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 Nalini Tarkhad
Name: Nalini Tarkhad

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Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Nalini Tarkhad

 Nalini Tarkhad Chandrasena Movie

This special-effects laden film is based upon an episode from the Ramayana. Indrajit, son of Ravan, initiates an attack on Rama (Mane) and Lakshmana (Kulkarni) in which they are captured by Mahi (Kelkar). They escape with the assi......

Hindi, Tamil, Marathi   1935   136 min   Nalini Tarkhad   2022-12-07
 Nalini Tarkhad Rajput Ramani Movie
Rajput Ramani

An adventure movie, set in a medieval Rajput court, mainly addresses Rajput notions of chivalry. The legendary warrior Mansingh (Phatak) is the nation's strong man but he is cordially hated......

Hindi   1936   138 min   Nalini Tarkhad   2022-11-01
 Nalini Tarkhad Vasantsena Movie

None   1931   N/A   Nalini Tarkhad   2022-09-23
 Nalini Tarkhad Amrit Manthan Movie
Amrit Manthan

This classic opens with a sensational low-angle circular track movement as Chandika cult followers meet in a dungeon of flickering lights and deep shadow. As the more rationalist King Krantivarma (Varde) banned human or animal sacrif...

Marathi   1934   155 min   Nalini Tarkhad   2022-06-23
 Nalini Tarkhad
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