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Movies by Actor Raaj Kumar

 Raaj Kumar Bulundi Movie

A college professor agrees to teach the son of a gangster and becomes a pawn in a deadly game....

Hindi   1981   162 min   Raaj Kumar   2023-01-13
 Raaj Kumar Galiyon Ka Badshah Movie
Galiyon Ka Badshah

A police inspector and a London returned crime journalist, amongst others, are baffled by a modern day Robin Hood, who robs the rich and distributes the wealth amongst the poor and needy....

Hindi   1989   N/A   Raaj Kumar   2023-01-11
 Raaj Kumar Sharara Movie

Hindi   1984   135 min   Raaj Kumar   2023-01-09
 Raaj Kumar Mere Huzoor Movie
Mere Huzoor

Akhtar Hussain saves the life of Nawab Salim and earns his gratitude. Salim invites Akhtar to come to his palatial home, and Akhtar does so. On the way, he meets beautiful Saltanat and falls in love with her. On arrival at Salim's......

Hindi, Urdu   1968   165 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-12-24
 Raaj Kumar Jawab Movie

Ashwani Kumar Saxena lives a poor lifestyle along with his wife, Parvati, and a young son, Ravi. When he wife gives birth to a daughter, he decides to let his widower and childless employer, Rajeshwar, adopt her. Rajeshwar hates o......

Hindi   1995   153 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-12-08
 Raaj Kumar Vaasna Movie

A businessman faces financial and then criminal troubles after taking to alcohol....

Hindi   1968   150 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-11-29
 Raaj Kumar Police Aur Mujrim Movie
Police Aur Mujrim

Bombay's Police Commissioner Veer Bahadur Singh, lives with his wife, Sharda, and daughter, Jyoti. When DSP Vishal Khanna arrests two notorious robbers and pimps, Shera and Jaaga, and holds them in a cell, their hoodlum boss, Bana......

Hindi   1992   146 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-11-27
 Raaj Kumar Rangili Movie

Hindi   1952   150 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-11-24
 Raaj Kumar Farz Aur Mohobbat alias Navsherwan-E-Adil Movie
Farz Aur Mohobbat alias Navsherwan-E-Adil

A fair-minded emperor improves and introduces new laws, but ends up facing challenges when his son violates them....

Hindi, Urdu   1957   137 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-11-22
 Raaj Kumar Muqaddar Ka Faisla Movie
Muqaddar Ka Faisla

An honest Hindu pandit (priest) is framed for embezzlement and rape, and not only dismissed from employment, but also arrested and imprisoned, leaving behind his family in destitution. On his return from prison, he is unable to lo......

Hindi   1987   171 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-11-19
 Raaj Kumar Mohabbat Ke Dushman Movie
Mohabbat Ke Dushman

During the 18th Century, India; the beauty of Shamajaan is caught by many; one of which is the notorious Shahbaaz Khan, who wants to include her in his harem of wives. When this is brought to her attention, she expresses her rejec......

Hindi   1988   N/A   Raaj Kumar   2022-11-19
 Raaj Kumar Lal Patthar Movie
Lal Patthar

A vain, self-righteous nobleman falls in love with a village girl and tries to transform her into his version of the ideal woman....

Hindi   1971   148 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-11-17
 Raaj Kumar Oonche Log Movie
Oonche Log

A retired and blind army major's life undergoes many changes after he decides to get his sons married....

Hindi, Urdu   1965   144 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-11-17
 Raaj Kumar Neel Mani Movie
Neel Mani

Hindi   1957   N/A   Raaj Kumar   2022-11-15
 Raaj Kumar Marte Dam Tak Movie
Marte Dam Tak

Marte Dam Tak a 1987 Indian Hindi film, directed by Mehul Kumar. The film stars Govinda, Raaj Kumar and Farha in lead roles. The film had musical score by Ravindra Jain....

Hindi   1987   155 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-11-15
 Raaj Kumar Saazish Movie

Anand Kumar is a honest middle-class man, who lives with his sister, Geeta. When Geeta goes missing, Anand at first contacts the police. When the police are unable to locate her, he decides to take the task upon himself, and trave......

Hindi   1988   N/A   Raaj Kumar   2022-11-14
 Raaj Kumar Rishte Naahte Movie
Rishte Naahte

Thakur Narendrapal Singh (Nazir Hussain) is a generous and kind-hearted landlord and zamindar. He has a daughter Kalpana (Jamuna) and a son Raja(Deven Verma). Distrusting his son and his new wife, Roopa (Ameeta), he asks a village......

Hindi   1965   158 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-11-02
 Raaj Kumar Ghamand Movie

Hindi   1955   N/A   Raaj Kumar   2022-11-01
 Raaj Kumar Aabshar Movie

Hindi   1953   N/A   Raaj Kumar   2022-10-07
 Raaj Kumar Ek Se Badhkar Ek Movie
Ek Se Badhkar Ek

Story of two young brothers estranged during a situational criminal act leading to their long separation. Shankar grows up to be a local thief who spent his childhood in search of his elder brother while having befriended a ranked......

Hindi   1976   158 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-09-23
 Raaj Kumar Ujala Movie

An impoverished male turns to crime, kills someone, tries to make a honest living but ends up becoming a suspect for theft....

Hindi   1959   109 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-09-23
 Raaj Kumar Kudrat Movie

Chandramukhi visits Shimla and learns that she is a reincarnation of Paro, a girl who was raped and murdered. Plagued by her dark past, she attempts to bring the culprits to justice....

