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 Jaya Prada Nyay Anyay Movie
Nyay Anyay

Anju dies a mysterious death while on a college camp. Her boyfriend discovers the truth behind her death and seeks revenge....

Hindi   1990   155 min   Jaya Prada   2023-03-08
 Jaya Prada Zulm-O-Sitam Movie

Superintendent of Police Arun is a hardworking, honest and diligent police officer in Bombay. He has been assigned to lead the detail in charge of the state's Chief Minister's protection. Things do not go as planned, and the Chief......

Hindi   1998   130 min   Jaya Prada   2023-03-07
 Jaya Prada Ee Tharam Manishi Movie
Ee Tharam Manishi

Eetharam Manishi is a 1964 Indian Telugu film, directed by V Madhusudhana Rao and produced by S venkata Ratnam and K Ravindranath. The film stars Shoban Babu, Jayaprada, Gummadi and Laxmi ......

Telugu   1977   136 min   Jaya Prada   2023-03-03
 Jaya Prada Kaanoon Ki Awaaz Movie
Kaanoon Ki Awaaz

Darshall Lall is a gangster with many political connections. And it is for this reason that no police officer has dared to arrest Lall or any of his men. But when Public Prosecutor, Janki Rai's rickshaw-driver husband, Raghunath P......

Hindi   1989   120 min   Jaya Prada   2023-02-23
 Jaya Prada Ustaad Movie

DK is a bad person and running from house. He takes shelter priest house and marry with his daughter but later he refuses to accept her as his wife. Her Brother Shankar who is hero of the film fights with him and give justice to her....

Hindi   1989   153 min   Jaya Prada   2023-02-20
 Jaya Prada Paapi Pet Ka Sawaal Hai Movie
Paapi Pet Ka Sawaal Hai

A robin hood kind of story...

Hindi   1984   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-02-20
 Jaya Prada Taxi Driver Movie
Taxi Driver

Tatya Kankanam is a 1980 Indian Telugu Movie directed by Kommineni. Produced by Narasimha Raju, Nagesh, Padmanabham, Gokina Ramarao. film Star cast Narasimha Raju, Prabha, Rohini, JV Somayajulu, Vankayala, Jayamalini in lead roles......

Telugu   1981   129 min   Jaya Prada   2023-02-19
 Jaya Prada Superman Movie

An orphaned boy is granted superpowers after praying to the god Hanuman....

Telugu   1980   135 min   Jaya Prada   2023-02-19
 Jaya Prada Eenati Bandham Yenatido Movie
Eenati Bandham Yenatido

Eenati Bandham Yenatido is a 1997 Indian Telugu film, directed by K.S.R.Das and produced by Alaparti Surya Narayana and Mannava Venkatrao. The film stars Krishna Ghattamaneni, Jayaprada, Pandharibai and Jayapradha in lead roles. T......

N/A   1977   153 min   Jaya Prada   2023-02-19
 Jaya Prada Dongalaku Saval Movie
Dongalaku Saval

N/A   1979   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-02-19
 Jaya Prada Dongalaku Donga Movie
Dongalaku Donga

Two small children, who are brothers, lose their parents in a fire lighted by goons and are separated. They grow up and become criminals. One is played by Krishna, while the other is played Mohan Babu. Krishna becomes 'BABA' (Robi......

Telugu   1977   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-02-19
 Jaya Prada Zakhmi Zameen Movie
Zakhmi Zameen

Wealthy and aristocratic Thakur Pratap Singh lives in a palatial mansion, and has a dream of building a dream house, similar to the Taj Mahal, with the help of his Architect brother. In order to do this, he must first get rid of t......

Hindi   1990   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-02-17
 Jaya Prada Qayamat Movie

Shyam and Kamal are two school-going students who are close friends. When Kamal is unable to pay his exam fees, Shyam assists him, and as a result Kamal does well, is able to study further, becomes an IPS Officer, and is subsequen......

Hindi   1983   139 min   Jaya Prada   2023-02-15
 Jaya Prada Tyagi Movie

Shankar takes the blame when one of his brothers is accused of a murder. However, when he returns from jail, he realises that his brothers are trying to create a rift in the family....

Hindi   1992   145 min   Jaya Prada   2023-02-14
 Jaya Prada Kundan Movie

Thakur Shamsher Singh lives a wealthy life that is funded chiefly by criminal activities such smuggling and dealing in drugs. He has never been arrested as he has several high-ranking politicians and Police Officials on his 'payro......

