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 Moushumi Chatterjee Ek Baap Chhe Bete Movie
Ek Baap Chhe Bete

Watch the full movie, Ek Baap Chhe Bete online, only on Eros Now. Ek Baap Chhe Bete is a 1978 Indian Hindi drama film directed Mehmood. The film starred Om Mehmood, yogeeta Bali in lead roles. The film had musical score by Rajesh ......

Hindi   1978   132 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2023-03-17
 Moushumi Chatterjee Ghulam Begum Badshah Movie
Ghulam Begum Badshah

Thakur Pratap and Thakur Gopal are good friends who live life to the fullest. However, their lives change when the two fall in love with Kesar and Laxmi, respectively....

Hindi   1973   123 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2023-03-07
 Moushumi Chatterjee Zulm Ki Hukumat Movie
Zulm Ki Hukumat

When a gangster falls prey to gang war launched by his rival, his estranged younger brother joins the police to find his killer....

Hindi   1992   152 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2023-03-04
 Moushumi Chatterjee Phandebaaz Movie

Raajkumar Kakkar, a poor young man who resembles Rana Shantidas, a wealthy man, impersonates him and enjoys his credit to have all facilities. He falls in love with Shanti, a rich girl and discloses his true identity. The rich fat......

Hindi   1978   150 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2023-02-22
 Moushumi Chatterjee Hatyara Movie

Daulat Singh and Bhairav Singh are bandits in India and live a violent lifestyle. Daulat is married to Shanta and has two children, Vijay and Geeta. One Diwali he accidentally kills a man, leaving behind a son and his mother almos......

Hindi   1977   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2023-02-20
 Moushumi Chatterjee Jawaani Movie

Sanam Malhotra studies in a hostel, while her parents, Surendra and Sushma, and brother, Jatin, live in Bombay in a small flat. Things change for the Malhotras when they are able to sell a large plot to the builders of a five star......

Hindi   1984   160 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2023-02-20
 Moushumi Chatterjee Swayamvar Movie

The second wife of kind-hearted,and generous Amirchand Bhargav is Durgadevi Bhargav (Nadira), who is exactly the opposite of her late husband. She rules over her household, alongwith her brother, Makhanlal (Madan Puri), with an ir......

Hindi   1980   161 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2023-02-19
 Moushumi Chatterjee Itni Si Baat Movie
Itni Si Baat

One day while travelling on the BEST bus in Bombay, Raja produces a 100 rupee note to buy a 50 paisa bus ticket, and is made fun of by the bus conductor, and asked to leave the bus. Asha, who is travelling on the same bus, pays fo......

Hindi   1981   138 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2023-02-19
 Moushumi Chatterjee Do Jhoot Movie
Do Jhoot

Hindi   1975   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2023-02-18
 Moushumi Chatterjee Param Dharam Movie
Param Dharam

Savitri (Moushumi Chatterjee) falls in love with Vijay (Mithun Chakraborty), who saves her sister from a dacait named Shamshera (Amrish Puri). Both get very intimate, and then decide to marry. Before the marriage could take place,......

Hindi   1987   125 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2023-02-13
 Moushumi Chatterjee Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan Movie
Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan

Aware that his grandson has acquired all the bad habits of a rich and spoiled brat, including womanizing and alcohol, Lala Ganpat Rai, instructs his lawyers to make it conditional that he, Vishal, not receive any money or property......

Hindi   1978   115 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2023-02-10
 Moushumi Chatterjee Natak Movie

Hindi   1975   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2023-02-10
 Moushumi Chatterjee The Cheat Movie
The Cheat

Hindi   1974   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2023-02-09
 Moushumi Chatterjee Badla Movie

An Action-Filled Thriller, The Film Tells Of A Harassed Man Who Joins A Smugglers Gang To Earn The Dowry For His Sisters Marriage. The Smuggler Tries To Molest His Sister, Who Commits Suicide. The Hero Takes His Revenge....

Hindi   1974   112 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2023-02-09
 Moushumi Chatterjee Bhola Bhala Movie
Bhola Bhala

Ram Kumar Verma is an honest albeit unsuccessful Insurance Agent. His poor performance and a quick settlement for Renu and her mom gets him transferred to Madhya Pradesh. During the train journey he comes across Nathu Singh, and t......

Hindi   1978   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2023-02-07
 Moushumi Chatterjee Mazaaq Movie

Orphaned at an early age, and brought up in an orphanage home in Bombay, Vinod search for employment is all in vain. One day he rescues Dr. A. Irani from a fire, and when she recovers, he steals a certificate in the name of Heeralal ...

