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 Neetu Singh
Name: Neetu Singh

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Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Neetu Singh

 Neetu Singh Hawas Movie

The movie belongs to Bindu. Handsome , good looking Anil Dhawan takes employment under big boss Pradeep Kumar. Among his other duties, he also has to make his boss's daughter Neetu Singh fall in love with him. Pradeep's second wif......

Hindi   1974   N/A   Neetu Singh   2023-01-03
 Neetu Singh Doosara Aadmi Movie
Doosara Aadmi

Kanu, Timsi and Nisha find themselves entangled in an emotional saga, the struggle of Nisha's past, Kanu and Timsi's present and an uncertain future....

Hindi   1977   137 min   Neetu Singh   2023-01-01
 Neetu Singh Bhala Manus Movie
Bhala Manus

Shankar a simple villager comes to Bombay in such of work to improve his financial condition but circumstances force him to take up smuggling....

Hindi   1976   138 min   Neetu Singh   2022-12-20
 Neetu Singh Shankar Dada Movie
Shankar Dada

Dreaded gangster Babubhai is involved in all possible criminal activities. Of late his activities are being sabotaged by a fellow criminal named Shankar Dada. Babubhai entraps him with the help of beautiful Bindiya, and gets him o......

Hindi   1976   130 min   Neetu Singh   2022-11-22
 Neetu Singh Choron Ki Baaraat Movie
Choron Ki Baaraat

Anju lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed dad, Dhanraj, on a privately owned island. She studies in a hostel, plays on the football team, but is known for getting into fights with other girls, rather then taking part in this......

Hindi   1980   135 min   Neetu Singh   2022-11-17
 Neetu Singh Zehreela Insaan Movie
Zehreela Insaan

SPOILER: Arjun, a hot headed but soft hearted man, always finds himself in situations that others take him as a bad person. His childhood teacher Masterji is the only person understands him & appreciates his good quality and Arjun......

Hindi   1974   131 min   Neetu Singh   2022-11-14
 Neetu Singh Raj Mahal Movie
Raj Mahal

This is a story about Rajmahal and the people related to it. Durjan Singh murdered the king and proclaimed himself the king of Raj Mahal. The King has two sons. Durjan Singh tries to finish off the King's family but they manage to......

Hindi   1982   157 min   Neetu Singh   2022-11-14
 Neetu Singh Ab Kya Hoga Movie
Ab Kya Hoga

Ram Sinha comes from a wealthy family. His mother would like him to get married so that their family can have a heir. Ram entrust's this job to his mother, and let's her decide who he should marry. Ram's marriage is arranged with ......

Hindi   1977   N/A   Neetu Singh   2022-10-07
 Neetu Singh Aatish Movie

A wealthy man, Rai, has a no-good son and is glad to have found trustworthy Anand to help him with his business. But Anand is actually part of a conspiracy against Rai....

Hindi   1979   139 min   Neetu Singh   2022-10-07
 Neetu Singh Chakravyuha Movie

A young man fights spies to defend his country....

Hindi   1978   130 min   Neetu Singh   2022-09-23
 Neetu Singh The Runaways Movie
The Runaways

On the run from murderers, two men disguise themselves as women and join an all girl band....

Hindi   1975   N/A   Neetu Singh   2022-09-22
 Neetu Singh Maha Chor Movie
Maha Chor

Orphaned at a young age, Neetu Singh lives a wealthy lifestyle in Raigadh in a palace which is presided over by her aunt, Rani Maa, and Neetu's paternal uncle, Rajan Singh. She travels and lives for a few years in Switzerland, the......

Hindi   1976   N/A   Neetu Singh   2022-09-22
 Neetu Singh Priyatama Movie

Jeetu and Dolly are in love and would like to get married. After seeking Dolly's dad's blessings, they do get married and move in together. They live harmoniously for quite some time, until......

Hindi   1978   N/A   Neetu Singh   2022-09-19
 Neetu Singh Yaarana Movie

Bishan loses his fortune while helping his friend Kishan in his singing career. Now successful, would Kishan return the favour?...

Hindi   1981   138 min   Neetu Singh   2022-08-02
 Neetu Singh The Great Gambler Movie
The Great Gambler

After unwittingly using his skills to obtain military secrets, a gambler is pursued by a police officer who happens to be his doppelganger....

Hindi, Italian   1979   105 min   Neetu Singh   2022-07-30
 Neetu Singh Adalat Movie

Simpleton and honest village farmer, Dharamchand alias Dharam is overjoyed when his wife, Radha gives birth to a baby boy who is christen with the name Raju. He comes to the rescue of three city-bred men, Ajit, Suresh and Sujit wh......

Hindi   1976   138 min   Neetu Singh   2022-07-28
 Neetu Singh Khel Khel Mein Movie
Khel Khel Mein

Three youngsters play a prank on a wealthy jeweller but later find themselves framed for murder by a mysterious criminal....

Hindi   1975   139 min   Neetu Singh   2022-07-26
 Neetu Singh
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