Hindi   1993   137 min   Jaya Prada   2023-02-14
 Jaya Prada Thene Manasulu Movie
Thene Manasulu

Telugu   1987   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-02-13
 Jaya Prada Souten Ki Beti Movie
Souten Ki Beti

Heart specialist Dr. Shyam Verma is the only child of his widowed father Shankar. Shyam runs into beautiful Indian Airlines' Air-Hostess Radha and falls in love with her, woos her for 12 months (Barah Mahine Line Marhi...). She al......

Hindi   1989   136 min   Jaya Prada   2023-02-13
 Jaya Prada Main Awara Hoon Movie
Main Awara Hoon

Widowed Dinanath Kumar lives a poor lifestyle in Poona with two sons, Rajeev & Sanjeev; daughter, Payal; and widowed sister, Kalawanti. He has great hopes for Rajeev who he has got educated, but is very disappointed with Sanjeev, ......

Hindi   1983   148 min   Jaya Prada   2023-02-12
 Jaya Prada Sur Sangam Movie
Sur Sangam

The last thread of the Great tradition of Indian Classical Music, Pandit Shivshankar Shastri (Girish Karnad), is worried about whom to shoulder the responsibility - It's the quest of a great musical mind to find his true prodigy! ......

Hindi   1985   149 min   Jaya Prada   2023-02-11
 Jaya Prada Mera Faisla Movie
Mera Faisla

Raj Saxena is in love with fellow collegian, Rati Verma, and both want to get married. Rati introduces Raj to her father, Major Verma, who, after finding out about Raj's background, decides to have nothing to do with him. For the ......

Hindi   1984   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-02-10
 Jaya Prada Kanoon Ki Zanjeer Movie
Kanoon Ki Zanjeer

Hindi   1990   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-02-10
 Jaya Prada Insaaf Kaun Karega Movie
Insaaf Kaun Karega

Jageera Singh has always lived a life of crime, drinking alcohol, and frequenting brothels, although he is married to pregnant Laxmi and has a son named Vikram. On the day of Laxmi's delivery, Jageera is busy molesting young Paro.......

Hindi   1984   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-02-10
 Jaya Prada Ganga Tere Desh Mein Movie
Ganga Tere Desh Mein

Inspector Ajay lives with his widowed mother in a city in India. He has been assigned the task of bringing in notorious bandit and gangster named Cobra, who has been terrorizing and killing people all over India. He does succeed i......

Hindi   1988   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-02-10
 Jaya Prada Elaan-E-Jung Movie

A small Indian village is terrorized by terrorist Kalanag, who wants to destroy the country and become its ruler....

Hindi   1989   149 min   Jaya Prada   2023-02-10
 Jaya Prada Aisa Pyar Kahan Movie
Aisa Pyar Kahan

This story revolves around three sisters. The first is Suraj's widow sister, has a grown son by the name of Kasturi, and lives with her unmarried brother, Suraj; the second is Sarita Khanna who lives with her advocate brother, Dee......

Hindi   1986   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-02-10
 Jaya Prada Krishnagaradi Movie

Telugu   1985   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-02-07
 Jaya Prada Sapnon Ka Mandir Movie
Sapnon Ka Mandir

Sanjay and Sangeeta's happy married life is destroyed when their only son is kidnapped. The main suspects are Gulu, who has always pursued Sangeeta, and a blind beggar called Maulah Baba....

Hindi   1991   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-02-05
 Jaya Prada Agniyanu Njan Agni Movie
Agniyanu Njan Agni

Malayalam   1986   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-02-05
 Jaya Prada Alludu Pattina Bharatham Movie
Alludu Pattina Bharatham

Telugu   1980   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-02-03
 Jaya Prada Paappi Devataa Movie
Paappi Devataa

Rahim Khan lives a poor life-style with his mother and adopted sister, Reshma; as a devoted Musilm Rahim's only means of survival is by working as a truck driver with a company own by Niranjan Das partnered by his assistant, Ratan......

Hindi   1995   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-02-02
 Jaya Prada Chauraha Movie

After being framed for a murder in childhood, a young man returns to his former neighbourhood and resolves to rid it of crime....