Hindi   1975   103 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-12-30
 Moushumi Chatterjee Humshakal Movie

Ram comes from a poor family, and works as a labourer for a living. One day he comes across an old woman in distress, and decides to assist her. This old woman is dying and asks Ram to promise to look after her young and destitute......

Hindi   1974   142 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-12-30
 Moushumi Chatterjee Prem Bandhan Movie
Prem Bandhan

Adivasi Mahua lives a poor lifestyle in a fishing village along with her widowed dad. One day the local Poojary comes across a seemingly menacing looking male, feeds him, and asks Mahua's dad to look after him. This male has no me......

Hindi   1979   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-12-09
 Moushumi Chatterjee Santaan Movie

Sarju and Laxmi have done everything to educate their son Amar and have lots of hope from him but the but Amar desires to become rich and disowns his parents who then face only sufferings in their life....

Hindi   1993   161 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-12-05
 Moushumi Chatterjee Maang Bharo Sajana Movie
Maang Bharo Sajana

Chandru lives in a palatial house with his dad, Ram Kumar; mom Sita; elder brother Shyam and his wife. Chandru is in love with Geeta Sinha, the only daughter of wealthy Dr. Sinha, and would like to marry her. Geeta, too is in love......

Hindi   1980   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-12-03
 Moushumi Chatterjee Naina Movie

A self-conscious bride is tormented by the memory of her husband's dead first wife....

Hindi   1973   134 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-11-24
 Moushumi Chatterjee Raksha Movie

With India ready to enter into the Atomic Age, several international gangsters get together to steal the secret for the benefit of other nations. This results in a bomb being planted on an airliner carrying Dr. Srivastava, the Chi......

Hindi   1981   127 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-11-23
 Moushumi Chatterjee Anindita Movie

Bengali   1972   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-11-22
 Moushumi Chatterjee Zehreela Insaan Movie
Zehreela Insaan

SPOILER: Arjun, a hot headed but soft hearted man, always finds himself in situations that others take him as a bad person. His childhood teacher Masterji is the only person understands him & appreciates his good quality and Arjun......

Hindi   1974   131 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-11-14
 Moushumi Chatterjee Kuchhe Dhaage Movie
Kuchhe Dhaage

In the state of Madhya Pradesh, India, particularly in the Chambal Ravine there are abundance of bandit gangs, chiefly consisting of Brahmans and Thakurs, both carrying on their age-old rivalry and hatred for each other from gener......

Hindi   1973   118 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-11-13
 Moushumi Chatterjee Do Premee Movie
Do Premee

Young Chetan Prakash and beautiful Payal are in love and would like to marry each other. Their respective fathers, Daulatram and Retired Col. Bhagwant Singh, have other plans and want them to marry the spouses of their choice. So ......

Hindi   1980   135 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-11-13
 Moushumi Chatterjee Daasi Movie

After the passing away of her parents, Mangala moves in with her maternal uncle, his wife, and five cousins, who all live a poor lifestyle in a small town. She has a sweetheart in Anoop and hopes to marry him someday. When Anoop h......

Hindi   1981   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-11-13
 Moushumi Chatterjee Ghar Ki Laaj Movie
Ghar Ki Laaj

Hindi   1979   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-11-12
 Moushumi Chatterjee Mera Karam Mera Dharam Movie
Mera Karam Mera Dharam

Ajay Shankar Sharma and his mom, Shivani, live a poor lifestyle until one day when Shankar's maternal uncle, Deviprasad, comes to visit them and bequeaths a a large estate and wealth for their well-being, on the condition that the......

Hindi   1987   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-11-02
 Moushumi Chatterjee Angoor Movie

Based on Shakespeare's 'A Comedy of Errors', this is a story of identical twins (2 pairs) and mistaken identities....

Hindi   1982   131 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-11-02
 Moushumi Chatterjee Ogo Bodhu Sundari Movie
Ogo Bodhu Sundari

Suspicion arises as a married person brings a tomboy in his home....

Bengali   1981   120 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-11-02
 Moushumi Chatterjee Gautam Govinda Movie
Gautam Govinda

Impressed with the dedication shown by Police Inspector Gautam, the Commissioner of Police assigns him to police a lawless town, which is over-run by criminals, and where no police officer has survived for more than a few days. Ga......

Hindi   1979   131 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-11-02
 Moushumi Chatterjee Aan Aur Shaan Movie
Aan Aur Shaan

Accused of theft, Ram Singh abandons his wife and relocates to the city with his son Vijay. Years later, while on his deathbed, Ram Singh tells the truth to Vijay, who vows to set things right....

Hindi   1984   130 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-10-07
 Moushumi Chatterjee Aakhri Baazi Movie
Aakhri Baazi

Ram wants to avenge his friend cop Laxman who's mysteriously killed while pursuing a case. As he closes in on a gang named Cobra, he realises that their leader may be his own brother, Prashant....

