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 Nutan Kanoon Apna Apna Movie
Kanoon Apna Apna

An Indian government official tries to remain loyal to his job and the state when his career is threatened by a criminal cartel who plan on ruining him as well as his son whom deals with the hoodlums in his own way of justice....

Hindi   1989   162 min   Nutan   2022-08-12
 Nutan Sone Pe Suhaaga Movie
Sone Pe Suhaaga

A typical Hindi family drama. Paresh Rawal plays a crooked police officer who is the main cause of separation of the family of an honest police officer played by Navin nischol....

Hindi   1988   163 min   Nutan   2022-08-11
 Nutan Hifazat Movie

After Laxmi has had three still-births, her husband, Satyaprakash and his mother are afraid she will not be able to give any more births, and therefore there will be no one to carry the name of the family forward. So they propose ......

Hindi   1987   136 min   Nutan   2022-08-11
 Nutan Naam Movie

Follows the story of Vicky, who gets entrapped in a criminal plot after he leaves his country for work....

Hindi   1986   177 min   Nutan   2022-08-08
 Nutan Karma Movie

The BSO is a British oriented group who wants to take control of India. When senior police inspector Vishwa Pratap Singh arrests there leader Dr. Michael Dang the authorities blast the jail Dang is logged in killing huge numbers o......

Hindi   1986   193 min   Nutan   2022-08-08
 Nutan Meri Jung Movie
Meri Jung

Two top lawyers battle against each other while the whole city witnesses the battle....

Hindi   1985   164 min   Nutan   2022-08-03
 Nutan Anjaam Movie

A mansion's new owner deals with the mystery surrounding it, as well as it's previous owner's wife....

Hindi   1978   N/A   Nutan   2022-07-29
 Nutan Saudagar Movie

A calculative man schemes to deceit a poor but young widow for his personal monetary gains....

Hindi   1973   131 min   Nutan   2022-07-24
 Nutan Anuraag Movie

A noble & philanthropic grandfather is confronted with his worst fears at the fag end of his life! Barely coming to terms with loss of his son, he's shattered to learn that his grandson has blood cancer! Bereavement again? Why me?...

Hindi   1972   125 min   Nutan   2022-07-23
 Nutan Bhai Bahen Movie
Bhai Bahen

Raja Saheb (Ashok Kumar) is a rich man, strict father to sons Virendra (Sunil Dutt) and Mahendra. One day, Mahendra has a big fight with his father and dies of shock afterwards. Virendra leaves home and falls in bad company with Pran...

Hindi   1969   151 min   Nutan   2022-07-20
 Nutan Gauri Movie

Orphaned Sanjeev lives with his comically parsimonious paternal uncle, Maniram, who offers to look after him on the condition that a contested Last Will and Testament, will benefit him. When the Court rules otherwise, Maniram stops a...

Hindi   1968   152 min   Nutan   2022-07-19
 Nutan Milan Movie

On the banks of the holy River Ganga, Gopi, a ferryman conducts an unconsummated romance with Radha, a girl from the upper classes. At the same time, he rejects the advances of Gauri, a girl from his own village, who is attracting th...

Hindi   1967   170 min   Nutan   2022-07-18
 Nutan Khandan Movie

After the passing of Ramswaroop Lal, his two sons, Jeevandas and Shankar take over the control of their farmland. Jeevandas marries Bhagvanti and has no children, while Shankar marries Parvati and has two sons, Govind and Shyam. D......

Hindi   1965   158 min   Nutan   2022-07-17
 Nutan Tere Ghar Ke Samne Movie
Tere Ghar Ke Samne

Children of two life-long rivals fall in love and try to make their fathers see the error of their ways....

Hindi   1963   149 min   Nutan   2022-07-15
 Nutan Dil Hi To Hai Movie
Dil Hi To Hai

An impoverished widowed Hindu nanny brings up an abused and abandoned Muslim lad....

Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi   1963   128 min   Nutan   2022-07-15
 Nutan Bandini Movie

During the British Raj of the 1930s, a prison-doctor falls in love with a convict who eventually reveals the story of her past and her connection to a freedom fighter....

Hindi   1963   157 min   Nutan   2022-07-15
 Nutan Manzil Movie

An embittered music composer, estranged from his family, self-destructs after learning his sweetheart has married another male....

Hindi, Sindhi, Bhojpuri, Urdu, English   1960   120 min   Nutan   2022-07-13
 Nutan Chhalia Movie

The tragic-comic story of Chhalia, a naive, simple-minded young man who comes to the city and witnesses the harsh side of life; and falls in love with a young woman named Shanti, only to find out that she is married but separated ......

Hindi   1960   112 min   Nutan   2022-07-13
 Nutan Sujata Movie

A high caste Brahmin household adopts an orphaned lower caste girl, but when a young man from their caste wishes to marry her without knowing her lineage, caste differences flare up again....

Hindi   1960   161 min   Nutan   2022-07-12
 Nutan Kanhaiya Movie

Shanno lives with her mother, Paro, a housewife, and her dad, Nathamal, in a small village in India. Paro is aware that her daughter is a little special as she has seen her behave strangely, and at times sit and talk with a cow in th...

Hindi   1959   175 min   Nutan   2022-07-12
 Nutan Anari Movie

A poor young man gets employed by a rich man admiring his honesty. But when he gets suspected in a lady's murder case, he need to prove his innocence....

Hindi   1959   166 min   Nutan   2022-07-12
 Nutan Sone Ki Chidiya Movie
Sone Ki Chidiya

An impoverished orphan is first abused by her extended family, and then exploited after she becomes popular and wealthy....

Hindi   1958   171 min   Nutan   2022-07-12
 Nutan Paying Guest Movie
Paying Guest

An incompetent lawyer gets evicted, dons the guise of an old man to gain accommodation, falls for the owner's daughter, then faces numerous life-changing challenges....

Hindi, Urdu, English   1957   157 min   Nutan   2022-07-11
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