Hindi   1994   154 min   Jaya Prada   2023-02-01
 Jaya Prada Baawri Movie

When mentally unstable Gayatri becomes the cause of their daughter's death, Shankar divorces her and marries Jayanti. But when Jayanti is haunted by a dreadful past, Gayatri comes to her rescue....

Hindi   1982   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-01-28
 Jaya Prada Ezhai Jaadhi Movie
Ezhai Jaadhi

Watch the full movie, Ezhai Jaathi online, only on Eros Now. Bose hails from a rich family but is always ready to help the poor. He takes on a powerful minister and his son, who have committed many crimes. Things worsen when his o......

Tamil   1993   120 min   Jaya Prada   2023-01-12
 Jaya Prada Dil-E-Nadaan Movie

Vikram together with his childhood, orphan friend, Anand is raised by his mother, brother likely. Anand and a young woman named Asha is in love with each other. Quite unknown to the couple that Vikram is in love with Asha. Vikram ......

Hindi   1982   N/A   Jaya Prada   2023-01-10
 Jaya Prada Bhoomikosam Movie

Telugu   1974   176 min   Jaya Prada   2023-01-09
 Jaya Prada Chakradhari Movie

Gora Kumbhar is very devoted to his god and his family suffers....

Telugu   1977   153 min   Jaya Prada   2023-01-09
 Jaya Prada Kavirathna Kaalidaasa Movie
Kavirathna Kaalidaasa

Sanskrit and upper-caste poet, Kalidas, faces many challenges after falling in love with a low-caste woman, and being entered into a competition against a learned princess....

Kannada   1983   189 min   Jaya Prada   2023-01-07
 Jaya Prada Lav Kush Movie
Lav Kush

Based on the Hindu epic Ramayana, starting from Bharata Milapa....

Hindi   1997   110 min   Jaya Prada   2022-12-24
 Jaya Prada Amarajeevi Movie

Telugu   1983   N/A   Jaya Prada   2022-12-22
 Jaya Prada Khal-Naaikaa Movie

After her humiliated husband kills himself, an embittered pregnant widow loses her child, and embarks on a mission of vengeance against a woman and her family....

Hindi, English   1993   147 min   Jaya Prada   2022-12-17
 Jaya Prada Devadoothan Movie

Vishal Krishnamoorthy, a renowned music composer and singer, reminisces about his initial struggles and an unknown spirit that inspires him to compose songs....

Malayalam   2000   158 min   Jaya Prada   2022-12-17
 Jaya Prada Samsaram Movie

Sasra is a religious concept of reincarnation in Hinduism and other Indian religions....

Telugu   1988   N/A   Jaya Prada   2022-12-11
 Jaya Prada Iniyum Kadha Thudarum Movie
Iniyum Kadha Thudarum

Ravindran a customs officer who had to face many problems for being honest in his job. The rackets involved in smuggling and the traitors tries to make him a part by bribing but was in-vain. The story-line is based on how he tries......

Malayalam   1985   139 min   Jaya Prada   2022-12-11
 Jaya Prada Dhartiputra Movie

Jeeva and Shiva are childhood sweethearts.Yashpal Singh has his eyes on Jeeva and tries to rape her but she manages to escape.On their wedding night Shiva is killed by Yashpal Singh,Jeeva then takes the revenge by killing him and ......

Hindi   1993   N/A   Jaya Prada   2022-12-11
 Jaya Prada Mangalyaniki Maromudi Movie
Mangalyaniki Maromudi

Telugu   1976   N/A   Jaya Prada   2022-12-10
 Jaya Prada Awaaz Movie

Advocate Jayant defends his clients and gets them off the hook, even if they are guilty. However, when his wife is raped by the son of a gangster he has been defending, he vows to take revenge....

Hindi   1984   150 min   Jaya Prada   2022-12-09
 Jaya Prada Andame Anandam Movie
Andame Anandam

Telugu   1977   N/A   Jaya Prada   2022-12-06
 Jaya Prada Seeta Rama Vanavasam Movie
Seeta Rama Vanavasam

Telugu   1977   137 min   Jaya Prada   2022-12-06
 Jaya Prada Ekalavya Movie

Telugu   1982   N/A   Jaya Prada   2022-12-05
 Jaya Prada Yuddham Movie

Telugu   1984   N/A   Jaya Prada   2022-12-05
 Jaya Prada
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