rajesh Khanna Humshakal Movie

Ram comes from a poor family, and works as a labourer for a living. One day he comes across an old woman in distress, and decides to assist her. This old woman is dying and asks Ram to promise to look after her young and destitute......

Hindi   1974   142 min   Rajesh Khanna   2022-12-30
 Rajesh Khanna Shehzada Movie

Circa British rule in India, wealthy DIG of Police is approached by Devdutt, a poor freedom fighter, who would like his daughter, Janki, to get married to the DIG's son, Ratan. The DIG and his wife Rajlaxmi refuse to have to do an......

Hindi   1972   152 min   Rajesh Khanna   2022-12-20
 Rajesh Khanna Adhikar Movie

Vishal and Jyoti come from different backgrounds, but fall in love, and in spite of oppositions from both the couples' sides, are married. After marriage, they settle down to some wedded bliss, but misunderstandings create problem......

Hindi   1986   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2022-12-17
 Rajesh Khanna Tyaag Movie

Chetan and Sunita are in love and would like to get married. With blessings from their respective parents, they do get married and live a fairly harmonious life. They are blessed with the birth of a son, and their joys know no bou......

Hindi   1977   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2022-12-14
 Rajesh Khanna Haathi Mere Saathi Movie
Haathi Mere Saathi

Orphaned Raju, in the company of four elephants, has to perform with them at street corners, in order to keep alive. Slowly he amasses a fortune, and is able to build his own private zoo, housing tigers, lions, bears, and of cours......

Hindi   1971   170 min   Rajesh Khanna   2022-12-11
 Rajesh Khanna Prem Bandhan Movie
Prem Bandhan

Adivasi Mahua lives a poor lifestyle in a fishing village along with her widowed dad. One day the local Poojary comes across a seemingly menacing looking male, feeds him, and asks Mahua's dad to look after him. This male has no me......

Hindi   1979   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2022-12-09
 Rajesh Khanna Mehbooba Movie

A singer by profession, Suraj (Rajesh Khanna) gets stranded in resthouse in the coutnryside during a rainstorm. While there he experiences ununsual feelings, as if he has been there before. He feels himself transported to another ......

Hindi   1976   134 min   Rajesh Khanna   2022-12-09
 Rajesh Khanna Awaaz Movie

Advocate Jayant defends his clients and gets them off the hook, even if they are guilty. However, when his wife is raped by the son of a gangster he has been defending, he vows to take revenge....

Hindi   1984   150 min   Rajesh Khanna   2022-12-09
 Rajesh Khanna Anurodh Movie

A rich businessman disapproves of his son's passion for singing. This leads to friction between them, causing the boy to leave home. He adopts a new identity when he becomes a popular singer....

Hindi   1977   147 min   Rajesh Khanna   2022-12-09
 Rajesh Khanna Alag Alag Movie
Alag Alag

Two people from different strata in society, Chandni and Neeraj will do anything to get there obligations carried out. While Chandni always dreams of a luxurious life, Neeraj wants some of his assignments them be complete. Chandni......

Hindi   1985   174 min   Rajesh Khanna   2022-12-09
 Rajesh Khanna Ajanabee Movie

Pregnant Reshmi decides not to have the baby after she wins a beauty pageant. But her husband Rohit doesn't agree, so she walks out of the marriage. Now, Rohit must try to win her back....

Hindi   1974   139 min   Rajesh Khanna   2022-12-09
 Rajesh Khanna Mehboob Ki Mehndi Movie
Mehboob Ki Mehndi

Yusuf lives a wealthy lifestyle with his businessman dad, Safdarjang, who is confined to a wheel-chair. When Yusuf's precocious nephew, Khalid alias Phirangi's tutor, Mrs. Albert complains about him and quits, Yusuf hires Shabana, wh...

Hindi   1971   151 min   Rajesh Khanna   2022-12-08
 Rajesh Khanna Jaanwar Movie

A young woman (Zeenat Aman), who grows up in the wild, knows the secret of a lost treasure, and is also the heir to the throne. She meets with a young man (Rajesh Khanna) and both fall in love. Then the people find out that she ac......

Hindi   1982   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2022-12-07
 Rajesh Khanna Asha Jyoti Movie
Asha Jyoti

Deepak, a young music player, learns that his late father has a second wife and daughter that no one knew existed. Soon, the same fate befalls Deepak when he falls for and marries Jyoti, a young artist and dancer who loves his mus......

Hindi   1984   142 min   Rajesh Khanna   2022-12-05
 Rajesh Khanna Chhailla Babu Movie
Chhailla Babu

This is the story of a most unusual romance in which a man of many faces and yet a man without a name who enters the life of a beautiful and rich heiress, Rita and partnered her in an exciting game of hide and seek....

Hindi   1977   146 min   Rajesh Khanna   2022-12-01
 Rajesh Khanna Aakhir Kyon? Movie
Aakhir Kyon?

Nisha believes she is happily married until she discovers that her successful businessman husband, Kabir, has been having an affair with her cousin, Indu. Distraught, Nisha abandons her husband and newborn daughter and leaves for ......

Hindi   1985   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2022-11-25
 Rajesh Khanna Agar Tum Na Hote Movie
Agar Tum Na Hote

Radha's husband becomes disabled post a car accident. To make ends meet, she unwillingly accepts a job as a nanny at a wealthy family's house. Complications arise when she learns the family's reason for hiring specifically her....

Hindi   1983   161 min   Rajesh Khanna   2022-11-24
 Rajesh Khanna The Train Movie
The Train

Hardworking, capable, honest and dedicated CBI inspector Shyam Kumar is assigned the case of bringing to justice the criminals behind the use of fake cheques to purchase commodities. The major draw-back in this case is that the pe......

Hindi   1970   138 min   Rajesh Khanna   2022-11-23
 Rajesh Khanna Naukri Movie

Ranjit was a badminton player and his family once lived a good life.Ranjit now cant feed his family as he has turned handicapped and feels of attempting suicide. One morning Ranjit tires to commit suicide by jumping in front of a ......

Hindi   1978   N/A   Rajesh Khanna   2022-11-22
 Rajesh Khanna
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