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K.L. Saigal
Name: K.L. Saigal

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Movies by Actor K.L. Saigal

K.L. Saigal Meri Bahen Movie
Meri Bahen

Hindi   1944   122 min   K.L. Saigal   2022-09-24
K.L. Saigal Parichay Movie

Bengali   1941   141 min   K.L. Saigal   2022-09-22
K.L. Saigal Jiban Maran Movie
Jiban Maran

A famous radio singer Mohan (Saigal) is in love with Geeta (Leela Desai). When he goes to his friend a doctor, TB Specialist, Bijoy (Bhanu) for a check-up, he is found to be in an advance stage of TB. Meanwhile Leela's dominant mo......

Hindi, Bengali   1938   144 min   K.L. Saigal   2022-09-22
K.L. Saigal Desher Mati Movie
Desher Mati

Ashok goes to a village, mobilizes the peasants, fights the oppression of the village head-man and achieves bumper crops. Childhood friend Ajoy goes to England to study mining technology ......

Bengali   1938   165 min   K.L. Saigal   2022-09-22
K.L. Saigal Zindagi Movie

The story of an unemployed graduate who falls in love with a woman who ran away from her cruel husband....

Hindi, Urdu   1940   120 min   K.L. Saigal   2022-09-22
K.L. Saigal Zinda Laash Movie
Zinda Laash

Urdu   1932   N/A   K.L. Saigal   2022-09-21
K.L. Saigal Yahudi Ki Ladki Movie
Yahudi Ki Ladki

The familiar story features the rivalry between the Roman priest Brutus and the oppressed Jewish merchant, Prince Ezra. Brutus sentences Ezra's son to death and Ezra in turn kidnaps and raises Brutus' only daughter, Decia. When the d...

Hindi, Urdu   1933   137 min   K.L. Saigal   2022-09-21
K.L. Saigal Subha Ka Sitara Movie
Subha Ka Sitara

Urdu   1932   N/A   K.L. Saigal   2022-09-21
K.L. Saigal Shahjehan Movie

Circa the Mugal rule in Hindustan, Shahjahan, the present emperor is approached by one of his subjects, whose daughter, Ruhi, is so beautiful, that her suitors have killed her to-be grooms, as well as two of her brothers, who came to...

Hindi, Urdu   1946   121 min   K.L. Saigal   2022-07-02
K.L. Saigal Street Singer Movie
Street Singer

The film's story tells of two childhood friends, Bhulwa (Saigal) and Manju (Kanan Devi), who grow up to become street singers in Calcutta. Bhulwa dreams of becoming a stage star but it is Manju who succeeds. At the height of her fame...

Hindi, Bengali   1938   135 min   K.L. Saigal   2022-06-27
K.L. Saigal Didi Movie

A famous Saigal musical narrating a strange love story set against 1930s industrialization and worker-management relations. The 16-year-old Prabhavati (Chandarbati Devi/Kumari) inherits a mill and turns it into an extremely profit......

Bengali   1937   140 min   K.L. Saigal   2022-06-25
K.L. Saigal Devdas Movie

Devdas (Saigal/Barua), son of a zamindar, and Parvati (aka Paro)(Jamuna), his poor neighbour's daughter, are childhood sweethearts. Status and caste differences prevent their marriage and Devdas is sent to Calcutta while Paro is m......

Hindi   1936   139 min   K.L. Saigal   2022-06-24
K.L. Saigal Chandidas Movie

K.L. Saigal stars as Chandidas and Umasashi as Rami, featuring several of their popular duets (e.g. Prem nagar mein banaongi ghar main) and other songs with Sanyal. This film is about Chandidas, a legendary 15th-C. Bengali Vaishnavit...

Hindi   1934   128 min   K.L. Saigal   2022-06-23
K.L. Saigal
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