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 Kalpana Iyer
Name: Kalpana Iyer

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Kalpana Iyer

 Kalpana Iyer Qatil Aur Ashiq Movie
Qatil Aur Ashiq

Hindi   1986   N/A   Kalpana Iyer   2020-07-18
 Kalpana Iyer Main Khiloda Nahin Movie
Main Khiloda Nahin

Hindi   1985   N/A   Kalpana Iyer   2020-07-10
 Kalpana Iyer Peechha Karro Movie
Peechha Karro

Hari and Giri are 2 detectives who suspect Brigadier of leaking defence secrets to outsiders who in turn is on an undercover mission to expose Boss number 1 who is a terrorist....

Hindi   1986   114 min   Kalpana Iyer   2020-07-07
 Kalpana Iyer Mil Gayee Manzil Mujhe Movie
Mil Gayee Manzil Mujhe

Hindi   1989   N/A   Kalpana Iyer   2020-07-07
 Kalpana Iyer Captain Barry Movie
Captain Barry

Hindi   1984   N/A   Kalpana Iyer   2020-07-07
 Kalpana Iyer Armaan Movie

The freedom struggle of India against the British government....

Hindi   1981   N/A   Kalpana Iyer   2020-06-28
 Kalpana Iyer Ram Milai Jodi Movie
Ram Milai Jodi

Hindi   1986   N/A   Kalpana Iyer   2020-06-26
 Kalpana Iyer Apna Bana Lo Movie
Apna Bana Lo

Orphaned at a very young age, not aware of his religion nor his background, a young man is taken-in by a gangster and trained to accept crime as his career. This young man grows up to be a ......

Hindi   1982   N/A   Kalpana Iyer   2020-04-11
 Kalpana Iyer Wardaat Movie

Large locusts attack the farmers and farmlands resulting in hefty damages. The Indian Government suspects that this is the work of some terrorists and assign this case to their best agent ......

Hindi   1981   N/A   Kalpana Iyer   2020-04-10
 Kalpana Iyer Manokaamnaa Movie

Gauri lives a poor lifestyle in a small town in India along with her maternal uncle, Pandey, and aunt, Parvati. Pandey is the peon for the District Forest Officer, and his wife and Gauri ......

Hindi   1980   N/A   Kalpana Iyer   2020-04-09
 Kalpana Iyer Disco Dancer Movie
Disco Dancer

Talented amateur singer after years of honest work became a famous professional, but an old enemy of his family is envy of his success....

Hindi, English   1982   135 min   Kalpana Iyer   2020-04-07
 Kalpana Iyer Cheekh Movie

Thakur (Madan Puri) was a cruel man in the past. Then over the passage of time he changed to normal life and lives with his daughter peacefully, but suddenly a mysteries killer starts to ......

N/A   1985   N/A   Kalpana Iyer   2020-04-05