Hindi   1981   164 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-09-21
 Raaj Kumar Hindustan Ki Kasam Movie
Hindustan Ki Kasam

War movie based on Operation Cactus Lilly in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971....

Hindi   1973   152 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-09-21
 Raaj Kumar Ek Nai Paheli Movie
Ek Nai Paheli

Bhairavi, a renowned singer, sees a revolutionary Sandeep badly injured and takes him home for treatment. Sandeep had left his father Upendra as Sandeep had taken to terrorism. He hated women and music, but Bhairavi's company mell......

Hindi   1984   N/A   Raaj Kumar   2022-09-21
 Raaj Kumar Neel Kamal Movie
Neel Kamal

Sleepwalker Sita Raichand (Waheeda Rehman) is rescued by Ram (Manoj Kumar) while walking on a railway track. Shortly thereafter Guruji (David) and Mr. Raichand (Balraj Sahni), approach Ram's mom (Lalita Pawar) with a marriage prop......

Hindi   1968   160 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-09-17
 Raaj Kumar Heer Raanjha Movie
Heer Raanjha

Tragic love story. Punjabi "Romeo and Juliet"....

Hindi   1970   142 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-09-16
 Raaj Kumar Gharana Movie

A mother and daughter create bitterness, hatred, acrimony and discord in a wealthy family....

Hindi   1961   154 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-09-15
 Raaj Kumar Shararat Movie

Hindi   1959   N/A   Raaj Kumar   2022-09-10
 Raaj Kumar Dil Ek Mandir Movie
Dil Ek Mandir

Dr. Dharmesh (Rajendra Kumar) and Sita (Meena Kumari) are in love, and hope to marry on Dharmesh's return from abroad. When Dharmesh returns, he is devastated to find that Sita has married someone else. He then decides to devote the ...

Hindi   1963   148 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-09-10
 Raaj Kumar Ardhangini Movie

At the very moment of her birth, ill-fated Chhaya's mother passes away, her dad loses his job, and their house burns down. She is shunned since then by children her age as well as their parents. Her dad brings her up with a lot of......

Hindi   1959   N/A   Raaj Kumar   2022-09-10
 Raaj Kumar Dooj Ka Chand Movie
Dooj Ka Chand

Hindi   1964   N/A   Raaj Kumar   2022-09-09
 Raaj Kumar God and Gun Movie
God and Gun

Corrupt politician Satya Singh is all set to win this year's election also - by hook or by crook. The only person opposing him is Saheb Bahadur Rathore. Satya finds out that Rathore's following is getting stronger, and he sets about ...

Hindi   1995   N/A   Raaj Kumar   2022-08-23
 Raaj Kumar Betaaj Badshah Movie
Betaaj Badshah

A fearsome feudal lord's daughter falls in love with her college friend. However, her father is against their relationship. The couple hatches a plan to make him change his mind....

Hindi   1994   166 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-08-23
 Raaj Kumar Tirangaa Movie

Brigadier Suryadev Singh and Police Inspector Shivajirao Waghle are appointed to bring down Pralayanth, a terrorist who murdered officer Rudrapratap Chauhan and plans to evade India....

Hindi   1992   168 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-08-18
 Raaj Kumar Saudagar Movie

Two clan chiefs who have maintained a blood feud for decades have to contend with the romance between their respective grandchildren....

Hindi   1991   213 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-08-16
 Raaj Kumar Itihaas Movie

Joginder, an honest police commissioner, is instrumental in arresting Alexander, a dreaded gangster. Alexander is granted bail by the court and as revenge, he molests Joginder's daughter Jyoti....

Hindi   1987   138 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-08-09
 Raaj Kumar 36 Ghante Movie
36 Ghante

Three jailed convicts, Himmat, his brother Ajit, and Dilawar Khan break out of prison and take over the household of Editor Ashok Rai. The convicts will continue to hold the family hostage until their associate, Kamini contacts th......

Hindi   1974   N/A   Raaj Kumar   2022-07-25
 Raaj Kumar Pakeezah Movie

In Lucknow at the turn of the century, a dancer and courtesan believes that her pure soul and body will enable her to find true love and honor....

Urdu   1972   147 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-07-22
 Raaj Kumar Maryada Movie

Lalita lives with her widowed mother in a small village in India. One day while traveling by road, she is stranded, and a young man named Raja Babu comes to her assistance. Both fall in love with each other. When she informs her moth...

Hindi   1971   154 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-07-22
 Raaj Kumar Hamraaz Movie

A stage actor becomes entangled in a murder mystery after he marries a woman with a secret past....

Hindi   1967   170 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-07-18
 Raaj Kumar Waqt Movie

Members of a family are separated in a natural disaster. Several years down the line, they aren't united but their lives are strangely interconnected....

Hindi   1965   178 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-07-17
 Raaj Kumar Zindagi Movie

Beena works as a stage actress and lives a poor lifestyle with her widowed mother. One day while returning home she is molested by Bankhe and two other men, but Rajan comes to her rescue. He escorts her home and soon both of them ......

Hindi   1964   157 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-07-16
 Raaj Kumar Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai Movie
Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai

A dedicated surgeon is obligated to marry the daughter of a family friend, but his heart belongs to the nurse who works tirelessly by his side....

Hindi   1960   155 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-07-13
 Raaj Kumar Paigham Movie

Widowed Mrs. Lal lives with her two sons, Ram and Ratan; an unmarried daughter, Sheela; Ram's wife, Parvati and her children. While Ram is employed in a mill, Ratan is studying engineering in Calcutta. When Ratan returns, he is of......

Hindi   1959   188 min   Raaj Kumar   2022-07-12
 Raaj Kumar
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