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Movies by Actor Jaya Bachchan

 Jaya Bachchan Piya Ka Ghar Movie
Piya Ka Ghar

Malti Shankar lives in a fairly large house in a small town in India with her mom and dad, while her paternal uncle, Gauri Shankar, who has literally brought Malti up, lives in the house next door. Malti's marriage is being arrang......

Hindi   1972   1 min   Jaya Bachchan   2022-09-23
 Jaya Bachchan Naya Din Nai Raat Movie
Naya Din Nai Raat

Sushma believes that she is too young to get married, but her father, Lalla Banarsilal insists, and she runs away. Her adventures take her to a lonely wealthy widower with a cute daughter named Guddi; a drunken lout in a brothel; ......

Hindi   1974   132 min   Jaya Bachchan   2022-09-22
 Jaya Bachchan Jawani Diwani Movie
Jawani Diwani

The exuberance of youth influences two college going lovers to edify their headstrong parents. They sing the following Panchamda songs to achieve this goal: "Jaane Jaan doodta fir ruha" "Saamne yeh koun aaya" "Yeh Jawani hai Diwan......

Hindi   1972   N/A   Jaya Bachchan   2022-09-22
 Jaya Bachchan Jai Jawan Jai Makan Movie
Jai Jawan Jai Makan

Hindi   1971   N/A   Jaya Bachchan   2022-09-22
 Jaya Bachchan Dil Diwana Movie
Dil Diwana

Vijay lives a wealthy lifestyle with his widowed grandmother in a palatial house. He spends all day in bed, and all night in the company of at least one girlfriend. He travels to Kashmir, has an affair with beautiful Gita, spends ......

Hindi   1974   134 min   Jaya Bachchan   2022-09-22
 Jaya Bachchan Silsila Movie

SILSILA is a love story, thwarted by society's demands, which reappears as adultery but can it survive in the face of society?...

Hindi   1981   182 min   Jaya Bachchan   2022-08-02
 Jaya Bachchan Nauker Movie

A wealthy widower swaps identity with his servant to find himself a suitable bride....

Hindi   1979   126 min   Jaya Bachchan   2022-07-31
 Jaya Bachchan Mili Movie

A reclusive, depressed man and a bubbly young woman fall in love but then find out that she has cancer....

Hindi   1975   150 min   Jaya Bachchan   2022-07-26
 Jaya Bachchan Zanjeer Movie

A tough and honest police officer clashes with a crime boss who, unbeknownst to him, happens to be his parents' murderer....

Hindi, Urdu   1973   145 min   Jaya Bachchan   2022-07-25
 Jaya Bachchan Phagun Movie

Shanta Dhamle lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay along with her dad, Shamrao, and mom, Ansuya. She incurs their displeasure when she falls in love and gets married to a poor and overly sensitive writer, Gopal, who moves in with t......

Hindi   1973   136 min   Jaya Bachchan   2022-07-24
 Jaya Bachchan Anamika Movie

A writer rescues a young woman lying injured on the road. She awakens with amnesia, but insists that she is the writer's wife. Is she the victim or the perpetrator of a devious plot?...

Hindi   1973   125 min   Jaya Bachchan   2022-07-24
 Jaya Bachchan Abhimaan Movie

A popular singer convinces his new wife to enter show-business, but his pride is wounded when she outshines him....

Hindi   1973   122 min   Jaya Bachchan   2022-07-24
 Jaya Bachchan Ek Nazar Movie
Ek Nazar

Leading lawyer and public prosecutor, Raghunath Tyagi, lives an upper middle- class life in India with his only son, Akash Manmohan. Raghunath would like his son to take an interest in law or a business, but all Akash is intereste......

Hindi   1972   N/A   Jaya Bachchan   2022-07-23
 Jaya Bachchan Bawarchi Movie

A dysfunctional middle-class family is transformed due to the influence of their new multi-talented household servant - but he might be too good to be true....

Hindi   1972   130 min   Jaya Bachchan   2022-07-23
 Jaya Bachchan Bansi Birju Movie
Bansi Birju

Bansi and Birju get married in their village. But the villager's find out that Bansi is a prostitute....

Hindi   1972   116 min   Jaya Bachchan   2022-07-23
 Jaya Bachchan Annadata Movie

After the passing away of her father, a local physician, Aarti takes it upon herself to dispense medicine, as well as sew clothes, and looks after a child named Kundan who has lost his legs to paralysis. She has a admirer in Arun,......

Hindi   1972   N/A   Jaya Bachchan   2022-07-23
 Jaya Bachchan Guddi Movie

A teenage girl will not accept her family's attempt to arrange a marriage for her, as her heart is currently too full of love for the movies and heartthrob actor "Dharmendra."...

Hindi   1971   121 min   Jaya Bachchan   2022-07-22
 Jaya Bachchan The Big City Movie
The Big City

Life at home changes when a house-wife from a middle-class, conservative family in Calcutta gets a job as a saleswoman....

Bengali   1963   122 min   Jaya Bachchan   2022-07-15
 Jaya Bachchan
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