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 Maya Devi
Name: Maya Devi

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Maya Devi

 Maya Devi Bhanwar Movie

Hindi   1947   N/A   Maya Devi   2023-02-17
 Maya Devi Loves of a Moghul Prince Movie
Loves of a Moghul Prince

Based upon the seminal Urdu play of 1922. It recounts the love story between Prince Salim (Singh), Akbar's son, and the slave girl Anarkali (Seeta). Anarkali is walled up for her love for the emperor's son....

None   1928   N/A   Maya Devi   2022-12-01
 Maya Devi Gadano Bel Movie
Gadano Bel

The death of the principal earner of an extended family results in the family's break. One after the other the members leave the common household. Finally only three of them are remaining; ......

Gujarati   1950   123 min   Maya Devi   2022-11-30
 Maya Devi Nirmala Movie

Nirmala (Devika Rani) is a modern girl - young, beautiful, dressed in the latest fashions, attends college, and is even the only female in an all-male class. She doesn't take second place to the men, besting all but one in the ann......

Hindi   1938   128 min   Maya Devi   2022-06-27
 Maya Devi
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