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Movies by Actor Juhi Chawla

 Juhi Chawla Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi Movie
Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi

A slacker (Akshay Kumar) must impress a wealthy man to marry her daughter (Juhi Chawla)....

Hindi   1997   133 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-09-26
 Juhi Chawla Bewaffa Se Waffa Movie
Bewaffa Se Waffa

Nagma's story takes viewer into past of Rukhsar & Nagma's friendly competition, Rukshar's Meeting with Aslam. Their marriage problems start with the discovery of Rukhsar's inability to give birth to a child. Due to this, she asks ......

Hindi   1992   172 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-09-17
 Juhi Chawla Ishq Movie

Two rich friends, hating the poor, were challenged by their children's love lives. Thus starts the war between love and money....

Hindi   1997   161 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-09-06
 Juhi Chawla Yes Boss Movie
Yes Boss

Rahul Joshi wants to be a successful businessman so he works hard for his boss Siddharth. One day Rahul meets Seema, an up and coming model, and he feels like he's finally met his match. Will Seema fall for Rahul?...

Hindi, English   1997   163 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-28
 Juhi Chawla Deewana Mastana Movie
Deewana Mastana

Chaos ensues when a small time crook and a mental patient tries to win heart of a beautiful woman with comical outcomes....

Hindi   1997   140 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-27
 Juhi Chawla Talaashi Movie

Jackie an art director working in films is made a scapegoat to kill a higher ranked cop. Then he has to run for his life to prove his innocence....

Hindi   1996   157 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-26
 Juhi Chawla Loafer Movie

Ravi, an unemployed man who constantly gets into fights, is framed for the murder of a gangster. With no support from his family, he must now fight to prove his innocence....

Hindi   1996   160 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-26
 Juhi Chawla Karobaar: The Business of Love Movie
Karobaar: The Business of Love

Wealthy Rajiv Sinha and middle-classed Amar Saxena are two childhood friends, with similar likes, and tastes. Their similar habits lead them to being in love with the same woman - Seema, who loves Amar, and is willing to marry him......

Hindi   2000   180 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-25
 Juhi Chawla Daraar Movie

Rich industrialist Raj meets Priya in Shimla and falls madly in love with her, but she ignores him. Her mother tells her she should marry him as he is a good person, and she should tell him everything about her past. Priya writes ......

Hindi   1996   105 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-25
 Juhi Chawla Bandish Movie

Kanta, a lovely village girl is deeply in love with Ramgulam an honest and simple man. They decide to marry and live a blissful life. Suddenly Ramgulam has to leave on a mission and Kanta feels that he is in danger. She leaves th......

Hindi   1996   146 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-25
 Juhi Chawla Ram Jaane Movie
Ram Jaane

A social worker tries diligently to steer a group of wayward street urchins on the right path. But his childhood friend, now a fearless gangster, plans to bring the children into his fold....

Hindi   1995   122 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-24
 Juhi Chawla Naajayaz Movie

Inspector Jai is an upright and fearless cop who is given the job to take down the criminal empire of Raj Solanki. Jai and his accomplice Inspector Sandhya, who also happens to be his love, start taking down Raj's empire with gusto....

Hindi   1995   157 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-24
 Juhi Chawla Kartavya Movie

Karan and his mother live a happy life and he is soon to be married to Kajal. But on the day of his engagement, he discovers his mother is not his biological mother....

Hindi   1995   N/A   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-23
 Juhi Chawla Paramaatma Movie

A devout priest must face-off against his atheist/trouble-maker brother....

Hindi   1994   152 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-21
 Juhi Chawla Eena Meena Deeka Movie
Eena Meena Deeka

Two con-men, Inder alias Eena and Deeka has an encounter in a bank. Eena commit the crime but because of Deeka's bad record with the police they are misunderstood and thus Deeka gets a long jail term but manages to escape. He then......

Hindi   1994   133 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-21
 Juhi Chawla Darr Movie

A woman plans to marry a navy officer but she is also the object of another man's obsession....

Hindi   1993   178 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-20
 Juhi Chawla Andaz Movie

After completing his schooling from Nalanda, Ajay Kumar Saxena returns and is hired as a Teacher. He meets with savvy students, whose names are Jaya, Neelam, Shilpa, Sonam, Chunky, Govinda, with Jaya having a crush on him, and wan......

Hindi   1994   167 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-20
 Juhi Chawla Shatranj Movie

Dharamraj dislikes women and has told his younger brothers to stay away from them....

Hindi   1993   N/A   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-19
 Juhi Chawla Lootere Movie

A police officer is tasked with protecting a murder witness....

Hindi   1993   156 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-19
 Juhi Chawla Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke Movie
Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke

Rahul Malhotra (Aamir Khan) is the manager of the heavily in debt family business. He is also the guardian of his dead sister's mischievous kids. Rahul hires Vaijayanti (Juhi Chawla) as governess. Vaijayanti is a runaway from home......

Hindi   1993   163 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-19
 Juhi Chawla Aaina Movie

Roma leaves Ravi at the altar to pursue her ambitions. Her sister Reema steps in to marry Ravi. All's well till Roma returns. Reema must face Roma now....

Hindi   1993   149 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-18
 Juhi Chawla Radha Ka Sangam Movie
Radha Ka Sangam

Hindi   1992   N/A   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-17
 Juhi Chawla Mere Sajana Saath Nibhana Movie
Mere Sajana Saath Nibhana

Kanhaiya lives with his mother in a small rural town in India, and makes a living singing and dancing at wedding, birthdays, and other important ceremonies in the community along with Bhola, a young man who his mother had offered to ...

Hindi   1992   141 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-17
 Juhi Chawla Benaam Badsha Movie
Benaam Badsha

Abandoned as a baby in a garbage bin by his biological parents; a boy faces the harsh realities of life and years later grows up to be a young man as a paid assassin, blackmailer, kidnapper and a rapist. One of his rape victim is ......

Hindi   1991   N/A   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-15
 Juhi Chawla Pratibandh Movie

Born in an orphanage, brought up by his strict and unrelenting school-master, Satyendra Sharma, young Siddhanth has not been shown any love or kindness in his entire life. Now he is grown up and is a Sub-Inspector with Bombay Poli......

Hindi   1990   159 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-14
 Juhi Chawla Love Love Love Movie
Love Love Love

Amit, the son of a taxi driver, and Reema, a rich business man's daughter, fall in love. However Reema's father wants to marry her to Vicky, who's father is the biggest gangster in Mumbai. How will their love triumph?...

Hindi   1989   146 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-12
 Juhi Chawla Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak Movie
Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

Despite knowing that their respective families are bitter enemies, Raj and Rashmi fall in love with each other and decide to elope....

Hindi, Urdu   1988   162 min   Juhi Chawla   2022-08-11
 Juhi Chawla
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