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Movies by Actor Johnny Walker

 Johnny Walker Barati Movie

A young Laajo's family is worried about finding the right groom for her. A series of comical situations arise when her brother Sunder, with his maternal uncle, sets out to find the right man for his sister....

Hindi   1954   135 min   Johnny Walker   2022-11-24
 Johnny Walker Haseena Maan Jayegi Movie
Haseena Maan Jayegi

An army officer's wife is unsure if the man she is living with is her husband or his look-alike....

Hindi   1968   165 min   Johnny Walker   2022-11-19
 Johnny Walker Mast Qalandar Movie
Mast Qalandar

Hindi   1955   N/A   Johnny Walker   2022-11-14
 Johnny Walker Bombay Race Course Movie
Bombay Race Course

The story of an honest man who gets ruined by betting on horse races and how his wife and best friend help him come out of it....

Hindi   1965   N/A   Johnny Walker   2022-11-13
 Johnny Walker Qaidi Movie

Hindi   1957   N/A   Johnny Walker   2022-11-13
 Johnny Walker Aji Bas Shukriya Movie
Aji Bas Shukriya

Geeta belongs to a poor family and lives with her mother in a small one room apartment. She is employed as a typist with an organization. She likes to dance and sing, and does so also at work, which ends up in her losing her job. Her...

Hindi   1958   N/A   Johnny Walker   2022-11-12
 Johnny Walker Mera Karam Mera Dharam Movie
Mera Karam Mera Dharam

Ajay Shankar Sharma and his mom, Shivani, live a poor lifestyle until one day when Shankar's maternal uncle, Deviprasad, comes to visit them and bequeaths a a large estate and wealth for their well-being, on the condition that the......

Hindi   1987   N/A   Johnny Walker   2022-11-02
 Johnny Walker Albeli Movie

"Pradeep in town" -an announcement in local newspaper finds Geeta, the daughter of the proprietor of Nan Ching Chung hotel......

Hindi   1955   N/A   Johnny Walker   2022-11-01
 Johnny Walker Girls' Hostel Movie
Girls' Hostel

Hindi   1962   N/A   Johnny Walker   2022-10-31
 Johnny Walker Dulhan Ek Raat Ki Movie
Dulhan Ek Raat Ki

Arrogant son of a wealthy, blind woman, rapes his mother's nurse and abandons her. She gets pregnant but the child does not live, and she continues to live her life and follow up on her love life, only to face the past, and her "r......

Hindi   1967   170 min   Johnny Walker   2022-10-31
 Johnny Walker Night in London Movie
Night in London

When her father is taken hostage, a woman is forced into a life of crime; and soon, everyone is after the priceless necklace in her possession....

Hindi   1967   N/A   Johnny Walker   2022-09-23
 Johnny Walker Zara Bachke Movie
Zara Bachke

Hindi   1959   N/A   Johnny Walker   2022-09-21
 Johnny Walker Naya Paisa Movie
Naya Paisa

Hindi   1958   N/A   Johnny Walker   2022-09-21
 Johnny Walker Memsaab Movie

A man suspected of murder must track the real killer down....

Hindi   1971   138 min   Johnny Walker   2022-09-21
 Johnny Walker Imaan Movie

Madhav is a soft-spoken man who commits a crime to help his family and is sent to jail. When he released he is given a shop by a benefactor who wants to help him start a new life. He moves to Sonpur and falls for the bold and vivi......

Hindi   1974   131 min   Johnny Walker   2022-09-21
 Johnny Walker Satta Bazaar Movie
Satta Bazaar

Widower Ramesh lives a comfortable lifestyle with his daughter, Kala, but is advised to re-marry so that Kala can get the love and caring of a mother, so he re-marries Jamuna. But Kala hates Jamuna and will not even call her "Maa", b...

Hindi   1959   N/A   Johnny Walker   2022-09-10
 Johnny Walker Ek Saal Movie
Ek Saal

The father of a dying woman pays a con artist to make his daughter's final year a happy one....

Hindi   1957   134 min   Johnny Walker   2022-09-04
 Johnny Walker Baazi Movie

Elizabeth's uncle is in deep financial crisis. He somehow manages to prove his own death and cremate someone else's body in order to claim Rs.250,000 (a huge amount during 60s) from the insurance company. Inspector Ajay unfolds th......

Hindi   1968   141 min   Johnny Walker   2022-07-19
 Johnny Walker Kala Aadmi Movie
Kala Aadmi

Hindi   1960   140 min   Johnny Walker   2022-07-13
 Johnny Walker Ek Phool Char Kante Movie
Ek Phool Char Kante

To wed his sweetheart, a man must try and prove himself to her eccentric paternal uncles....

Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit, English   1960   136 min   Johnny Walker   2022-07-13
 Johnny Walker Sitaron Se Aage Movie
Sitaron Se Aage

Hindi   1958   N/A   Johnny Walker   2022-07-12
 Johnny Walker Madhumati Movie

A young man takes shelter in a mansion when a landslide blocks his route to the railway station. Then, he finds the mansion familiar and soon learns about the story of his previous birth....

Hindi   1958   110 min   Johnny Walker   2022-07-11
 Johnny Walker Chhoo Mantar Movie
Chhoo Mantar

Baijnath alias Baiju is a slacker, trouble-maker, unemployed, and a flirt. The villagers rally together and force his father to ask him to leave the village, which Baiju does. Baiju's travels take him to the castle of a king, who has...

Hindi   1956   N/A   Johnny Walker   2022-07-09
 Johnny Walker C.I.D. Movie

A newspaper editor gets murdered when he was about to expose the underworld links of a rich person. So, a C.I.D inspector gets assigned to investigate the murder case....

Hindi   1956   146 min   Johnny Walker   2022-07-09
 Johnny Walker Railway Platform Movie
Railway Platform

Passengers from all backgrounds get stranded on an isolated railway platform when a natural disaster delays their train for 24 hours....

Hindi, Rajasthani, English   1955   162 min   Johnny Walker   2022-07-09
 Johnny Walker
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