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Name: Nasir Hussain

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Movies by Actor Nasir Hussain

 Nasir Hussain Aawaz Movie

Mr. Bhatnagar alias Masterji comes from a poor family, and lives on a day to day basis. He has a daughter and a son, alongwith his wife, who he has fooled into believing that he has saved quite a bit of money, to retire happily, a......

Hindi   1956   146 min   Nasir Hussain   2023-01-17
 Nasir Hussain Apna Haath Jagannath Movie
Apna Haath Jagannath

Hindi   1960   173 min   Nasir Hussain   2023-01-15
 Nasir Hussain Dulhan Movie

Radha is a kind, compassionate, and a simple minded village belle whose life has been shattered due to the sudden death of her groom on her wedding night. She is in denial and awaits his return. One day a look-alike enters the vil......

Hindi   1974   N/A   Nasir Hussain   2023-01-10
 Nasir Hussain Bhoot Bungla Movie
Bhoot Bungla

Mystery surrounds a house which is reportedly haunted by singing and dancing ghosts and ghouls....

Hindi   1965   145 min   Nasir Hussain   2022-12-11
 Nasir Hussain Pehla Aadmi Movie
Pehla Aadmi

In WWII, a man leaves his bride to be and answers the call of the Indian National Army to fight against the British and on the side of Germany and Japan...

Hindi   1950   N/A   Nasir Hussain   2022-12-08
 Nasir Hussain Maa Movie

Hindi   1957   120 min   Nasir Hussain   2022-12-08
 Nasir Hussain Baap Beti Movie
Baap Beti

Hindi   1954   N/A   Nasir Hussain   2022-12-08
 Nasir Hussain Bahurani Movie

An assertive village-belle weds a semi-senile male and is abused by her in-laws....

Hindi   1964   133 min   Nasir Hussain   2022-11-29
 Nasir Hussain Asli-Naqli Movie

Renu lives a poor lifestyle with her mom, dad and a brother. Her dad decides to travel to Africa so that he can earn enough money to send his son to study engineering, so that he can find employment abroad. But fate has other plan......

Hindi   1962   145 min   Nasir Hussain   2022-11-22
 Nasir Hussain Main Suhagan Hoon Movie
Main Suhagan Hoon

Hindi   1964   N/A   Nasir Hussain   2022-11-15
 Nasir Hussain Ganga Maiyya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo Movie
Ganga Maiyya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo

Murder interferes with a couple's wedding night when the groom dies mysteriously. Eventually, the widow, Sumitri, finds love again, but faces obstacles from society and, possibly, the killer....

Bhojpuri   1962   N/A   Nasir Hussain   2022-11-15
 Nasir Hussain Darwaza Movie

Hindi   1954   N/A   Nasir Hussain   2022-11-15
 Nasir Hussain Munimji Movie

Hindi   1972   N/A   Nasir Hussain   2022-11-14
 Nasir Hussain Mandir Masjid Movie
Mandir Masjid

The film is a social drama that depicts the story of a man who considers himself responsible for the death of his friend's son....

Hindi   1977   N/A   Nasir Hussain   2022-11-13
 Nasir Hussain Main Aur Mera Bhai Movie
Main Aur Mera Bhai

Hindi   1961   N/A   Nasir Hussain   2022-11-01
 Nasir Hussain Lutera Movie

Hindi   1955   N/A   Nasir Hussain   2022-10-31
 Nasir Hussain Teen Bhai Movie
Teen Bhai

Hindi   1955   N/A   Nasir Hussain   2022-09-24
 Nasir Hussain Girl Friend Movie
Girl Friend

Hindi   1960   N/A   Nasir Hussain   2022-09-22
 Nasir Hussain Wanted Movie

Hindi   1961   N/A   Nasir Hussain   2022-09-21
 Nasir Hussain Khamoshi Movie

khamoshi is an intriguing tale of a female nurse trying to maintain a balance between her professional life and her emotions who falls victim to the natural feeling of love and compassion when a person takes care of another person....

Hindi   1970   127 min   Nasir Hussain   2022-09-12
 Nasir Hussain Sharmeelee Movie

An army captain falls for an outgoing young woman, but unknowingly weds her shy twin sister....

Hindi   1971   164 min   Nasir Hussain   2022-07-22
 Nasir Hussain Geet Movie

Delhi-based Kamla lives a wealthy lifestyle along with her widower dad, Dindayal, and is a popular stage singer and dancer. She goes for a holiday in scenic Kulu, meets with flute-player and singer Sarju, and both fall in love wit......

Hindi   1970   N/A   Nasir Hussain   2022-07-21
 Nasir Hussain Rungoli Movie

Circa 1953 Sewakram lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Bombay, India, along with his wife, Subhagi, daughter, Nirmala, and son, Lattoo, and works in the Flora Fountain branch of the United......

Hindi   1962   136 min   Nasir Hussain   2022-07-15
 Nasir Hussain Insaan Jaag Utha Movie
Insaan Jaag Utha

A village girl falls in love with the newcomer Ranjeet without knowing that he is there to get the smuggled gold that he buried in her front yard many years ago....

Hindi   1959   135 min   Nasir Hussain   2022-07-12
 Nasir Hussain Amanat Movie

A dying man entrusts his lives earnings to Purshotam, a stranger he just met, and asks him to promise to take this money to his wife, and son, Pradeep, in a remote village in India, to which Purshotam agrees. The man passes away, and...

Hindi   1955   N/A   Nasir Hussain   2022-07-09
 Nasir Hussain
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