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Om Puri
Name: Om Puri

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Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Om Puri

Om Puri Chokh Movie

Bengali   1983   98 min   Om Puri   2022-09-07
Om Puri Maachis Movie

A realistic, hard-hitting portrayal of terrorism and youth in the Punjab after the 1984 riots....

Hindi   1996   160 min   Om Puri   2022-08-26
Om Puri Patang Movie

Patang (English: The Kite) is a 1993 Indian Hindi drama film directed by Goutam Ghose, starring Shabana Azmi, Shafiq Syed, Om Puri and Robi Ghosh. The film is set in small railway station near Gaya, and the life of people in illeg......

Hindi   1993   100 min   Om Puri   2022-08-21
Om Puri In Custody Movie
In Custody

An editor asks Deven, a teacher who loves Urdu poetry, to interview poet Nur Shahjehanabadi, an aging whale of a man. Deven goes to Bhopal from Mirpur to meet Nur, of whom he is in awe. He finds him living with feuding wives, visi......

Urdu, Hindi   1994   126 min   Om Puri   2022-08-19
Om Puri Susman Movie

A story about the "Ikat" handloom weavers of Pochampally through the master weaver Ramulu and his family struggle in time of mass-production....

Hindi   1987   140 min   Om Puri   2022-08-10
Om Puri Genesis Movie

A parable of man's exploitation of his fellow man. A weaver and a farmer live peacefully on the edge of a desert until, one day, a woman wanders into their world, and her presence slowly disrupts their routine existence....

Hindi   1986   105 min   Om Puri   2022-08-08
Om Puri New Delhi Times Movie
New Delhi Times

When a politician is killed, a journalist discovers that a member of parliament had the man assassinated. As his editor digs deeper, the complicity of higher-placed politicians comes to the surface, which leads to riots in one tow......

Hindi   1986   123 min   Om Puri   2022-08-07
Om Puri Mirch Masala Movie
Mirch Masala

In colonial India, subedars (tax collectors) went from village to village with soldiers, often demanding more than taxes. A subedar commands Sonbai, a beautiful and confident woman whose husband is away in the city, to sleep with ......

Hindi   1986   128 min   Om Puri   2022-08-07
Om Puri Ardh Satya Movie
Ardh Satya

A newly appointed police rookie deals with corruption, romance, and brutality....

Hindi   1983   130 min   Om Puri   2022-08-04
Om Puri Satyajit Ray Movie
Satyajit Ray

Over the course of two years Shyam Benegal interviewed Satyajit Ray about his career, the result is this documentary....

English, Bengali, Hindi   1982   131 min   Om Puri   2022-08-03
Om Puri Deliverance Movie

Untouchable shoemender Dukhi comes to the Brahmin's and asks him to arrange his daughter's engagement. The Brahmin belongs to a higher caste. He wants Dukhi to work for him (and for free) before agreeing... A plea against the indi......

Hindi   1981   45 min   Om Puri   2022-08-02
Om Puri Aakrosh Movie

A public prosecutor discovers the harsh realities about life of the scheduled tribes in India during 1980s while defending a case of a tribesman charged of murdering his wife....

Hindi   1980   144 min   Om Puri   2022-07-31
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