Hindi   1989   149 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-10-07
 Moushumi Chatterjee Aag Hi Aag Movie
Aag Hi Aag

The story of an army officer, forced by circumstances to become a dacoit, then repenting and transforming to be a good man and finally facing a challenge to save his family and facing someone who is chasing him for a motive....

Hindi   1987   170 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-10-07
 Moushumi Chatterjee Tumhari Kassam Movie
Tumhari Kassam

Orphaned at an early age, Vidya, her brother, Raja, live a poor lifestyle with their maternal uncle. While the uncle is out of town, the responsibility of looking after the household is on Vidya's shoulders. Raja takes to petty cr......

Hindi   1978   136 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-09-24
 Moushumi Chatterjee Us-Paar Movie

Mohan is a college student and a slacker. His father asks him to come to their village home so that he can continue on with his studies without any interruptions, and also look after his ailing grandfather, while his dad goes out to ...

Hindi   1974   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-09-23
 Moushumi Chatterjee Bajrangbali Movie

Bajrangbali was born in a Vanar family based in Kishigandha. His father was Pawan (God of air), and his mother Anjani. He had two brothers, Sugreev and Vali (aka Bali), and a nephew, Angadh, Vali's son. As a child Bajrangbali has ......

Hindi   1976   176 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-09-23
 Moushumi Chatterjee Do Ladke Dono Kadke Movie
Do Ladke Dono Kadke

Two petty thieves decide to rob a house that kidnappers had decided to kidnap a child from, what results is chaos, as the child ends up with the petty thieves, and both the thieves and the kidnappers claiming the ransom; and assor......

Hindi   1979   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-09-23
 Moushumi Chatterjee Ghar Ek Mandir Movie
Ghar Ek Mandir

A joint family consisting of three brothers Prem (Shashi Kapoor), Vijay (Raj Kiran) and Ravi (Mithun Chakraborty) are leading a happy and prosperous life. They consider their house temple of Love. However, destiny has its own plan......

Hindi   1984   156 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-09-21
 Moushumi Chatterjee Dil Aur Deewaar Movie
Dil Aur Deewaar

Believing that Saroj is taking advantage of his younger brother, Vijay, a crime reporter, marries her and abandons her soon after. Meanwhile, Laxmi, the daughter of Vijay's mentor, secretly loves him....

Hindi   1978   156 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-09-21
 Moushumi Chatterjee Kartavya Movie

Karan and his mother live a happy life and he is soon to be married to Kajal. But on the day of his engagement, he discovers his mother is not his biological mother....

Hindi   1995   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-08-23
 Moushumi Chatterjee Udhaar Ki Zindagi Movie
Udhaar Ki Zindagi

Sitaram runs his family in an authoritarian manner. He has planned the marriage of his son, Vasudev, only to be told that Vasudev loves another woman, Suman, who he plans to marry. Sitaram tells his son to forget about his love, a......

Hindi   1994   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-08-22
 Moushumi Chatterjee Prateeksha Movie

Laxmi (Moushumi Chatterjee) was a heart-breaker during her college days, and one of her jilted suitors was Dinesh Khanna (Danny Denzongpa), who never quite got over her rejecting him. Laxmi married singer Vijay Kumar(Jeetendra) and h...

Hindi   1993   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-08-19
 Moushumi Chatterjee Manzil Movie

Ajay Chandra, a hard working and ambitious young man, who dreams of bigger things than a small job. He has dreams of starting his own business. One day he meets Aruna at a friends wedding and slowly fall in love. Aruna is daughter......

Hindi   1979   113 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-07-31
 Moushumi Chatterjee Umar Qaid Movie
Umar Qaid

Vinod a customs officer, who is sentenced to a life term for the murder of a smuggler, escapes from jail with another convict who had killed the smuggler to avenge the brutal rape and murder of his sister The real killer admits his g...

Hindi   1975   N/A   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-07-27
 Moushumi Chatterjee Anari Movie

Raj(Shashi Kapoor) and Poonam (Sharmila Tagore) are sweethearts cursed with extreme poverty. Raj must provide for his family, and arrange for his sister's marriage. Poonam fights for pennies to nurse her ailing mother, while her fath...

Hindi   1975   144 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-07-26
 Moushumi Chatterjee Benaam Movie

After helping a stabbing victim to the hospital, a man begins to receive anonymous threats. The only way to save his wife and child is to unravel the mystery of the killer's identity....

Hindi   1974   117 min   Moushumi Chatterjee   2022-07-25
 Moushumi Chatterjee
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